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Forums & Google Search Results

Forums & Google Search Results

A forum administrator, Basak Kayik, posted a few questions in the Google Webmaster Help forum wondering how to improve his forum in the eyes of Google. Luckily the topic was picked up by Google's John Mueller who responded to it in great ... read more

Media Temple Adds Parallels Plesk 12

Media Temple Adds Parallels Plesk 12

Media Temple announced on Monday this week that it has added Parallels Plesk 12 to its VPS control panel offering. As such all VPS customers currently on Plesk 10 and Plesk 11.5 are encouraged to upgrade for free to Plesk ... read more

3 New Bing Ads Geotargeting Features Now Available

3 New Bing Ads Geotargeting Features Now Available

Bing has announced some great new targeting features which have been implemented into Bing Ads. These new features allow you much more control over your visibility and target radius for your Bing Ads. First, new map features give advertisers a way ... read more

ModSecurity Enabled On All VPS Accounts

ModSecurity Enabled On All VPS Accounts

Back in December of 2013 I had finally gotten ModSecurity perfected and launched it as a public feature across all Rapid Purple shared hosting accounts. After some more months of work I am excited to announce that now the highly effective anti-hack ... read more

Up To 75% Off New Hosting at HostGator

Up To 75% Off New Hosting at HostGator

HostGator has just launched an amazing Summer Getaway sale offering up to 75% off new hosting plans and running a total of four days. This sale, ending Sunday, July 27th at 11:59pm CST, drops the price of all the various hosting ... read more

Building An Adult Website

Building An Adult Website

Adult websites. Porn. XXX. However you call it it’s still one of the greatest moneymakers on the web. It still gets more traffic than most other web-based industries. So if you’re considering starting an adult website, it is certainly no ... read more

Google Alerts Get A Fresh Redesign

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Google Alerts always seemed to have a rather primitive design to it – and that may very well have been the cause behind it never really gaining the popularity that it should have. Google has taken note of this and this past weekend have released a brand new design for the Google Alerts site. The core functionality of what and where you subscribe to things has not changed however the user interface has underwent a rather drastic change.

Google Alerts Get A Fresh Redesign / tools resources internet news blog  / google alerts new design


For comparison purposes here is a screenshot of the old Google Alerts site:

Google Alerts Get A Fresh Redesign / tools resources internet news blog  / old google alerts 1405687015

Google’s Latest Additions to Webmaster Tools

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Over the course of the last week, July 13th – July 19th Google has announced some awesome new features they have introduced to Google’s Webmaster Tools. The first is the introduction of a new reporting feature designed to help marketers troubleshoot rel-alternate-hreflang annotations (an attribute that communicates with Google if there are requirements for alternate languages on a web page).

If you utilize hreflang, Google will be able to display the correct language right in the search results. In order to ensure that the proper content is displayed you will need to add the proper tags into the code for each page. Often times webmasters may put the proper tags on some pages and yet forget to include them on other pages. This creates a problem known as “missing return links”. Google simply explains this by saying “If page A links to page B, page B must link back to page A, otherwise the annotations may not be interpreted correctly.


The new reporting features are designed to detect when these pages aren’t linked properly:

Googles Latest Additions to Webmaster Tools / tools resources internet news  /

Another issue that some users were experiencing was “incorrect hreflang values”. In order for a hreflang attribute to function properly it must be in one of the following formats:

Fortunately the new reporting will also identify improper language codes so that they can be fixed.

Googles Latest Additions to Webmaster Tools / tools resources internet news  /

Moving along Google has also announced that they’ve updated the Robots.txt tester tool within Google Webmaster Tools adding three brand new features:

  • The Robots.txt tester tool now highlights which line in your robots.txt file is blocking a specific page.
  • You can utilize the new Robots.txt tool to test changes to your robots.txt file and test it before you make the file live.
  • Google will now show you older archived versions of your robots.txt file to see past issues.

 Googles Latest Additions to Webmaster Tools / tools resources internet news  / robotstxt google webmaster tools showline

Wix Launches ShoutOut – An Email Newsletter Tool

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Wix Launches ShoutOut   An Email Newsletter Tool / internet news  / wix 336x280 0

Website builder Wix.com has launched a new tool to allow users to create and send email newsletters from within their Wix dashboard. The new tool, called Wix ShoutOut, attempts to replace a few of the previously available Wix Apps for setting up mailing lists and sending out newsletters by offering all the same functionality from within the users Wix dashboard.

Furthermore Wix ShoutOut allows the user to customize template newsletters and has access to all stock images provided by Wix. Social sharing functionality and email analytics are also included.

Wix ShoutOut is the first product that uses the recently launched WixHive API, which allows formerly standalone apps installed on a users’ site through the Wix App Market to share collected data. The collected data, such as contact information, is stored and managed on the dashboard, and is accessible to products like ShoutOut. With ShoutOut, users can also import contacts from external contact lists like Gmail or Outlook.

We allow small business owners to create and manage their online presence with enterprise-level solutions but without the need for enterprise-level resources. Wix ShoutOut is a classic Wix product – it provides a user-friendly and code-free solution for a highly sought after business need,” Avishai Abrahami, Wix Co-Founder and CEO said. “This is the latest addition to our comprehensive product suite, and we see it as an important step in furthering the Wix vision of creating a true operating system for the web.

Wix ShoutOut is currently available in beta to all 50 million Wix customers and as such is offered free of charge for now. There will be paid options upon its full release.

Google Lets You Know When Pages May Not Work On Your Device

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Earlier this week Google announced a change to their mobile search results bringing in notifications to let a user know when results include pages that may not work on their devices. For example on a device that doesn’t support Flash Google will include a message with the result that says, “Uses Flash. May not work on your device.”

Google Lets You Know When Pages May Not Work On Your Device / seo talk internet news  / flash serp note

A common annoyance for web users is when websites require browser technologies that are not supported by their device,” writes Google’s Keita Oda and Pierre Far. “When users access such pages, they may see nothing but a blank space or miss out a large portion of the page’s contents. Fortunately, making websites that work on all modern devices is not that hard: websites can use HTML5 since it is universally supported, sometimes exclusively, by all devices,” the Googlers say.

Frankly I love this idea. I can’t tell you how many times I have searched for something on my iPhone only to end up visiting a blank page because the site is still built in Flash. So hopefully this will push webmasters to update their websites to the latest technologies, and at the same time make all of our lives easier while we browse the internet.

New Domain Names for July 2014

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Hot on the tail of my last announcement regarding SiteGround’s introduction into the world of the new domain name extensions comes my list of the next set of domain name extensions being released throughout the month of July and the first week of August. As usual you can register these new domain names at either Namecheap1&1 or GoDaddy.

  • July 08: .blackfriday, and .christmas, both at a special introductory rate
  • July 09: .pub
  • July 10: .bar & .rest
  • July 16: .capital, .engineering, .exchange, .gripe, and .moda
  • July 22: .tokyo
  • July 23: .associates, .lease, .media, .pictures, .consulting, and .kaufen
  • July 30: .reisen, .town, .toys, and .university
  • Aug 06: .fail, .financial, .limited, .wtf, .actor, and .rocks

SiteGround Begins Offering New Domain Names

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With all of the new gTLD domain names coming out I’m you’ve probably noticed that I generally refer to a small handful of registrars where these new domain name extensions are actually available for registration. SiteGround has just joined that group offering 31 of the more popular new extensions. As with the introduction of most new services SiteGround has launched these new domain names at a discount of up to 35% off for the first year of registration. I have listed the available domain names and their sale prices below:

SiteGround Begins Offering New Domain Names / internet news discounts coupons  / siteground new domain name extensions sale 440x1024

No coupon code is required at all. Simply head on over to the SiteGround domains page and register your new domain name!

GoDaddy Partners with PayPal, Launches Get Paid

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GoDaddy has launched a new service, called Get Paid, for small businesses to accept payment from anywhere, and has partnered with PayPal, Dwolla, and Stripe to ensure customers can accept all types of payment, including credit and debit cards, electronic checks and mobile payments.

According to GoDaddy’s Monday announcement, Get Paid allows users to create and send invoices and estimates, accept payments on any device, set-up recurring invoices, manage weekly sales and expenses, and track billable and non-billable time.

Get Paid builds on capabilities within the GoDaddy Online Bookeeping service, which came out of a couple of acquisitions that the company made in the SMB eCommerce space the past couple of years, including online invoicing company Ronin and financial management application Outright.

Recently, GoDaddy partnered with open-source ecommerce platform Spree Commerce to provide the basis for its ecommerce solution called Online Store.

We know that getting paid is always top of mind for our customers,” GoDaddy SVP of applications Steven Aldrich said. “When we heard from customers that they want to offer their clients more ways to pay, we set out to create a best-in-class solution to ensure easy access to all the tools they need to collect payments quickly and efficiently.

Read more

cPanel & WHM Announce New Browser Compatibility

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Following in the footsteps of Bing & Google who have recently announced their own browser compatibility changes which drop support for IE8 on behalf of Bing, and IE9 on behalf of Google. cPanel has acknowledged that continuing to test for, and develop against, older browsers slows down the entire development process – and in an effort to prioritize the delivery of new features cPanel have announced that beginning September 1st (2014) cPanel will stop supporting the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 8 and older
  • Firefox 28 and older
  • Chrome 33 and older
  • Mobile Safari in iOS 6 and older
  • Mobile Chrome 33 and older

You’ll still be able to use these older browsers, as well as browsers not explicitly listed; however any testing in them in relation to the launch of new features will not be performed and any issues with these browsers will not be addressed. This change in product support will affect all actively-supported versions of cPanel & WHM as of September 1, 2014. These versions include the following:

  • 11.40
  • 11.42
  • 11.44
  • Any development releases of 11.46

Google Helps You Play With Cookies

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No, not those kind of cookies. Although now I really want a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie … Anyway – Google is helping webmasters who use cookies on their websites or mobile applications to meet their European legal obligations to get user consent regarding the use of cookies. So a couple of days ago Google quietly launched CookieChoices.org – a site featuring various tools that publishers can use to inform their users about cookies and obtain proper consent on websites and apps.

Throuh the site you can implement a splash screen, a notification bar or, for mobile apps, one-time pop-up alert. The language presented can be easily customized and with some basic javascript knowledge you can customize the CSS styling of the splash screen and notification bar. 

New Canadian Anti-Spam Law

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New Canadian Anti Spam Law / internet news  / CASL 300x150Being based out of New York City I don’t often mention my Northern brothers up in Canada – however the new Candian Anti-Spam Law which goes into effect on July 1, 2014 is something I definitely needed to mention – if only because I wish it was something we put into effect here within the United States as-well. Sure we have the CAN-SPAM act, however the new Canadian Anti-Spam Law takes it a step further. CAN-SPAM only applies to email based messages, while CASL covers within itself much more.

The new law makes sending commercial messages to any Canadian resident without their express consent very costly. According to the legislation, the maximum penalty per violation for an individual is $1 million, and for a business, it is $10 million.

The law only affects messages that are clearly commercial, but that method of marketing includes everything from email and text messaging to social media and instant messaging. Companies must also clearly identify themselves in each message and give clients the option to unsubscribe from all digital mailings. Violating the law could result in massive fines for organizations, businesses and individuals.

What does the law include?

The law is generally divided among three different sections:

  • Section 6 which deals with the sending of commercial electronic messages
  • Section 8 which deals with the installation of computer programs
  • Separate sections that govern how individuals can launch a lawsuit against a firm or individual they believe has violated the law

The law prohibits the following:

  • any commercial electronic messages sent without the recipient’s permission. This includes any messages sent to email addresses, social network accounts and text messages sent to cellphones.
  • any changes of transmission data in a message which results in the Internet user being sent to a different destination without their consent
  • any installation of a computer program without the consent of the owner of the computer
  • any use of false or misleading representations to promote products or services
  • any collection of personal details and information obtained by accessing a computer system in violation of federal laws
  • any collection of email addresses obtained through the use of computer programs without consent (known as address harvesting)

Who does the law apply to?

This law applies to any business or organization who has a computer and utilizes email.

Who will enforce the law?

Three government agencies will be responsible for enforcing the law: the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), the Competition Bureau, and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner.

Additionally, starting on July 1, 2017, individuals and organizations in Canada will be able to file a lawsuit against anyone they believe has violated the law.

When do the different parts of the law come into effect?

  • Section 6 of the law, concerning the sending of commercial electronic messages, comes into effect on July 1, 2014.
  • Section 8 of the law, concerning the installation of computer programs without consent, comes into effect on Jan. 15, 2014.
  • The sections of the law concerning how a lawsuit can be launched against violators come into effect on July 1, 2017.

For more detailed information regarding the new Canadian Anti-Spam Law head on over to http://fightspam.gc.ca

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