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Flash Hosting Sale at iPage

Flash Hosting Sale at iPage

iPage has kick-started a flash sale on hosting packages starting today and lasting through till Friday this week. This new sale brings down the iPage $1.99 plan to just $1.68/month - which for unlimited space & bandwidth, plus over $175 in ... read more

Eleven2 Summer 2014 VPS Sale

Eleven2 Summer 2014 VPS Sale

Eleven2 has launched their Double Double VPS Sale which doubles the RAM and Storage Space on all Eleven2 VPS packages! This means that the starter VS-100 package will now include 2 GB RAM and 240 GB Storage for only $49/m. That is $40 in ... read more

Free Counters Hosting Relaunched

Free Counters Hosting Relaunched

The Rapid Purple free counter hosting service originally came around due to the popularity it held back during the times of Next Designs. It requires, literally, about 30 seconds to sign up for a counter – and the best part is that ... read more

New Study Shows Fake Googlebots Used for DDOS Attacks

New Study Shows Fake Googlebots Used for DDOS Attacks

Googlebots are an essential part of the Google search engine. Constantly crawling the world wide web looking for new links and websites to ensure that you get the latest ... read more

Google Adds Sitelinks to Adwords

Google Adds Sitelinks to Adwords

Google announced over the weekend the introduction of dynamic sitelinks that appear below a Google Adwords advertisement. These dynamic sitelinks are automatically generated and can send customers to a page on your website that’s highly relevant based on recent search activities. ... read more

Google Updates Local Search Algorithm

Google Updates Local Search Algorithm

Google has released yet another new algorithm, this one attempts to provide more useful, relevant, and accurate local search results. The new algorithm changes will be visible within the Google Maps search results and Google Web search results. The main set of changes ... read more

Welcome to the Rapid Purple Blog, featuring the latest webmaster related news from around the internet – such as updates from various hosting providers regarding their infrastructure and/or new offerings and services. To go along with this you can also find the latest coupons and discounts from popular hosting providers and domain name registrars such as GoDaddy, 1&1, HostGator, UK2 Group, Namecheap, SingleHop, and many more.

Once you have your hosting and domain name established you will also find a large variety of tutorials aimed at helping you get a better grasp on different languages and tasks associated with being a webmaster and running your own website. For starters, many of you who are taking college courses will most likely encounter programming in C within on of your entry level classes. I have a great tutorial series aimed specifically for those classes covering many of the Basics in C Programming. You will also find many other interesting tutorials in HTML/CSS, PHP, HTACCESS, Adobe Photoshop, and various other miscellaneous ones – such as turning a webpage into a PDF through the use of Adobe Acrobat Pro.

To help you browse through all of the posts the blog has been separated into its most popular categories and tags via the menu’s below:

Yahoo Launches New Mail Site

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Last week, on October 8th 2013, marked Yahoo Mail’s sweet 16, and to celebrate Yahoo released a brand new Mail experience on desktop, iOS, and Android devices. The new Yahoo Mail brings about some great new features – one of my favorite being the introduction of conversations - allowing you to view emails grouped in threads - and something Google’s Gmail has had for quiet a while.

Yahoo Launches New Mail Site / internet news  /

Continuing on with the usability changes, Yahoo has made a point to take all of the things you do all of the time like search, starring, and deleting and turning them into one-click actions that appear when you hover over an email. The new left-hand toolbar can also be collapsed allowing your inbox to stretch out.

Since it’s not a birthday without party favors, Yahoo is also making many features previously reserved for premium Mail Plus customers free. These include a wide range of awesome new features:

  • Disposable Addresses - Create a disposable email address when you don’t want to give out your primary address.
  • Filters - Use up to 200 filters to automatically sort incoming messages. That’s twice as many filters than you had before and it’s a great way to get a handle on your inbox.
  • Mail Forwarding - Automatically forward your email to another email account, even another Yahoo Mail address.
  • Offline Access with POP - You can download your Yahoo Mail messages using a desktop email application, such as Outlook, and then access them offline.

And if that wasn’t enough, they’re giving you a monstrous amount of storage, 1TB (that’s 1,000 GBs), so you have ample space for all your emails and attachments.

Now I haven’t made use of Yahoo Mail for quiet a while. To be honest I don’t really think I ever used it, but the 1TB of space alone is enough to make me consider going back. What are you’re thoughts on the new Yahoo Mail?

.BIZ Domain with Free Private Email for $0.98 at NameCheap

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.BIZ Domain with Free Private Email for $0.98 at NameCheap / discounts coupons  /

For the month of October 2013, Namecheap is running a special on one year .BIZ domain name registrations, with a free private Open-Xchange email address. .BIZ is a great way to help establish your online presence, be it a landing page for your company, a site that lists your service offerings, or even an ecommerce website or storefront.

The offer is limited to 5 .BIZ domains per household or income and is redeemable on 1 year registrations only. Valid while supplies last. No coupon code is necessary. Simply follow the banner within this post to automatically get to the Namecheap .BIZ sale landing page.

New Yahoo Hosting Offers

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Moving forward with the reworking of their network, Yahoo has launched completely new web hosting plans and services. First off Yahoo has joined the recent Website Builder craze and launched a new site builder of their own called Yahoo Site Solutions – which is packed with features such as photo and video galleries; customizable contact forms; social network integration and eCommerce features.

Yahoo Web Analytics comes integrated; along with full support for Google Analytics as-well allowing Yahoo to put together comprehensive reports for your website:

New Yahoo Hosting Offers / internet news  / wh overlay stats 1

New Yahoo Hosting Offers / internet news  /

New pricing comes along with all these changes as-well. Regular hosting clients can check out the updated Yahoo Hosting pricing hereNew Yahoo Hosting Offers / internet news  / . eCommerce users should look into the newly launched Yahoo Merchant Solutions plans – which include a merchant processing account with your hosting plan. This lets you easily process payments online for your store; and also provides you with a variety of tools to easily process orders, returns, exchanges, refunds, and voids – along with some great inventory management features.

Yahoo is currently running a sale on all of their hosting plans – making it a great time to consider them.

Save 25% at SingleHop During October 2013

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Save 25% at SingleHop During October 2013 / discounts coupons  /

SingleHop has a few featured deals current running – which you can find within the SingleHop section of this blog. If the current featured sales aren’t for you however, there is a brand new coupon code that SingleHop has just released for the month of October, 2013. This SingleHop coupon code gives you 25% off on your initial invoice, so this is great if you plan to pay bi-yearly or yearly rather than monthly. Simply use the coupon code SAVE25OCT during your checkout process.

Furthermore the Bigger Pipes promotion is still running strong at SingleHop for the duration of this month. This lets you turbocharge your network capacity with two incredible, and totally free upgrades. First off you get to increase port speed from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps, and then triple your bandwidth from 10 TB to 30 TB on any of SingleHop’s Amsterdam and Phoenix dedicated servers. Make use of coupon code J4NET for these upgrades.

Take note that you cannot combine either of these coupons together – so it’s one or the other. Choose wisely.

Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Blog

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Unless you offer something stimulating or unique, you cannot market your blog effectively. Only this can enable you to catch the attention of a large audience. You can make use of the varied tools and resources available online for marketing your blog online. You can have a firm grasp of the needs of your readers through research. You can tap the potential offered by various social media sites to know first-hand about the requirements of the audience. You can undertake a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis to understand the ways and means by which you can get the desired results from your blog. You can use the marketing tips enumerated below to achieve your goals and targets within a specified period of time.

Attract traffic through incentives

Word of mouth spreads a lot of information about a product, its design and services. But this can also be achieved by offering incentives such as free services to build a better relationship with clients by establishing a call to action plan. You can also include strategic calls to action like offering incentives for sharing the blog posts or other free services etc., to make your blog posts interactive.

Update new content regularly

You should update new content regularly to keep your blog fresh and alive. You can also include themed content to get a better response from your site. This can help eliminate the writer’s block and create a positive environment for building your business. You can write yourself or hire the services of experienced writers to avoid the delays and put up a good blog in the best possible way!

Make use of the power of Email Marketing

You can reach a wider audience easily within a short span of time by tapping the potential of email marketing. You can use this tool along with a blog campaign or individually to create segmented lists to attract clients with different interests. You can make this tool even more valuable and useful by including eBooks and videos. The power of email marketing is vast and it is in fact the best and most preferred tool to reach a broad audience. If you wish to create a better impact you can use other tools such as infographics and case studies also.

Read more

30% Off at HostGator for October 2013

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30% Off at HostGator for October 2013 / discounts coupons  /

The last HostGator sale, which ran on International Talk Like a Pirate Day, lasted for just one day – so I can understand if many of you missed out on it. Luckily HostGator just released their coupon code for October 2013 which allows you to save 30% on any of HostGator’s hosting packages.

Now I know it might be a little bit confusing when you get to the HostGator website since right now they are running a 20% off sale themselves. By making use of the 30% off coupon code you do not get an additional 30% off on top of 20% off – you get 30% off the original list price. So take note of that.

Finally – the coupon code for 30% off at HostGator is OCTOBER30. Simply use that during your checkout process. This coupon code will stay active until October 31, 2013.30% Off at HostGator for October 2013 / discounts coupons  /

30% Off Hosting at Servage

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30% Off Hosting at Servage / discounts coupons  /

Servage One, originally founded in 1998 as Servage Hosting, currently hosts 195576 (and counting) websites. An interesting thing to take note of here is that while Servage offers unlimited hosting plans, their TOS does not state explicit limits here, such as JustHost with it’s node policies. Servage simply states “Customer agrees that bandwidth and disk usage shall be used on a fair use policy base.”. 

Servage One hosting runs just $2.95/mo, and apart from the unlimited disk space and bandwidth, also includes a free domain name, 1000 MySQL databases, and ofcourse 24×7 support. Using the following exclusive coupon codes you can score 30% off a 12/24/36 month hosting plan. Simply use the appropriate coupon code during your checkout process:

  • 30% Off 12 Month Hosting Plan: SER12
  • 30% Off 24 Month Hosting Plan: SER24
  • 30% Off 36 Month Hosting Plan: SER36

This coupon code for Servage hosting will stay active until December 4, 2013.

$1/Mo Website Builder Plans at GoDaddy

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The GoDaddy Website Builder, which was recently rehashed, provides some great features and functionality allowing just about anyone to build a simple website. The new GoDaddy Website Builder comes with hundreds of customizable designs that can be tailored to just about any business. Drag-and-drop design tools make it simple for users to arrange photos and text until they find the perfect look. And popular social apps like Facebook®, Twitter® and YouTube® can also be easily integrated to help attract more visitors from a variety of social networks.

In case you missed the featured GoDaddy deal in the Discounts & Coupons section, right now you can get a 12-month Personal Website Builder plan for only $1/month, after which price increases to the regular list price of $5.99/mo. This gives you access to 50 Personal Themes, unlimited pages, 1GB of disk space, and 150GB of bandwidth – which is ample to kick-start a small new website for your small business.

Take note this offer is available for new Website Builder plans only, not renewals. Simply follow the banner within this post and your discount will automatically be applied to your shopping cart.

$1/Mo Website Builder Plans at GoDaddy / discounts coupons  /

October 2013 Coupon Codes for 123-Reg

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123-Reg October 2013 Coupon Codes for 123 Reg / discounts coupons  / has been doing a great job at maintaining a steady supply of new coupon codes for their services. So without any further fuss here are their latest coupon codes for the month of October 2013. Discounts this month include Web Hosting, VPS and SSL certificates, plus some great discounts on .com and .net domain names.

  • 15% Off .Com Domain Names: COM15
  • 15% Off .Net Domain Names: NET15
  • 15% Off VPS Hosting Plans: VPS15
  • 20% Off Shared Web Hosting Plans: HOST20
  • 20% Off SSL Certificates (Excluding 123-SSL): SSL20


15/20/25% Discounts Back at Domain.com

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15/20/25% Discounts Back at Domain.com / discounts coupons  /

The team behind Domain.com15/20/25% Discounts Back at Domain.com / discounts coupons  / Dotster.com15/20/25% Discounts Back at Domain.com / discounts coupons  /  and MyDomain.com have brought back their popular 15/20/25 deal, which hasn’t been around since March 2013 now. This was always a great deal when it came around, so I’m a little excited to announce that it’s back once more; this time sticking around for just a short month – expiring on October 31, 2013.

The three-tier discounts work as follows:

  • Save 15% (no minimum purchase is required) with coupon code SPENDNOW15
  • Save 20% (when you spend $40) with coupon code SPENDNOW20
  • Save 25% (when you spend $80) with coupon code SPENDNOW25

These coupon codes are valid on either Domain.com15/20/25% Discounts Back at Domain.com / discounts coupons  / Dotster.com15/20/25% Discounts Back at Domain.com / discounts coupons  /  or MyDomain.com.

Take note that all renewals on products and services after the initial discounted period will be charged at the then current standard list price for the selected period. Coupon is not valid with certain TLDs, renewals, transfers, custom website design, other coupons, or special pricing.

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