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SiteGround's 70% Off Easter Sale & A Word of Warning

SiteGround's 70% Off Easter Sale & A Word of Warning

Easter is this Sunday, April 20th, and in celebrating SiteGround has announed their Easter Sale starting this Saturday April 19. The sale will last through Monday April 21st and will offer a huge 70% off discount on SiteGround's hosting packages. 70% off ... read more

20% Off on Yola Gold During April 2014

20% Off on Yola Gold During April 2014

If you build it, they will come! Right? Well not really. Luckily the Yola Gold package gives plenty of awesome SEO and marketing tools which you can utilize to build up the traffic to your website and start growing your ... read more

DynDNS No Longer Free

DynDNS No Longer Free

DynDNS used to be THE free DNS service everyone was always recommending. Unfortunately Dyn has recently announced that it’s free service will cease on May 7th, 2014. This means anyone using their free DNS hosting has to upgrade to a paid ... read more

Some New TLD's to Brighten Up Tax Day

Some New TLD's to Brighten Up Tax Day

In an effort to take your mind off the IRS, here's some new fun TLD options, available for general registration as of 4/15: .gift, .pics, .photo, .guitars, .link. Two more batches of new TLDs arrive later this week, so be ... read more

PlainEdit.NET & Sublime Text Added to Free Webmaster Resources Directory

PlainEdit.NET & Sublime Text Added to Free Webmaster Resources Directory

These days it's rare that a new text/code editor comes out that brings anything remotely new or exciting to the table. There are already plenty of code editors and Notepad replacements out ... read more

Get 25% Off on Wordpress Hosting from GoDaddy

Get 25% Off on Wordpress Hosting from GoDaddy

Back at the end of January GoDaddy had announced their launch of dedicated Wordpress hosting plans - and today I am happy to announce their latest sale which gives you 25% off regular list price for Managed WordPress Hosting plans. Please ... read more

Welcome to the Rapid Purple Blog, featuring the latest webmaster related news from around the internet – such as updates from various hosting providers regarding their infrastructure and/or new offerings and services. To go along with this you can also find the latest coupons and discounts from popular hosting providers and domain name registrars such as GoDaddy, 1&1, HostGator, UK2 Group, Namecheap, SingleHop, and many more.

Once you have your hosting and domain name established you will also find a large variety of tutorials aimed at helping you get a better grasp on different languages and tasks associated with being a webmaster and running your own website. For starters, many of you who are taking college courses will most likely encounter programming in C within on of your entry level classes. I have a great tutorial series aimed specifically for those classes covering many of the Basics in C Programming. You will also find many other interesting tutorials in HTML/CSS, PHP, HTACCESS, Adobe Photoshop, and various other miscellaneous ones – such as turning a webpage into a PDF through the use of Adobe Acrobat Pro.

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SiteGround.com Redesign Live!

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SiteGround.com Redesign Live! / internet news  /

SiteGround.com has long been working on a new website design and over this weekend they have finally launched it. The main challenge with the new website was to really portray all of the technological work done behind the scenes over at SiteGround to maintain and upgrade their hosting infrastructure. In an effort to make of this technological terminology as human friendly as possible – SiteGround went ahead and launched a series of stop-motion movies to help explain their methodology behind their hosting security, server speed, and support. To quote Lilyana Yakimova, SiteGround Marketing Director, :

Our new website design is based on the true story of how we rebelled against the way things are done in the shared hosting industry. In a world where the principles of mass production dominate and every provider is limited by the inherent restrictions of the ready-made solutions, we chose to apply the philosophy of the old-school craftsmen and started creating unique solutions with our own hands. That is how we came up with a unique security environment, that other web hosting companies did not even consider possible, unique speed optimizations, currently available only on our servers, and a unique support team who help faster and better than any other.

The new website features a completely new logo, and new color scheme. Something a-lot easier on the eyes, and significantly more professional. The website makes extensive use of mouseOver overlays, and beautiful CSS3 styled buttons to generate great call-to-actions. The majority of the informational pages great you with an interactive display of sorts, whether it be a video, or an interactive map showcasing their server infrastructure. Either way it easily gets across all the same information as a technical spec sheet would – however it makes it significantly more interesting.

Probably the first big change that should be noted about the SiteGround hosting offers is the move away from unlimited space. The new SiteGround base hosting plan, called StartUp, comes with 10GB of diskspace at $3.95/mo (normally $9.95/mo however the SiteGround 60% Off Hosting Sale is still running strong). Space goes up in 10GB increments across the entire line of shared hosting offers.

Dedicated servers didn’t get left out either. SiteGround have added some fancy new features, such as Drush 6.0 being preinstalled on their servers! Drush is a command line interface that allows you to manage your Drupal website directly from a SSH console. You can use Drush to accomplish almost every task you usually perform from your Drupal admin panel and even more. For example, you can update your Drupal application, install & uninstall plugins, clear your cache and more. SiteGround took on the work for you and installed Drush on a serverwide level – so there is minimal work left for you to do in-order to utilize it.

So go ahead and check out the new SiteGround redesign, watch the new videos, and maybe consider them for your next hosting company.

Google Introduces New Carousel View for Local Search Results

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Google is the search leader for a reason — it has the best results. That said, its presentation can be somewhat bland, especially when compared with its closest rival Bing. Google has taken note of this however and so far this year they have implemented several new design-related changes to how their search results are displayed. Remember when Google redesigned their search results view for Google Image searches? Well yesterday Google announced the launch of its new carousel view available currently for local results for restaurants, bars, and other similar establishments.

The new carousel view bar, located at the top of your search results, includes each place’s overall review-based score, address and photos. While this view was available to some iPad and Android tablet users since December, this is the first time it is available outside of those devices. I gave it a try myself by searching for healthy restaurants and was quickly presented with a helpful carousel view which showed me a picture of each restaurant, the rating, and the approximate prices.

Google Introduces New Carousel View for Local Search Results / seo talk internet news  / Screen Shot 2013 06 20 at 12.38.34 PM 1024x141

Google Introduces New Carousel View for Local Search Results / seo talk internet news  / Screen Shot 2013 06 20 at 12.38.06 PM 1024x555

Google claims the carousel will appear when searching for other local places, however trying to search for florists or hair salons was unsuccessful in bringing up the new carousel view. What do you think? Do you like the new view? Should Google expand its use? Tell me in the comments.

40% Off Hosting Plans at Domain.com, MyDomain.com & Dotster.com

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40% Off Hosting Plans at Domain.com, MyDomain.com & Dotster.com / discounts coupons  /

Now through Wednesday, July 31, 2013, Domain.com and Dotster.com customers save 40% on all new web hosting plans. This offer can be redeemed across the entire Domain.com network of sites (Domain.com, MyDomain.com and Dotster.com). All of the Domain.com network hosting packages offer you unlimited space and bandwidth, along with a $100 Google Adsense bonus, a $50 Facebook advertising credit, and a $25 Yahoo/Bing advertising credit. To take advantage of the 40% off savings simply use coupon code 40HOSTING during your checkout process on Domain.com, Dotster.com or MyDomain.com.

Also dont forget that the Domain.com network is still giving 20% off to customers who spend a minimum of $40 at either Domain.comDotster.com or MyDomain.com. Simply use coupon code SAVE20NOW during your checkout process. Please note that this coupon can’t be combined with other coupons including the offer 40HOSTING coupon code mentioned above.



WIX Introduces 4 New Website Apps

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WIX makes building a simple business website extremely easy for the average Joe, and the various apps that WIX has available within the WIX App Market help make your WIX website even more interactive. This morning WIX has announced the addition of 4 brand new apps to the WIX App Market. The new apps let you have some fun by counting down to a special event, unique brand promotion, sharing the news or getting your visitors opinions. I have listed the new WIX apps below.


WIX Introduces 4 New Website Apps / internet news  / Extramile apps icon1 NEW Countdown Clock
Countdown to something special with your visitors.
Start counting down >
WIX Introduces 4 New Website Apps / internet news  / Extramile apps icon2 NEW MyTshirt
Get your brand out there through your own t shirt designs.
Start selling your logo >
WIX Introduces 4 New Website Apps / internet news  / Extramile apps icon3 NEW Latest News
Keep your audience up to date by offering news as it arrives.
Offer the latest news >
WIX Introduces 4 New Website Apps / internet news  / Extramile apps icon4 NEW Fyrebox Yes/No Quiz 
Create your own Yes/No Quiz for your website and entertain your users.
Get some fast answers >


New Webmaster Tools & Webmaster Resources Directory Launched

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I’ve been hard at work re-organizing all of the free resources available here on Rapid Purple, and things are finally ready to be announced to you all – the public. First off I have gotten rid of all of the Flash generators that used to be available. To be honest, as the web moves further and further away from Flash I really did not see any reason to have them still up. If you do need to generate some Flash menus or tooltips you can always utilize the online Flash generators available at GUIStuff. Instead of the old Flash generators though I have created a few useful HTML and Javascript generators to help make your life’s a little bit easier.

Those of you who still utilize tables will love the new HTML Table Generator, allowing you to easily create multi-row and column data designated tables that can enhance the appearance and functionality of your website. The generator has full support for column headings, and row headers and footers; along with border types, and table captions.

Apart from this I have also reworked the Pop-Up Coder to support more advanced features such as the removal of the Menu, Location and Status Bars. I have also created 3 new Javascript based generators to help you easily create Javascript slideshows, rollover images (with preloading functionality), and an FAQ generator.

You can find all these new tools listed within the HTML/CSS/JS Generators section within the Online Tools & Generators section.

Moving on I have also reworked our Free Webmaster Resources Directory which now features dedicated pages for each resource, along with thumbnail screenshots. Since the old directory had its fair share of broken links I will be manually adding all the links back to the new directory over the course of the next few days to make sure that all of the old and broken resources are no longer listed.

Softaculous Upgrades to Version 4.2.5

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Softaculous Ltd., the developer of Softaculous Auto Installer that simplifies application deployment across various hosting platforms, has announced the release of Softaculous 4.2.5 earlier this week. This version has several new features which includes support for installing plugins of a script from the install form, Import/Export of Softaculous settings, various bug fixes, and much more. I have outlined the new changes introduced with Softaculous 4.2.5 below:

1) Improved the API to support the installation of Plugins, themes, etc of a script via Softaculous. Admin can also control these settings to enable, change default values, etc shown on the install form to end-users.

2) Check HTTPS connection: If user selects to install a script on the https protocol, Softaculous will display a warning to the user if a Trusted SSL certificate is not found on the domain.

3) Import/Export settings: You can import/export the Softaculous admin settings from a server and replicate the settings. Note: This is available only for cPanel at the moment.

4) Detect real version: Admin can now determine the real version of installation(s) and update Softaculous records from Softaculous Admin panel -> Installations (These records become outdated in the case a user updates their installation manually).

5) Softaculous ACL plans will now be sorted alphabetically by default.

6) Bug Fix : Made changes to get correct number of existing databases in cPanel for compatibility with WHM 11.38+

7) Bug Fix : Added validation for Table prefix to allow only alphanumeric characters and underscores.

8) Bug Fix : The Group order for Softaculous Apps category in cPanel was not saved 1st time when set from Softaculous Admin panel -> Select Top Scripts. This is now fixed.

9) Bug Fix : Language files were missing for Sign In page in a few languages for Softaculous Remote and Softaculous Enterprise. This has been fixed.

10) Bug Fix : Backup download option did not work on ISP Systems. It is fixed now.

.CO Domain Name Sales at 123Reg & GoDaddy

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Both GoDaddy and 123Reg.co.uk are currently running a sale on .CO domain names. The .CO domain offers individuals, organisations and businesses a truly global, recognizable and credible domain name to help brand your online presence. .CO domain names are associated globally with the words “like COmpany,” “COrporation” and “COmmerce” – a .CO is easy to recognise, simple to remember and flexible to use. And that makes it the perfect platform for today’s socially networked individuals and entrepreneurs to create .COmmunities, share .COntent, and to .COnnect, .COmmunicate and .COllaborate online.

123-Reg normally sells .CO domain names for £29.99, however they have launched a coupon code dropping the price of a .CO domain name down to £12.99. Simply use coupon code CO56 during your checkout process and take 56% off the price of your .CO domain name.

.CO Domain Name Sales at 123Reg & GoDaddy / discounts coupons  /

Subsequently GoDaddy is also running a sale on .CO domain names, and interestingly enough GoDaddy sells their .CO domain names for exactly the same price, only in USD, as 123Reg.co.uk does. The normal GoDaddy price for a .CO domain name is $29.99, and the current sale brings the price down to $12.99. No coupon code is necessary for the GoDaddy .CO domain name discount – simply follow this link and the discount will automatically be applied to your shopping session. .CO Domain Name Sales at 123Reg & GoDaddy / discounts coupons  /

35% Off at GoDaddy & $4 .COM Domains through June 2013

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June is a great month to become a GoDaddy customer, with several sales running throughout June 2013 which can save you up to 35% on domains, website builders, hosting and most of everything else that GoDaddy has to offer. We’ll kick off with the first major discount giving you 35% off your new order with GoDaddy. No coupon code is required, simply follow the banner below to automatically apply the discount to your shopping session. As usual, this offer is not applicable to ICANN fees, taxes, transfers, bulk pricing, premium domains, Search Engine Visibility advertising budget or gift cards. Offer good towards new product purchases only and cannot be used on product renewals. Limited to one redemption per customer. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, sale, discount or promotion. Customers may not use gift cards, In-Store CreditPayPal® or AliPay to redeem this offer. After the initial purchase term, discounted products will renew at the then-current renewal list price. This sale will stay active until June 25, 2013.

35% Off at GoDaddy & $4 .COM Domains through June 2013 / discounts coupons  /

Moving on GoDaddy is letting new customers get a 12-month Economy Website Builder plan for just $1/month, after which price increases to regular list price. This is a great way to play around with the new GoDaddy Website Builder that was recently announced. Offer available for new Website Builder plans only, not renewals. Your discount will be applied in your cart automatically after following the banner below. This sale will stay active throughout the entire month of June 2013.

35% Off at GoDaddy & $4 .COM Domains through June 2013 / discounts coupons  /

Finally there is the GoDaddy $4 .COM domain name sale which is running throughout the month of June 2013. As is usual with GoDaddy domain name sales – the .COM domain name is $4 Plus ICANN fee of $0.18 per domain name per year. $4.00 price good for the first year of three new or transfer .COMs per customer. Additional years or .COMs may be purchased for $9.99 per year. Discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Customers may not use gift cards, In-Store Credit, CCAvenue, PayPal® or AliPay to redeem this offer. Your discount will be applied in your shopping cart. After the initial purchase term, discounted products will renew at the then-current renewal rate. Go Daddy reserves the right to deny use of this offer and/or cancel domains purchased using this offer if the offer is abused or used fraudulently, as determined by GoDaddy in its sole discretion.

35% Off at GoDaddy & $4 .COM Domains through June 2013 / discounts coupons  /

New BigCommerce Apps Added

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New BigCommerce Apps Added / tools resources internet news  /

Remember way back when BigCommerce first introduced their enhanced API? This paved the way for tons of widgets and applications to be developed and integrated within ones BigCommerce store. Currently the BigCommerce App Store features tons of apps ranging from email marketing, live chat, accounting, and much more. Earlier last week BigCommerce announced 4 new apps which were just added to the BigCommerce App Store.

Probably my favorite of the new apps is Spearmint, a marketing application which allows you to more effectively use your marketing spend by assigning values to each of your customers. By taking customer spending and social influence metrics into account, it makes marketing recommendations so you can specifically target segments that will provide the best ROI. Spearmint features an easy-to-use dashboard, shared accounts and a quick setup with your Bigcommerce store. To boot – it’s completely free.

Apptive is another great addition to the BigCommerce App Store - allowing you to use Apptive’s simple drag-and-drop process to build a mobile app version of your Bigcommerce store. The beautiful iPhone and Android app is built from your existing content and images without any coding required. When someone clicks Buy on a product, they’ll be transferred to your mobile store for checkout. Unlike Spearmint though the Apptive application starts off at $29.99/mo

If that seems a bit pricey for you, there is an alternative. PicknTell allows you to create a mobile storefront app supported on iPhone and Android. Users can browse your product catalog, share your products on their social networks, add items to a wish list and be redirected to your website for purchase. It includes a loyalty program to encourage return visits, plus supports coupons, gift cards, promotional events and barcode scanning — perfect for both online sellers and physical locations. Pickn Tell starts off at just $19/mo.

Finally there is Teledini, a live chat app. This allows shoppers to contact you through a variety of channels at the click of a button. Just configure your users and place a snippet of button code on your site, then any customer who clicks it will be connected to one of your users, who can answer the call on a mobile phone, tablet, traditional phone or computer. The call is routed based on rules like the product they’re viewing, the referring site, and rich database information that’s automatically pulled for each call. There’s no monthly service fee — you only pay when your team talks to a customer, and the cost is a mere $0.10/minute.

Combine these great apps, with the dozens more listed within the BigCommerce App Store, and all of the great features included within BigCommerce – and it’s clear to see why so many online merchants choose them for their eCommerce store. BigCommerce stores start off at $24.99/mo for a 100 product store, and you receive up to $100 in Google AdWords credit with the purchase of any BigCommerce plan.

New BigCommerce Apps Added / tools resources internet news  /

Crystone Launches New Website Builder

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Much like many other hosting companies lately Crystone has updated the website builder that is included within all of their shared hosting plans. The new website builder offers complete support for HTML5, and comes with a plethora of modules which can easily be integrated within your website – such as eCommerce functionality, Facebook integration, image & video galleries, and much more. Totally new templates were also designed to go with the new website builder.

The new Crystone website builder is available across ALL of the Crystone shared hosting plans – this includes the Mini plan – which is currently on sale for $0.99/mo using coupon code SPRING (with a yearly contract), and includes unlimited disk-space, email accounts, and bandwidth.

Crystone Launches New Website Builder / tools resources discounts coupons  / image1Crystone Launches New Website Builder / tools resources discounts coupons  /