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Get 10% Off on Strikingly Premium Plans

Get 10% Off on Strikingly Premium Plans

There's no real shortage of options when it comes to website builders - and as such the one you will choose will depend primarily on the design that you like. That being said Strikingly focuses greatly on simple responsive designs. Strikingly ... read more

Bing Explains How They Deal With Keyword Stuffing URLs

Bing Explains How They Deal With Keyword Stuffing URLs

In a post on the Bing Webmaster Blog Bing has dug into how exactly they deal with keyword stuffing URLs. There are a few main signals that Bing looks out for when determining whether URL keyword stuffing tactics are in-use ... read more

HostDime Partners With BitPay to Accept Bitcoin Payments

HostDime Partners With BitPay to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin continues to make quiet the splash in the hosting and technology community as yet another hosting company, HostDime, announces their acceptance of Bitcoins as payment for their cloud hosting and datacenter services. HostDime is kicking things off with their ... read more

IBM Brings Data Analysts To Small Businesses

IBM Brings Data Analysts To Small Businesses

Being able to truly analyze your businesses data was something that most small businesses simply never had the ability to do. Chances are you, the business owner, simply has no time left to sit there and draw out graphs and plot ... read more

123-Reg & Minds + Machines Join Forces to Promote .LONDON

123-Reg & Minds + Machines Join Forces to Promote .LONDON

UK domain registrars 123-reg.co.uk and Minds + Machines announced a collaborative effort to increase awareness and adoption of the new .london TLD late last week. The collaboration will include a range of on and offline marketing initiatives. According to 123-reg.co-uk, registrations of .london surged on ... read more

Yelp Wins Court Ruling To Move Up Negative Reviews

Yelp Wins Court Ruling To Move Up Negative Reviews

There's always been talk among business owners of the "grey-area" around Yelp purposely placing negative reviews on non-paying merchant profiles. Unfortunately this did actually happen, and some business owners did actually sue Yelp - and in the end the court ... read more

Bing Announces Plans To Make Things Faster

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Microsoft researchers and colleagues from Bing have been collaborating with others from industry and academia to examine datacenter hardware alternatives, and their work, a project known as Catapult, was presented in Minneapolis on June 16 during the 41st International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA). Confused yet? Hold on. Their paper, titled A Reconfigurable Fabric for Accelerating Large-Scale Datacenter Services, describes an effort to combine programmable hardware and software that uses field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) to deliver performance improvements of as much as 95 percent.

Now I know you’re confused – so what exactly does this mean? What Bing, Microsoft, and a group of others are trying to do is figure out how to use the same amount of servers to do double the work, or use half the amount of servers to do the same amount of work that is being done currently. Finally how do you accomplish all of that without exponentially increasing your overhead costs (as you would with a traditional cloud platform).

In the evaluation deployment outlined within the paper, the reconfigurable fabric—interconnected nodes linked by high-bandwidth connections—was tested on a collection of 1,632 servers to measure its efficacy in accelerating the workload of a production web-search service. The results were impressive: a 95 percent improvement in throughput at a latency comparable to a software-only solution. With an increase in power consumption and total per-server cost increase of less than 30 percent, the net results deliver substantial savings and efficiency.

So while this all might sound completely irrelevant to you – it’s really not. See if Bing has 40x more time to compile a relevant search result for you than they currently do – you can be fairly confident that the success of this technology will bring about some new ranking algorithms to Bing search results.

Linux Server Tutorials

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As a webmaster chances are you will wind up managing a Linux box or two in your time – and when you do you’ll be happy you learned these tricks.

The Bash Shell


Discover how to use pipelines to string together a series of commands. This means that the output from the first command in the pipeline is used as the input for the second command in the pipeline. The output from the second command in the pipeline is used as the input to the third command in the pipeline, and so on, and so on.

Command History & Aliases

Learn how Bash keeps track of a certain number of previous commands that you have entered into the shell via the History; and see how Bash makes life easier for you is by supporting command aliases – commands that the user can specify.

Wildcards & Command Line Completion

Learn how to use wildcards and command line completion to make your life programming within Bash that much easier.

Server Security

Turn Off RWHOD

The rwhod daemon is a process that allows a remote user to see who is logged into your system. The client program is rwho. It has many of the same security problems as the finger daemon. For a cracker use of rwho could allow him to watch for times on your system when nobody is logged in and begin his attacks. Learn how to turn off RWHOD on your server.

Trojan Port List

A detailed list which shows the majority of the more popular known trojans, and the ports they normally use.

Processes & How To Terminate Them

Learn how to be able to view all the running processes, or stop a program if it hits a bug or a flaw.

WiredTree Announces Platform Upgrades

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WiredTree, one of our affiliate hosting partners, have announced the addition of new features pertinent to R1Soft backups, Parallels optimization and SSD caching – something the company hopes will provide it with “unparalleled performance.” In a press release, WiredTree President Zac Cogswell discussed how the company goes about implementing the process, noting that WiredTree annually upgrades its VPS and hybrid server platforms.

“Our annual Level Up guarantees our customers can take advantage of the most recent developments in the web hosting industry as they become available. Often, this means adding RAM and disk space across our hardware, but this year, we are not adding RAM or disk space to our plans. Instead, we have done what many considered impossible — made huge performance boosts to disk I/O for hosting services that are faster than ever before.”

WiredTree went so far as to testing the SSD Caching platform – something it says cuts load times in half. The testing was performed on live client websites. If you haven’t yet checked them out, WiredTree offers a range of hosting services including managed VPS, servers and hybrid.

cPanel Finally Announces Support for Wildcard SSL in 11.38

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A few months ago the team at SpeedySparrow had submitted a feature request to the cPanel development team asking for support for wildcard SSL certificates. Natural support, support that doesn’t require jumping through hoops and performing hacks on your server. The response to this request came in just a few minutes ago from Kenneth Power, one of the cPanel development team staff members. He responds:

We rewrote the SSL Management functionality for cPanel & WHM 11.38. In part this change will deliver the following:

New SSL Management system with full support for SNI allows hosting multiple SSL Certificates, for different domains, on the same IP addressThe ability for server owners and users to determine the primary virtual host for an IP address means incompatible systems will see helpful content. Improved support for Wildcard, and UCC/SAN, certificates allows users to use the same certificate for multiple subdomainsUCC/SAN certificates allow for simplified certificate sharing across multiple domainsImproved user interfaces provide guidance through the various workflows of managing certificates and their assets.

In a nutshell - they’ve decided the feature will be introduced in the next release cPanel, version 11.38. They’re also implementing SNI, which will allow multiple SSL certificates to be installed on a single IP address. I’m looking forward to testing these new features!

Prevent Hacking Attempts; Keep Your Scripts Up To Date

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A client of mine recently contacted me, and frantically proceeded to explain to me how his hosting company contacted him stating their server had been hacked through an out-dated WordPress install they had kept on it. To make matters worse, the host did not have a recent file backup available – great. I was in for a long night. However this got me thinking as to just how often this happens. A lot of people wrongly assume that their personal online projects, if never advertised, can never be found. So I wanted to take a moment and write up this post, and hopefully help someone prevent themselves from being in a similar situation.

First off, touching base on the host’s lack of a recent file backup, I want to bring up an article I wrote a while back: “Always Keep Your Own Backups“. It applies to a lot more than just hosting if you really think about it. Maintaining a recent backup is something every website owner should be doing, and with the majority of control panels out there – such as Hepsia and cPanel – generating and downloading backups is fairly simple. Read through the article, even if you have in the past, and make sure you’re following through with your responsibilities.

Moving on we come to this out-dated WordPress install – which provided the loophole the hacker needed to get in. This is something else that you, as a website owner, have to stay on top of. You have to make sure that all your script installs are always up to date. When using script installers such as Softaculous, Elefante, and Fantastico – this task also becomes fairly simple as each one of the script installers will automatically notify you of new versions of your installed scripts.

For those that own a server with several different accounts on it, you can automate this process by utilizing some scripts. For example techsware.in has a great script posted up that will located out-dated WordPress installs on any system running cPanel, Plesk, or really any Linux box. You can also utilize a full-featured premium script like OldScriptFinder.

The point is that even if you have to do it manually – you want to make sure you do keep all of your script installs up to date. It doesn’t take much, but it does a lot for you in the long run. Apart from just server security, out-dated scripts can have broken loops – causing a severe drag on system resources – thus hurting the performance of the entire hosting account/server.

cPanel Releases Stable 11.34 Build

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cPanel Inc. just recently spoke about the release of a Stable version 11.34, and a few short days later – it’s finally here. Announced yesterday the release of version 11.34 Stable of cPanel & WHM software brings many improvements and upgrades to the package.

As per cPanel CEO, J. Nick Koston’s Keynote speech at the 7th annual cPanel Conference, some of the new features include:

  • A brand new User Interface for WHM, which brings a slick new look and easier functionality, as demonstrated at the recent cPanel Conference.
  • Web Disk support has been updated for Windows Vista, 7 & 8, and Mountain Lion. In addition to the Web Disk support update, we will soon be releasing Android and iOS clients.
  • Email client auto configuration utilities have been updated to support the latest mail clients, as well as added support for Mountain Lion. -Email Archiving makes its appearance in 11.34, so email users now have the option to more efficiently track, store, and access email with our vastly improved email tracking, and message retrieval, to the Mail Delivery Reports functionality we recently delivered.
  • In addition, we overhauled the service monitoring system to provide better notifications, and improved the robustness of the automatic repair feature.
  • New Hooks Management interface built into WHM.
  • Feature Showcase page of WHM will alert you at login to any recent changes made by upgrading cPanel & WHM.

Take note that upon updating or installing cPanel & WHM version 11.34, you will no longer be able to downgrade to a previous version. For full details regarding version 11.34, such as the User Guide, Release Notes, Change Log & FAQ’s, please visit: http://docs.cpanel.net.

Hivelocity Offers Free SSD Drives on all New Servers

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Hivelocity announced earlier in the week that they are now including a free 60GB Intel 520 series Solid State Hard Drive with all new servers. The free SSD is included as an extra drive and not a replacement for the SATA or SAS drives already included with the standard server configurations. Customers have the choice of having the free SSD mounted as the primary drive for their operating system or as a secondary drive for whatever use they choose.

We have been offering solid state drives with our servers for the last year or two and every month they gain more traction. The speed benefits our customers with SSD have realized is fantastic and we figured a super fast server equates to a super happy customer so lets give them away for free,” said Hivelocity USA Sales Manager Drew Adams.

An Inside Look at Google’s Datacenters

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Never before has the general public been given an open look at the inside of Google’s datacenters – until now. True Google has shared many of their designs and best practices, and they have been publishing their efficiency data since 2008, however only a small handful of employees have access to the server floor itself. Yesterday Google announced the launch of a new site – Where The Internet Lives - featuring beautiful photographs by Connie Zhou, where you’ll get a never-before-seen look at the technology, the people and the places that keep Google running. In addition, you can also explore Googles’ Lenoir, NC data center using Street View. Walk in the front door, head up the stairs, turn right at the ping-pong table and head down the hall to the data center floor. If you’d like you can also watch a video tour to learn more about what you’re viewing in Street View and see some of the equipment in action.

DiscountASP.NET Introduces Windows Server 2012 Hosting

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DiscountASP.NET has announced earlier last week the introduction of Microsoft Windows 2012 Hosting in their US-based data center, with plans to offer the same service in their Europe data-center in the near future.

For those hearing about Windows Server 2012, the new Windows 2012 hosting platform includes several key enhancements, such as:

  • Internet Information Services 8.0 (IIS8)
  • Support for ASP.NET 4.5
  • Compatibility with Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio Express 2012
  • Support for MVC 4 and Entity Framework 5
  • Support for WebSockets and node.js
  • Support for dynamic IP restriction

“DiscountASP.NET is committed to making the latest Microsoft Web Stack available on our hosting platform for Microsoft developers as quickly as possible,” said Takeshi Eto, VP Marketing and Business Development at DiscountASP.NET. “Our goal is to provide developers with a playground of technology options so they can develop and run their next-generation modern web applications.”

WebHostForASP Announces Windows Server 2012 Hosting

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The newest release of Microsoft’s Server 2012 is seen as something highly innovative, full of improved features and applications. These improvements offer application flexibility to answer the critical needs of many businesses and organizations; and as such more and more companies are starting to offer it.

WebHostForASP.net recently proudly announced the aviability of Windows Server 2012 on their hosting services list. Furthermore any existing customers utilizing an older version can upgrade completely free of charge, and promises no downtime during the upgrade process.

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