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Up To 30% Off New Domain Names at GoDaddy

Up To 30% Off New Domain Names at GoDaddy

By now you're surely aware of the hundreds of new personalized domains that are available for registration. Names like .guru, .club and.photography help people describe who they are and what they do. GoDaddy has always been a pioneering merchant in this area making sure ... read more

Push Email for IMAP Supported On All Our Servers

Push Email for IMAP Supported On All Our Servers

Email is still an irreplaceable communication channel when it comes to business relations. So, in today’s fast-paced everyday life where every second counts, if you fail to receive an important email on time, you could run the chance of missing vital opportunities for you ... read more

Google Alerts Get A Fresh Redesign

Google Alerts Get A Fresh Redesign

Google Alerts always seemed to have a rather primitive design to it - and that may very well have been the cause behind it never really gaining the popularity that it should have. Google has taken note of this and ... read more

Google's Latest Additions to Webmaster Tools

Google's Latest Additions to Webmaster Tools

Over the course of the last week, July 13th - July 19th Google has announced some awesome new features they have introduced to Google's Webmaster Tools. The first is the introduction of a new reporting feature designed to help marketers troubleshoot ... read more

50% Off Grid Hosting at Media Temple

50% Off Grid Hosting at Media Temple

Hot on the tail of the 50% off coupon code that Media Temple recently launched for their premium Wordpress hosting comes a brand new coupon code valid for 50% off your first month of Grid hosting. Simply use coupon code  ... read more

Rapid Purple Hosting Clients Can Now Utilize Telepoint Data Center

Rapid Purple Hosting Clients Can Now Utilize Telepoint Data Center

I am pretty excited to announce the addition of another data center option to the list of facilities you can choose between when hosting with Rapid Purple. As of today you can request your sites to be located in one of ... read more

Sharing Links on Twitter Gets Harder

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As of February 20th, 2013, you’re going to have two fewer characters to send a message on Twitter when you’re sharing a link. The t.co wrapper that Twitter is using to shorten web addresses is lengthening from 20 to 22 reserved characters. This means that any link you share will now take up two more spaces that you could previously use for letters.

The HTTP links will go from 20 to 22 and HTTPS (secure) links will go from 21 to 23 characters reserved for the t.co short-linking wrapper on Twitter. If you’re unfamiliar with the way this works, when you share a link on Twitter, it is automatically shortened, and takes up exactly 20 characters, leaving you 120 to tweet with. Now, you’ll have 118 (or 117 if it’s a secure link).

So, when you’re sharing tweets with links after that date, you’re going to have to slice them down by two more characters. Tweets without links will be unaffected – so no worries there.

HootSuite Ranked #1 Twitter Client

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A recent Brandwatch study found that HootSuite is the #1 Twitter client being used by businesses to manage their social media. This ranking is an great indicator of where social media for business is headed. Download or view the Brandwatch report here.

HootSuite Ranked #1 Twitter Client / social media  /

In the meantime take a moment to check out HootSuite’s new video with their own social media coach to discuss tactics for improving engagement with social audiences:

LunarPages Partners with Conversion Pipeline

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LunarPages Partners with Conversion Pipeline / internet news  / banner ads 110x110 01LunarPages Partners with Conversion Pipeline / internet news  /

LunarPages has recently announced a partnership with online marketing agency Conversion Pipeline in an effort to provide their web hosting customers with Search Engine Optimization and Pay-per-Click services. This new partnership with Conversion Pipeline affords clients the opportunity to promote their brand and advertise their website with first-class Internet marketing expertise.

Lunarpages Marketing Manager Alfonso Fernandez explains, “There are numerous Search Engine Marketing companies to choose from and many of our hosting clients aren’t sure who to trust. After working with Conversion Pipeline and getting to know their company, we knew we could trust them to not only provide results, but the level of service our clients expect from us. Lunarpages is excited our clients have an online marketing solution to help them promote and grow their business.

This is not a “Do It Yourself” program offered by most other web hosting providers. These online marketing campaigns include SEO and PPC packages, both of which are fully managed solutions that give Lunarpages’ clients peace of mind knowing their business is being promoted and advertised 24/7. The SEO program includes writing and promoting original content, building quality backlinks, and the ability for customers to track their success through monthly reports and access to customer analytics portal. The PPC Program is not “Set it and forget it”. Conversion Pipeline provides continual bid management analysis, keyword analysis and A/B split testing.

Adobe Becomes Social!

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Adobe has introduced a new service that, it says, will provide the information and tools needed to implement advanced social strategies. Adobe Social is a mixture of analytics-laden social listening, management and publishing tools.

Just because social feels intuitive doesn’t mean you can run it intu-itively,” senior vice-president/GM of Adobe Digital Marketing Business Brad Rencher told MediaPost News. “Imagine reporting on your search campaigns by telling your CMO that customers really ‘like’ your key-words, or that sentiment around your keywords is positive.

The product provides six key benefits:

  1. Saves Time and Simplifies Social Efforts
    Content is produced and sent out to all of the user’s social media channels. The user can plan, preview and publish hyper-targeted posts for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to name a few. More-so the built in WYSIWYG editor allows you to easily drag and drop together custom social applications as-well.
  2. Measures, Analyzes and Understands
    It provides “real-time insights” about customers while interacting with a business’ “whole brand,” from social media content and digital advertising to the business’ website. The program measures what is working and what is not.
  3. Tailors Permissions to User’s Needs
    It customizes administration and permissions in any way that works for a business’ social media team. It allows the user to encourage collaboration and keep the content coming while maintaining control.
  4. Allows Users to Keep Up With Fans Through Social Advertising
    The program details posts that are resonating with fans. It allows the user to shift that content into high-profile Facebook sponsored stories in just a few clicks.
  5. Enables the User to Reach Out and Connect
    It allows the user to “keep on top of conversations, questions and issues.” The program helps the user to identify key trends within the user’s communities and quickly make strategy changes.
  6. Assists the User in Gaining Adobe Social Expertise
    A range of services are offered to help the user with set up, training and making the most of the user’s social media plan.

Check out the Adobe Social Product Overview for a more in-depth look at Adobe Social.

Twitter Removed as a Friend Source on Tumblr

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Tumblr was forced to remove Twitter as a source of finding friends for its users on Wednesday. The news came after the microblogging service debuted stricter API rules that negatively impact third-party app developers. Both Tumblr and Twitter later confirmed the removal.

Now, Tumblr users are left with Facebook and Gmail to find friends when signing up for the service. The blogging platform, which has always been tightly integrated with Twitter, expressed its disappointment over the turn of events in the following statement:

“To our dismay, Twitter has restricted our users’ ability to ‘Find Twitter Friends’ on Tumblr. Given our history of embracing their platform, this is especially upsetting. Our syndication feature is responsible for hundreds of millions of tweets, and we eagerly enabled Twitter Cards across 70 million blogs and 30 billion posts as one of Twitter’s first partners. While we’re delighted by the response to our integrations with Facebook and Gmail, we are truly disappointed by Twitter’s decision.”

Could this be part of a new strategy? Or the release of something new? We’ll have to see where this goes.

How Small Businesses Can Use Social Media to Connect With Customers

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It’s been a little while since I have checked in with the Blackberry for Small Business blog – and it’s a good thing I did when I did. Dan Sloshberg, Regional Manager for Small Medium Business Marketing in Europe, Middle East and Africa, and his team have put together a video showcasing some examples of how smart small business can use mobile social networking to connect and engage with their customers and find and attract new customers.

We all know that running a small business doesn’t leave much for spare time – so learning how you can utilize the time you already spend with your mobile device turnes that device into a powerful and efficient form of communicating and connecting with customers and prospects. The video below gives some great ideas to get the ball rolling for you.

5 Ways to Get Traffic Without Paying

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The team over at Longhorn Leads have published a create article discussing how small business owners can spend a little time on promotion and get the same results as the big companies who outsource their internet marketing without spending fortunes on advertising. The article touches upon 5 key methods of generating traffic:

  1. Blogging
  2. Social Media and Guest Posting
  3. Classifieds
  4. Article Marketing
  5. Press Releases

Personally I think this is an essential read for any small business owner, especially one who is also a webmaster. You can read the full article at http://www.longhornleads.com/blog/2012/5-ways-to-get-traffic-without-paying/

Upcoming Free Webinars from HubSpot

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HubSpot, the pioneer of inbound marketing offers all-in-one marketing software that has aided more than 7,500 companies in 45 countries attract leads and convert them into customers. Additionally, Hubspot’s focus on educating their clients has helped many companies navigate the always-evolving web of internet growth and change; as the free e-book on the left should already show.

HubSpot’s commitment to education continues with FREE WEBINARS that are exploding with information to help companies excel at SEO, create content, and learn to identify the best long-tail keywords necessary for optimizing website pages. Competitors often generate a lot of traffic from keywords that many people haven’t thought of. Hubspot can explain how to track competitors’ online presence to maximize the success rate for being found online by potential customers.

Monday, August 20, 1 PM EST: Everyone knows that search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the main players in internet marketing. But how has it evolved in the past year?Upcoming Free Webinars from HubSpot / social media tools resources marketing  /

Ending Thursday, September 27th at 2pm EST: Join a three-part series to learn how you can leverage LinkedIn to attract new leads for your business.Upcoming Free Webinars from HubSpot / social media tools resources marketing  /

Google+ Pages now open to all HootSuite users!

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HootSuiteGoogle+ Pages now open to all HootSuite users! / tools resources  / is pleased to announce that Google+ Pages is now available to nearly 5 million users worldwide! Whether you’re on a Free, a Pro or an Enterprise plan, you’ll be able to efficiently manage Google+ Pages alongside other social channels, providing you with an even better way to capitalize on the social power of this rapidly expanding social network.

Social media teams can now fully utilize the advanced capabilities of HootSuite’s engagement, measurement, collaboration and security tool-set to manage the unique brand-focused environment of Google+ Pages for:

  • Targeted Publishing with Circles
  • Advanced Circle Management

Targeted Publishing with Circles

Google+ Pages in the HootSuite dashboard allow brands to tailor messaging to specific audience segments and post updates to selected circles. HootSuite privacy features let TeamMembers select whether a post will appear public, or whether it will post to a specific circle.


Google+ Pages now open to all HootSuite users! / tools resources  / gplus screenshot1 600px


VerticalResponse Launches Social Dashboard

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VerticalResponse has recently announced the launch of VerticalResponse Social – a new addition to their family of services which allows you to manage all of your email marketing AND social media marketing from one easy-to-use dashboard in your VerticalResponse account.

 A great plus to this is that VerticalResponse Social takes the guesswork out of what to share with your social networks. They provide relevant content based on your industry and special interests, resulting in engaging content for your followers and fans. All you have to do is share this content.

As always, the beautiful part about VerticalResponse is that their 30-day trials don’t require a credit card – meaning there’s no pressure on you to buy anything. Give it a shot, see what you think.

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