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How To Validate Form Data With PHP

Whenever you’re dealing with online forms it’s important to perform proper validation on the data that is submitted. Form validation ensures that the user will enter valid data on the form – minimizing your chances at possible SQL injections. PHP lets us perform server-side validation, and lets us display the appropriate error messages if a user enters incorrect values. Throughout this ...

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Get A Users Gravatar Image Via PHP

Gravatar’s have been popular for years now – and to date they’re integrated across a plethora of websites – serving over 8.6 million avatars every single day. With that said there are also a ton of plugins available for most blog and CMS scripts; however what if no plugin exists for our website, or we simply want to do it ...

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Basic PHP Template System

PHP has many different template solutions, and the beauty of them all is how simple it makes maintaining and changing your website. Back in the day when everything was handled with static HTML files – if you needed to add a new link to your main menu – you found yourself editing dozens if not hundreds of different files.  With ...

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Display Page Loading Time

Have you ever noticed that lots of websites feature some text towards the very bottom of a page saying “Page took x.xxx seconds to load”? It’s a pretty simple thing to make and gives your site something that we all love … stats! So today we’ll take a look at how to accomplish this through the use of PHP. First ...

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