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Rapid Purple, started by Michael Boguslavskiy, is aimed to be a full-service resource designed to help everyone from small business owners, college students, and novice webmasters get started with their online presence. Based in New York City, Rapid Purple grew out of a pure passion and joy for teaching people things and helping to introduce everyone to the wonders of the Internet.

From the very beginning a huge focus of Rapid Purple was on giving back to the community, and as such a wide array of the things offered here are completely free. Take for example the free counter hosting, free search engine submissions, free website SEO analysis, the free WordPress G+ Helpout. Free is a pretty important thing around here – and there’s a good reason for it. See back in the good old days most things about the Internet were free. Remember your favorite BBS? You’re free hosting from Geocities? Those free services made the Internet what it is now and that means something around here.

We do our best to gather the latest and most important news for webmasters regarding SEO, Online Marketing, Social Media, and much much more. There’s an actively maintained resources directory full with great free webmaster resources; along with a slew of constantly updating tutorials regarding HTML, PHP, Photoshop and much more.

Lastly for those of you wondering about the name Rapid Purple – Purple symbolizes support while Rapid stands for the speed at which everything online moves.

Wondering who I am? I am a student, a lover of all things internet, a logistics manager, a web developer, an online marketing consultant, a car fanatic, a Manchester United fan. I tweet, I facebook, I share, I network, I write, I develop, I assist. I am Michael Boguslavskiy, but you can call me Domo’Khan, Metalp3n, or Mike G. Over the years the nicknames have piled on – and I suppose with a last name so long it had to happen.

I originally started building websites back in 1997 using Geocities – the sites consisted of the usual flashing colors, blinking text and various useless information about me. The usual starting point. I was young at the time – and had scrounged up enough money to order a few O’Reilly books on HTML and Javascript and anxiously started to read through them and make changes and upgrades to my website.

The first real informative website came around in 1999 and focused on my obsession at the time, Midtown Madness – a racing game developed for Windows by Angel Studios. The website had a simple 3 column layout – built completely from tables. While I did post up news, and kept a downloads section – everything was still manually done. No dynamic pages, no database, no backend. Just lots and lots of HTML files. Slowly but surely the site grew, I gained some affiliate sites, had a steady flow of daily visitors, and eventually I came to the point where I simply needed a backend. Managing so many HTML files and having to update hundreds of pages just to add a new section became way too much work – and so I started to look into getting a CMS setup for my site.

Around this same time I had developed yet another gaming addiction – this time for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. This ofcourse meant that I wanted to include everything and anything about the game on my website aswell – which meant I needed to add yet another section. This lead me to one of the initial releases of PHPNuke – which was essentially my introduction to PHP and MySQL. I worked with PHPNuke for several years – expanding my knowledge of PHP and MySQL until I was comfortable enough to sit down and start developing my own custom CMS for what was going to become Next Designs – the grandfather of Rapid Purple.

Since then I have actively worked with a wide array of platforms and scripts, and on a plethora of various projects. I have worked with WordPress since roughly 2004, have taken part in the development of several themes currently sold on the Themeforest marketplace along with countless WordPress based client projects.

I have developed Lead Management Solutions, Customer Management Systems & Point of Sale Solutions based on a PHP/MySQL backend. These often included a Bootstrap based front-end with jQuery UX.

Currently I run Rapid Purple full-time – a New York based webmasters resource center; and also hold a CTO position at Intelagy, a Wall Street based business solutions firm.

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