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Best Reposting Apps for Instagram

Reposting on Instagram is a great way to show some love back to your community of fans & followers; however there’s quiet a-lot of different repost/regram apps out there and they all have something a little bit different about them. Recently I went on a search for the best repost app, for me, focusing on two main features that I wanted:

  • Little or no ads within images
  • Ability to customize the repost display

So I pulled up the App Store on my iPhone 6 and ran a search for “repost” and figured I would try out the top 3 listed apps and see what the difference is and which one, in my opinion, is the best app for reposting on instagram.



Repost for Instagram

By Red Cactus LLC [www]

The Repost for Instagram App by Red Cactus features a relatively straight forward and simple design, no ads within your images, and subsequently I also didn’t experience any ads in the time it took me to find an image and repost it.

Customization features are limited to top/bottom/left/right placement of the repost credit; with the pro version giving the ability to hide the credit all together. Furthermore you can choose a light or dark theme for the credit – depending on which better suits the picture your reposting.

Repost for Instagram also successfully adds the status from your reposted image into your status – however they do add a shoutout for themselves as-well.

Repost & Regram for Instagram

By Sepia Software LLC [www]

R&R Free offers a similar simple stream and layout; however there is a constantly visible ad placed as a deceiving footer and random pop-up ads happen way too often. During the time it took me to make a single test repost I had to go through 3 different pop-up ads. Apart from these there is also a watermark added to all your reposted content.

Customization features let you choose top/bottom/left/right placement for the repost credit; along with a dark or light theme.

R&R doesn’t automatically quote the content from the reposted image however; nor does it insert any shout-out back to themselves.


By Renjian Yu [www]

Instagrab offers a very similar experience to RSR Free only with barely any ads, no repost watermark, and ALOT more features.

Apart from just reposting on Instagram Instagrab lets you save an image from s post (with no watermark), save the caption, and Repost to Facebook or Twitter.

Reposted images feature a similar visual look to those of RSR with a transparent row – however here you don’t have any watermark. Just as with all the other apps you’re able to set the credit to display in the top/bottom/left/right and choose a dark or light theme.

The only ads I ever experienced with Instagrab were displayed after saving an image – at least during my test run.

Final Winner: Repost

In the end I would recommend Repost as my number 1 choice. It offers a minimal amount of ads and a very clean repost credit display with no watermarks.

Instagrab would have to go as my runner-up here. I know it’s weird considering that it has more features than Repost – however the topic of this post was to find the best app for reposting – and Repost does that with less ads, and, in my opinion, a cleaner style.

Instagrab is a great alternative, with a bit more ads during use however still no watermark and some more features that are pretty useful for overall Instagram marketing.

I urge you to try the apps out yourself and see which you like more. I’m merely sharing my opinion and hoping it is useful to someone.

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