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eCommerce Tips for Effective SEO

Does it make a difference to SEO if I use blog.storename.com for my blog or storename.com/blog for the URL?
There are arguments both ways for what is best. We have used both options for many websites we actively search engine optimize and have not seen that one way is better than the other. We?ve seen rankings increase with blog.storename.com and storename.com/blog. The important thing is building good, unique, consistent, content. Search engines will credit you for that content and links whether you use a sub-domain or sub-directory. With BigCommerce you can use the built-in ?news? feature as your blog to keep it as a sub-directory, or install WordPress and host it separately on a sub-domain. Both ways work well for SEO.

What is a good conversion rate percentage?
Anything over 3% would be considered very good. Average is around 1-2%.

What is the most important thing for conversions?
Driving the right kind of traffic and store design. The design has to include the important things we?re talking about today (such as trust and credibility) at minimum in order for you to be truly successful.

I get good traffic, but how do you recommend I get more product reviews?
We recommend you contact previous customers by phone, email, or feedback survey to capture their product review and evaluation. Encourage them to post reviews on your store or ask for permission to post their review for them. Provide incentives for them to post reviews such as 10% savings for example.

Is the tab product page layout better then the non-tab for SEO or does it matter?
It does not matter. Search engines like Google can crawl the tabbed and non-tabbed layouts just the same. Therefore, the importance is in the content, not the layout. Go with whatever you feel looks best.

Do image heavy designs hurt you for conversions and SEO?
No. That fact that a design is image heavy does not matter. What is more important is what the images are and if good call-to-actions are on the images. The Images need to “export dreams” to the viewer. They should reduce your bounce rate and increase your click-through rate. If your bounce rate is high, you need to change your images and try some different call-to-actions. Keep in mind, you’ll need some text content on your site for SEO. It does not need to be much, but should include your best keywords.

Does it make a big difference how I use H1, H2, H3, etc. on my site for SEO?
Not huge no. But ideally you’d use your best keywords in a H1 or H2 heading, followed by H3, H4, and so on. The most important thing is to have relevant and unique content on your website. Don’t spam or stuff keywords.

My website does not have very much content on the homepage, just images, should I had content for SEO?
Yes. It does not need to be much, just a short paragraph is fine, but make sure it has your best keywords.

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