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Infographic: Top CMS Platform Usage in 2016

When it comes to CMS platforms WordPress is king, and most of us have known this for a while now. However where does everyone else stack up? And is WordPress really the most popular? BuiltWith, HostingFacts, and Trellis recently put together an infographic answering all of these questions Рand more.

I’ll let you guys make your own conclusions, but the data makes it pretty clear that WordPress is in the lead by ALOT. 17.6 million total websites, with Joomla coming in 2nd with 2.52 million. That’s quiet the gap. Here are a few other interesting facts from this infographic:

  • 235k of the top 1 million websites are powered by WordPress
  • WordPress market share is over 25%
  • Most enterprise-level businesses prefer Joomla over WordPress.


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  • Nice information! I really appreciate how you compared the various CMS blogging platforms and sites.