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3 Key Elements To Know When Managing Multiple Social Media Accounts

These days, as a brand or a small business, pull find yourself having to manage multiple social media accounts. Keeping those accounts organized and streamlined is important for the success of building your online presence. Here are three key elements you need to know when managing your social media accounts.

Keep Your Online Profiles Consistent

Keep the same brand name, profile photo, and image across all your different social profiles. All your social profiles should match up. Keeping your profiles consistent will allow people to easily find you, as well as recognize your brand. This gives them a clear-cut picture of you in the midst of other brands. It’s ideal that you create one consistent look. The fewer variants you use for your imagery, the easier it is for people to remember you. As you build your brand, keeping your social profiles consistent will be a sure way to make a memorable impression.

Post Daily

Sharing your expertise and enthusiasm with others is the best way to gain more followers. Take an active role in managing your social media accounts by posting consistently. Discover your ideal frequency of posting to social media. For most brands, here are their starting points:

  • Instagram – 1.5 times per day
  • Twitter – 5 times per day
  • Facebook – twice per day
  • Pinterest – 5 times per day
  • Google+ – twice per day
  • LinkedIn – once per day

Use Social Media Tools To Your Advantage

If you’re struggling to manage multiple profiles, and you can’t post consistently, a social media tool is what you need to keep all your profiles active. Here are some of the top social media tools for managing multiple social media accounts.

Buffer is a popular social media message scheduling and sharing tool. With just one click, your content sharing can be scheduled and posted via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Buffer allows you to stagger content within the day so that your social media accounts have consistent updates. You can also schedule your posts ahead of time. Another great feature of Buffer is that you get analytics about reach and engagement of your posts. Buffer offers a free trial for a short period of time. After the trial, the monthly fee is just $10. You can schedule as many posts as you want and manage up to 12 social profiles.

Sprout Social lets you manage, monitor, and analyze different social media accounts in one place. You can also monitor your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn messages all on one inbox. To visualize important metrics, Sprout Social also delivers analytics.

The Everypost app allows you to post updates on your different social profiles from one place at once. It has a cool feature of shortening Twitter texts so that they’re under 140 characters. While some people have experienced a few glitches, this is such a useful free app.

If you are looking for the best tool, this is our top choice. HootSuite has become the most popular social media management tool. Easily execute campaigns across all your social profiles from one dashboard. You can also manage your social media, measure campaign results, examine analytics, and track conversations. HootSuite has the capability to schedule your posts on all social platforms. You can create a HootSuite account for free. They also have a Pro version for only $8.99 per month. Enterprise options are also available to suit the needs of small and large businesses.

Follow these strategies when you have a bunch of different social networks to manage. There are a lot of awesome tools you can rely on to effectively manage your social media accounts. By utilizing them, you’ll save many hours of posting content, checking analytics, as well as tracking comments and messages. Instead you can focus on providing great customer support and building up brand recognition.

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