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What Are Instagram Pods & How Do You Join One

Instagram pods, or insta pods, are becoming all the craze now that Instagram has changed the order in which they display posts. Instead of showing posts in a chronological order like in the past, Instagram now utilizes a proprietary algorithm to try to determine which posts you would rather see. This has caused quite a commotion in the social media community – leading way to the formation of Instagram Pods. But what exactly are these instapods, and how do they work? Even better – how can you find an instagram pod to join? We’ll be answering all this within this post. If you aren’t big on reading, feel free to watch the attached video instead which covers everything you need to know.

What Are Instagram Pods?

Instagram Pods are basically group chats between a group of like-minded individuals. They all work together to help grow each others online presence. They all follow each other, like each-other’s posts, and most importantly they leave relevant comments. Why comments? Comments, as it turns out, is a major ranking factor for the new Instagram newsfeed algorithm. So the more comments you get on your post – the more interesting Instagram thinks your content is. The more interesting it thinks it is – the more people it’s shown to.

The key thing to understand here is that Instagram is actually pretty good at identifying spam comments. As such simply writing “this is awesome isn’t going to actually help anyone. Instagram wants to see relevant comments. Real sentences. Real feelings. This is usually why most pods set a requirement on the amount of words a comment must contain.

How Do Instagram Pods Usually Work?

Each Instagram Pod will have it’s own set of rules and requirements that you will need to adhere to. However most of them will generally provide 3 main rules/requirements:

  • Follow all the members within your pod.
  • Meet a weekly like/comment requirement.
  • Write comments with a minimum word count (usually 4+)

Again, the rules listed above are just the general rule types you will encounter. A pod might ask you to follow all 3, or only 1. Make sure to read the ruleset for your specific pod!

How To Find an Instagram Pod to Join?

Finding an Instapod to join is, in my opinion, half of the fun of being part of an instapod. Start your hunt over on Twitter & Instagram by searching for #instagrampod, #instapod, #igpods.  You’ll find various people who are actively recruiting for members for their Instagram Pods.

Next, run a search on Facebook Groups for Instagram Pods. Numerous groups will appear, most of which are private. Apply to those that seem to have an active member-base. Once you’re approved – start browsing through the posts to find a perfect group for you.

Pay attention to what type of group is being promoted. Joining a pod intended for fashion bloggers won’t help a business related Instagram account. Furthermore it’ll be a hassle for you to leave relevant comments on other members posts, and vice-versa. Avoid this experience. Find a group that fits your style and your content. Trust me – there’s a pod out there for everyone!

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