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Understanding SSL Basics – Pros, Cons, Misconceptions

Ever since Google started talking about giving an SEO boost to SSL-enabled websites there’s been plenty of questions going around about SSL from people who’ve never considered it in the past. This prompted me to record the following video to help explain some of the basics of SSL encryption, along with some of the misconceptions surrounding it.

Throughout the above video I’ll be going over the following main points:

  • Basics of SSL
    • What Is SSL?
    • What Is SSL For?
  • Common Misconceptions Surrounding SSL
    • Google SEO Ranking Boost
    • SSL Secured Websites
    • SSL Pricing
  • When Do You Consider SSL?
  • Headaches of SSL

About Michael Boguslavskiy

Michael Boguslavskiy is a full-stack developer & online presence consultant based out of New York City. He's been offering freelance marketing & development services for over a decade. He currently manages Rapid Purple - and online webmaster resources center; and Media Explode - a full service marketing agency.

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