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Avoid A Website Hosting Nightmare

If you are new to owning and managing a website, this advice can save you a ton of trouble. If you are an experienced blogger or site owner, the idea may come as a surprise. Sometimes, we don’t see the obvious until it whacks us over the head. First, a story. Is saving money always a good idea? My friend, ...

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Yet Another Reminder to Choose Secure Passwords

There is a great article circulating the interwebs this week discussing the Worst Passwords of 2013 – or more specifically the Top 25 Worst Passwords. The list, compiled by SplashData, is based on files containing millions of stolen passwords which have been posted online in the last year. Sadly this list goes to show just how many people still do not ...

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Prevent Hacking Attempts; Keep Your Scripts Up To Date

A client of mine recently contacted me, and frantically proceeded to explain to me how his hosting company contacted him stating their server had been hacked through an out-dated WordPress install they had kept on it. To make matters worse, the host did not have a recent file backup available – great. I was in for a long night. However ...

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Create Strong Passwords!

Following a recent issue I had with my Xbox account – I decided to write up a quick article touching upon creating secure and strong passwords for yourself. Let’s face it – most of you create passwords that are easy and simple to remember – which means that the password is just that much easier for someone, somewhere, to crack. ...

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SQL Injections – A Powerpoint Presentation

If you haven’t noticed more and more web-related services have been getting hacked lately – and these aren’t small websites either. Infragard – an FBI affiliate, the CIA website and the FBI’s Detroit phone network, the threats and attacks on Unveillance, and ofcourse who can forget the Sony hacking that has went on. What the news fails to mention is ...

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