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Top 5 Community Builder Platforms of 2017

Even though the world is pretty set on social networks, what with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and others already sharing most of the pie. However online communities are more popular than ever as people look to carve out their own little place online. A place where like-minded individuals can get together and discuss relevant news & topics.

These days webmasters have a number of tools available to build an online community. These range from simple Do-It-Yourself construction kits to some of the most sophisticated systems out there. Everyone has the chance to select something according to his or her liking, budget and needs.

Simple drag & drop website builders are of great help to beginners. Using them, you can create a community without even knowing how to code. All the useful features are built in; all you need to do is to register, create your community network and develop it further.

Throughout this post we will take a look at the top 5 community building platforms out there. These aren’t listed in any specific order, however these are the top 5 most popular and stable platforms.


Ning is possibly the leading social website platform these days. It provides its users with an opportunity to create and promote their own social network in the most efficient and user-friendly way. The comprehensive control over a created network is one of the biggest advantages of the Ning platform. Using Ning, you will be able to successfully engage and communicate with your target audience.

SocialgoSocialGo Social Network Builder

Socialgo is a social network builder that lets its customers create a custom social network. Applying preset configuration, you have the possibility to effectively form your online community for business or interest.


Yocoo is a free social network builder that allows its users to get their own design, members, discussion boards and much more. With Yocoo you can create your own network with all the necessary functionality.


phpFox offers an ability to create an online community, basing on social profiles and content sharing. Using phpFox, you will be able to choose from a variety of themes and apply the extensive marketing options. You are free to design your social network as you want.


MooSocial is a social network software designed to allow its license owners to create social network websites. Being its owner, you will have the possibility to build any niche social network. It is a suitable tool to be in-line with your associates.

So there you have it. 5 of 2017’s most popular community builder platforms. If you think there’s a platform out there that didn’t make the list – but should have – submit it down in the comments below!

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