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Welcome FREAK – Yet Another OpenSSL Vulnerability

It seems like every few months a new SSL vulnerability is pointed out - which I suppose makes sense with the recent popularity that SSL has gotten. Thanks Google. Alas let's welcome FREAK - a new man-in-the-middle vulnerability discovered by a group of cryptographers at INRIA, Microsoft Research and IMDEA. FREAK stands for “Factoring RSA-EXPORT Keys” which currently affects OpenSSL, Apple's Secure Transport and Windows Secure Channel clients only. Basically users of Android mobiles, Apple Macs, iPhones and iPads, and Windows platforms are the ones really impacted. Red Hat servers seem to be good to go as none of them utilize…

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DreamHost Releases Their First Transparency Report for 2014

DreamHost is damn serious about your privacy; however being a US-based company they are unfortunately required to comply with various information requests from legitimate domestic law enforcement agencies, along with DMCA takedown requests from rights-holders, and requests to remove content from courts processing defamation or invasion of privacy lawsuits. These are however just requests, and DreamHost has decided to publish their first transparency report for 2014 to show you just how they've handled the various requests they got. The report is available here. Probably the most important number within the report is the 57% rejection rate for requests in 2014. DreamHost has your…

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Find A New Domain Name Directly From DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo, the privacy focused search engine, and Namecheap have been working together behind the scenes to allow DuckDuckGo users to search for domain name availability straight from their searchbox. Yesterday both teams finally announced the integration, and there's a couple ways you can make use of this. Post by If you wish to stay on DuckDuckGo you can utilize the namecheap prefix. For example: namecheap This will show you whether or not a domain name is available, and if so provide you with a direct link to Namecheap's search results page for that domain name. If you'd rather…

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Host1Plus Launches Open Source Sponsorship Program

Host1Plus has long been a supporter of open source software such as CentOS, a Linux community contributing to an enterprise level operating system; Chakra, a distribution focused on the latest KDE; and Fedora, a community-driven operating system with a take on leading edge technologies. As of last week however Host1Plus has opened up their sponsorship program to all open-source projects. That means you can now apply with Host1Plus for a sponsorship for your open source project - and upon approval Host1Plus will provide you with the necessary storage and bandwidth to drive your project to fruition. “The majority of open source projects…

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Google Adds 360 Degree Video Support to YouTube

360-degree videography has been picking up steam lately, especially with Google fully supporting and promoting virtual business tours on map listings and place pages. As of this week Google has added yet another tool to the 360-degree video arsenal - full support from Youtube. PC/Mac users utilizing the Google Chrome browser are able to use their mouse to drag the point of view around in a 360-degree video. Furthermore modern Android devices using the Youtube app can simply move their phone or tablet around to see all the different angles of a specific video. iPhone and iPad users should get…

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Google Apps Leaks WHOIS Data For 280,000+ Domain Names

Private data leaks suck, and unfortunately there have been plenty of them over the past few years - and now Google joins the ranks of other companies as the private information regarding the registrations of 280,000 domain names registered via Google Apps has been leaked. Security research group Cisco Talos had noticed a problem that seems to have existed since 2013 and has been slowly revealing the hidden registration information for domains that had opted into Whois privacy protection as they were renewed. Full names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for each domain have been leaked in the form of…

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DreamHost Introduces Solid State Drives to Shared Hosting

DreamHost have announced today the introduction of solid state drives to all their shared hosting plans - successfully producing an up-to 200% faster hosting environment! To boot they haven't changed their pricing or package terms at all - so you still end up paying the same price, with the same unlimited storage and bandwidth, only for much faster hosting! "We want our customers' websites to be successful," said Kathy Brahm, DreamHost's VP of Shared Hosting. "Accelerating their sites' performance with SSDs was the quickest, best way to do that."

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 Released

Red Hat is probably one of the most well known and successful Linux-focused companies, and for good reason; their enterprise-class distro, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), is rock solid, and more importantly, its support is truly legendary. In-fact the original server that I used for the free hosting services I offered back during the times of Next Designs ran Red Hat Enterprise. Since then I have utilized RHEL on a wide array of my servers and projects - so I'm extremely excited that Red Hat has released the latest version -- RHEL 7.1. "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 offers improved…

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NYC Gets Hit With DDOS Attack

For the duration of last week and up until yesterday a series of hackers have taken down New York City government’s email system. That included basically all government agencies, including the FBI and NYPD, who were unable to send or receive email messages. Commenting on this, Lancope CTO, TK Keanini, said: “Anything connected to the Internet is subject to this kind of incident period. Readers should at the very least read this and think about their business continuity plan. A ready and prepared defender is not something the attacker is counting on Architects take note because building in resiliency from…

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