Understanding Online Reviews as a Business Owner

Understanding Online Reviews as a Business Owner

Customer reviews are absolutely crucial when it comes to developing an online presence for your business - alas it's an area that many business owners shy away from for a variety of reasons. Some simply do not believe in the ... read more

2015 Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

2015 Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

SetupABlogToday launched an awesome infographic that's been making the rounds across the interwebs today - and I felt it only appropriate to reblog is on here also. Check out the following infographic outlining the best social media keyboard shortcuts across ... read more

Web Designers: No-Follow Your Footer Credit Links

Web Designers: No-Follow Your Footer Credit Links

These days most website's out there have a little link at the very bottom with a credit to the agency or designer who created the website. It's a practice that has been around forever among website designers - and it's ... read more

Upcoming gTLD Domains for March 2015

Upcoming gTLD Domains for March 2015

March brings about some great new domain name extensions. As usual you can register these new domain names at either Namecheap, 1&1 or GoDaddy. March 11th: .coach, .legal, .memorial, .money March 24th: ... read more

NYC Gets Hit With DDOS Attack

NYC Gets Hit With DDOS Attack

For the duration of last week and up until yesterday a series of hackers have taken down New York City government’s email system. That included basically all government agencies, including the FBI and NYPD, who were unable to send or ... read more

Get 27% Off 1 Year of Yola Silver for March 2015

Get 27% Off 1 Year of Yola Silver for March 2015

We often mention Yola's sales and promotions around here - and as such I've never seen Yola give anything past a 20% discount before. Sure they've done specific monetary values of $40 and $50 before - but their percentage discounts ... read more

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Welcome to the Rapid Purple Blog, featuring the latest webmaster related news from around the internet – such as updates from various hosting providers regarding their infrastructure and/or new offerings and services. To go along with this you can also find the latest coupons and discounts from popular hosting providers and domain name registrars such as GoDaddy, 1&1, HostGator, UK2 Group, Namecheap, SingleHop, and many more.

Once you have your hosting and domain name established you will also find a large variety of tutorials aimed at helping you get a better grasp on different languages and tasks associated with being a webmaster and running your own website. For starters, many of you who are taking college courses will most likely encounter programming in C within on of your entry level classes. I have a great tutorial series aimed specifically for those classes covering many of the Basics in C Programming. You will also find many other interesting tutorials in HTML/CSS, PHP, HTACCESS, Adobe Photoshop, and various other miscellaneous ones – such as turning a webpage into a PDF through the use of Adobe Acrobat Pro.

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Bing Explains How They Deal With Keyword Stuffing URLs

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In a post on the Bing Webmaster Blog Bing has dug into how exactly they deal with keyword stuffing URLs. There are a few main signals that Bing looks out for when determining whether URL keyword stuffing tactics are in-use on a site:

  • Site size
  • Number of hosts
  • Number of words in host/ domain names and path
  • Host/ domain/ path keyword co-occurrence (inc. unigrams and bigrams)
  • % of the site cluster comprised of top frequency host/ domain name keywords
  • Host/ domain names containing certain lexicons/ pattern combinations (e.g. [“year”, “event | product name”]
  • Site/page content quality & popularity signals

So what has changed in the SEO community since Bing kicked off this method of dealing with URL keyword stuffing?

  • Users: This update impacted ~3% of Bing queries (on average ~1 in 10 URLs was filtered out per impacted query.)
  • SEO community: ~5M sites, comprising > 130M urls, have been impacted, resulting in upwards of 75% reduction in traffic to these sites from Bing.
  • Examples of spam sites impacted:
    • www.cheapviagrausa.com
    • www.cheapviagrapharma.com
    • www.buyviagracheapviagraergr.com
    • www.gmailloginsigninup.com

HostDime Partners With BitPay to Accept Bitcoin Payments

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Bitcoin continues to make quiet the splash in the hosting and technology community as yet another hosting company, HostDime, announces their acceptance of Bitcoins as payment for their cloud hosting and datacenter services. HostDime is kicking things off with their USA and Brazil branches, and eventually plans to expand the acceptance of Bitcoins as a payment method to their other branches in Mexico, UK, Netherlands, India, Colombia, and Hong Kong.

Bitcoin is the currency of the future, and as a company that constantly looks towards the future, we could not wait to be a part of this revolution,” says Filipe Mendes, CEO of HostDime Brazil.

HostDime is partnered with BitPay, to use their platform for Bitcoin transactions. As in the past, HostDime continues to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, Western Union, and wire transfers as payment.

IBM Brings Data Analysts To Small Businesses

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Being able to truly analyze your businesses data was something that most small businesses simply never had the ability to do. Chances are you, the business owner, simply has no time left to sit there and draw out graphs and plot charts – and hiring a dedicated data analyst simply isn’t in the budget. This is where IBM’s latest Watson Analytics tool comes into play. The Watson Analytics tool is available at no charge and allows companies to upload data to it and, in return, receive insights to where the company is headed and what may be in the future. The idea behind the project is to give companies without data analysts a program that works for them.

The IBM Watson Analytics Tool is based on a freemium model allowing anyone to start out completely for free and upgrade later on down the line as you run out of space to upload more and more data.

Forbes reported that IBM will put sample data on the Watson Analytics site to assist users. The site will also feature tutorials and guides so users will quickly learn how to both supply their data but, also, understand it once it is analyzed.

123-Reg & Minds + Machines Join Forces to Promote .LONDON

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UK domain registrars 123-reg.co.uk and Minds + Machines announced a collaborative effort to increase awareness and adoption of the new .london TLD late last week. The collaboration will include a range of on and offline marketing initiatives.

According to 123-reg.co-uk, registrations of .london surged on the first day of general availability for the extension, which was Sept. 9.  Early adopters include Fortnum & Mason, West Ham United, and the Evening Standard.

London is one of the first cities to receive its own domain, along with a slew of other cities, including Berlin, NYC, Tokyo and Moscow.

We had a great priority period for Londoners from April to July, with tens of thousands of businesses from all 32 London boroughs signing up,” said Gordon Innes, Chief Executive of London & Partners, the Mayor’s official promotional company for London. “Now we move to the next phase where Dot London domain names are available to the rest of world which will enable companies and individuals to create a link with one of the greatest cities on earth. We are confident interest will be high and businesses and individuals both in London and abroad will secure a domain name linked to our city.

The new registry is being operated by Dot London Domains Ltd, a subsidiary of London & Partners, with Minds + Machines providing registry services.

Yelp Wins Court Ruling To Move Up Negative Reviews

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There’s always been talk among business owners of the “grey-area” around Yelp purposely placing negative reviews on non-paying merchant profiles. Unfortunately this did actually happen, and some business owners did actually sue Yelp – and in the end the court ruled that Yelp is completely in the clear in doing this.

The ruling supported a lower court decision that dismissed the lawsuit filed by businesses that said positive reviews disappeared from their Yelp page, which dropped their overall star rating; or a negative review reappeared or was moved to the top of the review after they declined to purchase advertising from Yelp.

One of the businesses, Santa Barbara-based Cats and Dogs animal hospital, claimed a Yelp representative said the company would hide negative reviews or place them lower on the page in exchange for advertising.

Judge Marsha Berzon stated that Yelp’s business model is to charge for advertising space and as such it has the right to charge for legitimate advertising services, with the threat if pushing up negative reviews being seen as merely hard bargaining.

Unfortuntately this has a huge negative side to small business owners. See you don’t really get a choice of being on Yelp or not. Your business is located automatically using public records available online. Combine that with the fact that Yelp just won this lawsuit, making the argument now case law allowing it to be used as a defense in the future for similar accusations.


Please Stop Panicking, Your Internet Is Fine – It’s Simply Internet Slowdown Day

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A wide array of your favorite sites have come together today to participate in Internet Slowdown Day – an internet protest against net neutrality’s proposed changes. According to the protesters, the slowdown also gives everyone an idea of what the future of the internet will be if the Federal Communications Commission wins the net neutrality battle.

Some of the websites participating are:

  • Netflix
  • Google
  • Vimeo
  • Etsy
  • Mozilla
  • Reddit
  • Foursquare
  • WordPress
  • Etsy
  • Kickstarter
For other webmasters wanting to participate in support of Internet Slowdown Day, Team Internet is asking everyone to change social media avatars and to change website banners and graphics to a “loading icon” symbol for the entire day. the team also urges site owners to link the banners back to their website, which gives information on how to contact legislators associated with the proposed billed. Although the speed of website loads is not really being affected, Team Internet wants to give a visual representation and spread awareness about the proposed changes to net neutrality.

Microsoft Aims To Revive MSN

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MSN was one of the original all-in-one portals created by Microsoft over 2 decades ago. It’s your default Internet Explorer homepage, and as of late something you probably have almost forgotten about. In-fact with almost no real updates to the MSN portal Microsoft may have very well almost forgotten about it as-well. This is all about to change however as Microsoft launches a preview to the brand new MSN portal. The new MSN can easily connect viewers to core consumer-facing Microsoft services, like Outlook.com, Office Online, OneDrive and Skype, as well as prominent social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Ofcourse there is also easy access to Bing Search, which sits at the top of the online portal.



Now don’t think that the personal portal concept of MSN is all gone now. Microsoft placed a huge emphasis on allowing this to truly act as a personal homepage for you. Currently the portal will showcase the weather in your location, traffic conditions, show your stocks watchlist and recipe collections, as well as offer topic-tracking to tailor your news.

Microsoft says that in the coming months it will launch MSN apps for Android and iOS, to “complement” its existing, “corresponding” Windows and Windows Phone apps. And since those Windows and Windows Phone apps once had Bing attached next to their current names, it is fair to say they will get MSN-ized in the near future. Using a Microsoft account, data (from MSN, Cortana, Bing and other services) will sync freely across devices.

Yahoo Buys An Ad Company

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With all the different things happening with Bing and Google it gets a bit hard to keep up with Yahoo as-well. However the gentle giant is far from sleeping. Yahoo seems to be putting some serious focus behind driving their advertising revenues up, as evident following a recent acquisition of Luminate – an advertising company which places ads within images.

Luminate claims that its novel crowdsourcing and image detection technology has fundamentally changed how advertisers and publishers think about their image content.

Previously to the acquisition by Yahoo the Luminate advertising network had roughly 10,000 publishers – and alas all 10,000 of those publishers are now looking for a new network to join.

The JavaScript snippets many publishers used will no longer function on their sites. Final payments for each site that has earned over $10 will be delivered by September 30, 2014. Direct advertisers will be refunded the remainder of their balance by the same date.

All Luminate publishers, advertisers and experts will be able to login and access account information until October 1, 2014.

Twitter Ventures Into eCommerce with Buy Now Buttons

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There has long been question of the best monetization methods for Twitter beyond simply sponsored tweets and advertising – and with that comes their latest venture into the world of eCommerce by announcing buy now buttons.

Today we are beginning to test a new way for you to discover and buy products on Twitter. For a small percentage of U.S. users (that will grow over time), some Tweets from our test partners will feature a “Buy” button, letting you buy directly from the Tweet.


Impulse shopping works. Amazon is essentially built around it – showcasing you various different products on almost every single screen. And if Twitter can properly execute this and make it a quick and seamless flow then this can very well be a great new eCommerce opportunity.

As it sits right now the Buy Now is being tested with a handful of selected merchants and a handful of users. However from what I can see in their preview video (see below) – things look pretty promising.

Facebook Adds A Counter To Facebook Videos

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I’ve always said it. People like counters. The ability to see how many times somebody has viewed their website, photo, or video has always been interesting to everyone. That was the concept that fueled the creation of the free counter service here, and some part of what caused Facebook to introduce counters to shared videos.

A significantly larger part was the sheer popularity that Facebook videos have received. I’ll quote directly from the blog posts:

Growth in video views exceeded 50% from May through July of this year, and since June there has been an average of more than 1 billion video views on Facebook every day. 

That being said it made sense to improve upon Facebook videos – and this is far from the first update Facebook has made. Over this past year Facebook has introduced auto-playing to videos, and changed the ranking algorithm targeting videos. Then there’s publisher tools such as Call to Action which Facebook has made available to further enhance their support for videos.


Keep an eye out for the update which is rolling out this week, and in the end will display how many views public videos from people and Pages on Facebook have received. Facebook has released an FAQ listing which will surely be updated once this update has rolled out to everyone.

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