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More Changes [read sales] At SpeedySparrow!

I love writing about SpeedySparrow Hosting – mostly because everytime they do something it provides me with even more great resources and services to offer and recommend to my own clients, along with all of my readers. This time around is no different – however this is more than just a simple coupon sale – this is BIG. Shared, Business and Reseller hosting accounts have all had their resource limits increased, and there’s an amazing deal on VPS hosting being offered also.

We’ll start with the recent resource upgrades that SpeedySparrow Hosting has made to all their Shared hosting services. Keep in mind that all of SpeedySparrow’s shared hosting plans run using LiteSpeed Technology – and are all located in a cloud environment. Each account has unlimited email accounts, ftp accounts and MySQL databases.

3GB of Space
30GB of Bandwidth (Upgraded to 45GB)
3 Addon Domains (Upgraded to Unlimited)

6GB of Space
60GB of Bandwidth (Upgraded to 90GB) 
Addon Domains (Upgraded to Unlimited)

12GB of Space
120GB of Bandwidth (Upgraded to 180GB) 
12 Addon Domains (Upgraded to Unlimited)

15GB of Space
240GB of Bandwidth (Upgraded to 360GB)
24 Addon Domains (Upgraded to Unlimited)

Business hosting plans have all been upgraded to include unlimited addon domains as-well; no bandwidth of disk-space changes have been made to these plans. Reseller accounts got a pleasant resource increase, however the Nimbus reseller plan stayed the same.

2GB of Space (Upgraded to 5GB)
15GB of Bandwidth (Upgraded to 50GB) 

4GB of Space (Upgraded to 10GB)
35GB of Bandwidth (Upgraded to 75GB) 

12GB of Space (Upgraded to 15GB)
175GB of Bandwidth 

20GB of Space
350GB of Bandwidth 

Don’t forget that you can always combine these with my Rapid Purple coupon codes and score one hell of a deal on either shared or reseller hosting.
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While resellers use the following code to score 10% off the annual price of a reseller account: rapidpurple_resell

We’re not done yet though – don’t think the VPS guys have been forgotten about here. For the next 5 VPS orders – SpeedySparrow will drop their monthly price down to $28 for a VM2 package (normally $46); the price without cPanel goes down to $20 (normally $38). Keep in mind that this is an unmanaged VPS account – however the first 5 customers will get SpeedySparrow’s $30/month server management service free for the first 30-days – allowing you to have your server setup just how you’d like it – with a firewall in place and all security holes patched.

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Michael Boguslavskiy is a full-stack developer & online presence consultant based out of New York City. He's been offering freelance marketing & development services for over a decade. He currently manages Rapid Purple - and online webmaster resources center; and Media Explode - a full service marketing agency.

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