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HexBrowser is a free tool that identifies file types for files that don’t make their file type known. It does not care about the file extension, but opens each file to look for signatures inside, so it can determine the exact type of a file. It currently recognizes more than 1000 different file formats. HexBrowser shows detailed information about each file, or a hex- or text dump of the beginning of each file. For the sake of speed, only the first 12 KB of the file is shown.

Here are some of the file formats that it recognizes:

Audio real, wav, mp3, decaudio, adlib, sunraster, adif, midi, avr, au, vqf, alp, esps
Video real, asf/wmv, mpg, mov, 3gp, mp4, mjpeg, dv, flac, nsv, mng, swf, mtv, fli, flc, bik
Graphics jpg, jpeg2000, bmp, gif, wmf, tiff, openexr, mdi, kdf, viff, psd, mrsid, cmf, png, jng,
wpg, psp, iff, emf, eps, ps, pcx, pic
Office MSOffice, OpenOffice, PocketWord, StarOffice, Write, iWorks, txt, rtf, html, pdf, chm, pst, xml
Archives zip, rar, lha, larc, installshield, c64, sbx, daa, cab, tzf, jar, sit,
gzip, ghost, zoo, hyp, ima, arj, 7-zip, z, lzx, hqx, deb, rpm
Other mac/linux/unix/dos/windows/amiga/ps3 executables, database files, fonts+++

HexBrowser also shows extended information about some of the file types.


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