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QuizFaber is a free application which will allow you to create easily and rapidly multimedia quizzes in HTML with a JavaScript, embedded in the HTML page. The HTML pages can be personalized in many ways: one can choose a new background color for the text of the answers, set a background image and sound that will be played with each question answered by the candidate. Further you can set a maximum time for answering all the questions, and at the end of the quiz, your user will be given a final mark, computed using the ‘weights’, associated with each question.

Another key point of QuizFaber is the wide support of multimedia objects such as images, sounds or videos that can be joined to every question or answer, in a unlimited way. At the moment (QuizFaber 3.0.5), there are available 13 types of multimedia : Apple QuickTime format, Java Applet, Crescendo format, Flash Video (FLV) format, Generic, HTML Excel, Image, Real Audio/Media format, Shockware flash, Sound, Video (generic), VLC media player format, Windows Media Player format.


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Added On:February 10, 2015
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