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Here at Rapid Purple we have always been big on free things. Free tools and resources have shaped the Internet into what we use today. Most of today’s developers got their start using free tutorials posted on sites like these; while webmasters got their start using free templates and generators.

As such we’ve been slowly collecting, developing, and providing tons of valuable free webmaster resources and free webmaster services and sharing them all here, at Rapid Purple.

Free Website SEO Analysis Free Website SEO Analysis

Grab a totally free SEO analysis for your website to give you a perfect idea of what you should be focused on changing. The Rapid Purple SEO Analysis gives you a perfect breakdown of what you’re doing right, and what you need to improve on – along with a set of recommendations and guidelines for what you can do.

Free Search Engine Submission Free Search Submission

Utilize our free search engine submission service to submit your new website to over 50 of the major search engines such as Jayde, ScrubtheWeb, SonicRun and more. This is a great starting point for webmasters and site builders looking to kick off an SEO campaign for their site.

Free Website Traffic Free Website Traffic

Give your website a boost in traffic with 100 free visitors. These aren’t fake visitors – these are geographically targeted visitors sent over through the Revisitor platform. Think of it as the easiest marketing you’ll ever do – without producing any marketing material.

Free Website Counters Free Website Counters

Free counters offer a great way to quickly track and showcase the popularity of your website, or eBay listing without the hassle of a complicated setup process.

Free Webmaster Tools & Generators Online Tools & Generators

Rapid Purple maintains a constantly growing collection of free online tools and generators aimed to help simplify your life as a webmaster. These range from simple HTML/CSS generators; to SEO tools and graphic generators.

Free Webmaster Resources Directory Resources Directory

A curated collection of great free webmaster resources from around the world wide web. These range from free webmaster software, to remotely hosted website addons and image editors.

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