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Free Search Engine Submission

Search engine submissions are key to getting your website noticed by all the different search engine crawlers out there; however with so many different engines out there it can turn into quiet the hassle to manually submit your site to all of them. This is were we come in. Rapid Purple will submit your site, completely free of charge, to 50+ search engines and provide you with a report of which submissions failed and which passed.

This is a great starting point for webmasters and site builders looking to kick off an SEO campaign for their site.

Our free search engine submission will submit your link to the following engines:

To request your free search engine submission simply fill out the following form. Please keep in mind that while we won’t send you any emails – some of the search engine’s we submit to will – whether this be their newsletter or a confirmation email regarding your submission. Please keep an eye out for any confirmation emails, as some of them will require you to respond or click a link to confirm the submission of your website.


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