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FREE Social & SEO Stats

Starting to work on your SEO is crucial to your websites success in the world wide web – however it’s also very easy to get carried away here and end up spending alot of money – for little gain.  Over the years I have had many clients come to me with an SEO analysis they paid cold hard cash for only to find out that much of those statistics can be obtained completely free of charge. For years now I have been offering free SEO reports here on Rapid Purple and I used to run all of these reports manually, one at a time – and that didn’t make anyone happy. As such we’ve launched a dedicated tool at rapidpurple.report that automatically runs an SEO analysis of your website, looking into dozens key SEO metrics and showing you a breakdown of your Social Marketing & SEO strategy.

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Your Quick & Easy SEO Checklist For Content & Websites

Search engine optimization is vital for essentially every web page and website. While SEO is often treated like “rocket science”, and indeed there is a lot of expertise that goes into it, there are also steps that anyone can take to improve their search engine ranking. That’s why we put together this quick SEO checklist so you can audit your own content and website. 

Examine The Quality Of Your Backlinks

Simply obtaining backlinks isn’t the only thing to worry about when improving the SEO status of your website. Quality is just as important as quantity, which is why it’s important to look at the status of your backlinks. With LinkDiagnosis, you can look at the Google PageRank along with various other ranks of your site’s backlinks 

Combining Your SEO & Inbound Content Into One Super-Successful Strategy

Fortunately, you can accomplish both SEO and crafting genuine, powerful, inbound content. While the two strategies are sometimes thought as competing, this is far from the truth. Both fit together quite nicely if you use the right approach. That’s why we’re going to go over why and how you can both increase your SEO ranking and publish great inbound content.

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