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SpeedySparrow Officially Converts to Spiral Hosting

SpeedySparrow was acquired by Spiral Hosting a couple of years back in 2013, and since then nothing much has really changed with SpeedySparrow. The network and infrastructure got better, and the SpeedySparrow brand remained alive and well … until now. See ever since the acquisition, Spiral Hosting has had to spread their staff and available resources between two different brand names. All ...

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Google Rolls Out New Merchant Center

Are you the webmaster of an eCommerce website/business? If so – you’ve probably heard of Google Merchant Center by now – and if not there is literally no better time to start using it than right now! Google Merchant Center is THE way to get your products and inventory listed within Google.com and other partner websites, and this week Google has ...

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SSLv3 Disabled on Rapid Purple Shared Hosting Servers

Heads up Rapid Purple hosting customers – following the recent POODLE bug we have disabled SSLv3 support on all our shared hosting servers. That unfortunately means that those of you using Internet Explorer 6.0 or older (and based on our stats that’s a small handful of you) will not be able to access any SSL secure sites on the Rapid ...

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PHP NG Enabled On All Rapid Purple Hosting Servers

Since I was already working on the PHP configurations for Rapid Purple Hosting servers, and since PHP NG has shown some tremendous performance gains, It seemed appropriate to enable it for developer use across all Rapid Purple Hosting servers. If you’ve never heard of PHP NG before, PHP NG was first introduced in May, 2014 as a major effort to ...

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PHP 5.6.0 Now Available for All Rapid Purple Hosting Clients

As you may know by now I strive to maintain a perfect development environment here with Rapid Purple Hosting. With that said just a few days after it was officially announced by the PHP development team, the latest bugfix-only release of PHP 5.6.0 is now available on all of our client servers. This is the third RC version of PHP 5.6.0 now which accumulates all bug ...

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Free Counters Hosting Relaunched

The Rapid Purple free counter hosting service originally came around due to the popularity it held back during the times of Next Designs. It requires, literally, about 30 seconds to sign up for a counter – and the best part is that we offer a hidden counter option – so you can keep track of your hits without having to maintain a ...

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Live Chat Integrated Into Hosting Control Panel

In an effort to simplify the life of our shared hosting clients who have reached their limits within their existing hosting plan I have integrated a LiveChat functionality into the Hespia control panel we utilize here at Rapid Purple. You will notice it appear in the lower right corner of the screen whenever you access any of the following pages within your ...

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Free Search Engine Submission Fixed

It was brought to my attention that the form to request a free search engine submission was no longer properly validating website addresses and as such not allowing submissions to go through. Submitting your website or blog to various search engines is key to getting your website noticed by all the different crawlers out there; however with so many different engines out there ...

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ModSecurity Enabled On All Hosting Accounts

A few months back I had went ahead and setup ModSecurity on all of our hosting servers. Over the past months I have been doing some monitoring and tweaking of the settings to try to create the perfect environment for your average webmaster, and your seasoned developer. I’m happy to announced that we now have the ModSecurity Apache plugin running smoothly on all ...

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Rapid Purple Officially Partnered with Rackspace

Following a recent meeting at RubyConf 2013, I am proud to announce that Rapid Purple has officially joined the Rackspace® Partner Network in an effort to provide a portfolio of services aimed towards those clients who are looking for something more than the usual hosting platform. Rackspace is a leading provider of hybrid clouds, which enable businesses to run their workloads where they ...

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PHP Updates for Rapid Purple Hosting Clients

I have always tried my best to create a development friendly environment with the Rapid Purple Hosting services – and this means keeping up to date with the latest stable platforms. With that said I have added the latest stable PHP releases to your control panel. You can now use the current stable version – PHP 5.5.5, as well as ...

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osCommerce Updated to 2.3.3 in Hosting App Installer

osCommerce has been actively released new versions of their popular ecommerce platform – currently at 3.3.4 which came out September 26, 2013. While all plugin updates are made to fully support 3.3.4 – I went ahead and updated the Elefante App Installer featured with all the Rapid Purple Hosting plans to osCommerce 2.3.3. This way you start off with a ...

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Joomla 3.0 Added to Our 1-Click App Installer

I have recently updated the Joomla version in our 1-click App Installer to the latest one available – Joomla 3.0. While I will still offer older versions in the Installer as well, I highly recommend that you use Joomla 3.0 as it represents a significant improvement over older versions. All current Rapid Purple hosting clients will automatically see the change when they ...

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PHP 5.5 and PHP 5.4.15 Available for Hosting Users

I have recently added PHP 5.5 as an option in the Hepsia Control Panel for all Rapid Purple Hosting users. It was released just a few days ago and the new version offers lots of new features. Here is a quick overview of the new features offered by PHP 5.5: generators and coroutines; the ‘finally’ keyword; a simplified password hashing API; support ...

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Scheduled Maintenance: .COM & .NET Domain Name Registry

This is to let you know that on July 20, 2013 EST (July 21, 2013 GMT) the registry of .COM and .NET domains will be processing scheduled maintenance. The time frame for the maintenance is scheduled to start on July 20, 2013 (Saturday) 9:00 PM and run through to  9:45 PM EST (July 21, Sunday at 01:00 – 01:45 GMT). During this time domain availability check, registrations, renewals and ...

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Notice: UK DC Scheduled Rack Change

For all of our hosting customers housed at the UK datacenter, would like to inform you about an upcoming maintenance in our UK Data Center scheduled to take place later this week. Starting today May 14th, we will be relocating our servers to new racks and will also be performing a major network upgrade. The expected downtime frame for the scheduled ...

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Notice: Mail Server Hardware Failure in Illinois, USA Datacenter

I regret to inform you that a there is a hard disk failure on one of the mail servers in the Steadfast, Chicago, Illinois datacenter. The faulty hardware is being replaced; unfortunately this will require a file system check before booting – which will result in several hours of downtime. Any further updates and announcements regarding this issue can be viewed at http://www.properstatus.com ...

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