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The internet is full of great bloggers & authors, and the goal with Rapid Purple was always to feature the content that would be best for all webmasters – from all authors. As such if you want to contribute a post to the Rapid Purple site – we will happily accept accept your submission. However – there are a few things that we ask for.


A good blog is all about providing the content that your target audience wants to read. Here – it’s all about the webmasters. As such – before submitting any content please make sure you spend some time browsing through the website and understanding the different sections that we feature, and what type of content we have.

Please make sure that your submitted content is relevant to a category/section featured here on Rapid Purple. Any submitted content that doesn’t fit the overall website theme will be discarded.


If you have something relevant you wish to submit to be featured on Rapid Purple please make sure it meets some, if not all, of the requirements listed below.

  • All blog topics must be relevant to webmasters, marketers, and/or business owners.
  • Each blog must be 500-800 words minimum. There is no maximum cap – however very long articles may be broken up into multiple posts.
  • Submissions containing private information without the expressed permission of the subject or individual will be edited to change names or any other identifying details.
  • All submissions must be completely original. Content that has been previously published online, in print, or otherwise will not be accepted. If you wish to mention a previously published story please offer a summary and/or an opinion regarding it. You are welcome to link back to the previously published story in such a way, as a reference.
  • Please provide a brief author bio to be featured with your post.
  • Anonymous posting will be accepted. Contributors who wish to remain anonymous must explicitly state this when submitting a blog. 
  • We reserve the right to edit any submission.

Submit Your Article/Blog Post

If you are ready to submit your guest post to be featured on Rapid Purple – simply fill out the form below. Your submission will be reviewed within 3-5 business days and if approved – featured on the website.