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March, 2012

  • 2 March

    Free Website Search Engine Submissions!

    Search engine submissions are key to getting your website noticed by all the different search engine crawlers out there; however with so many different engines out there it can turn into quiet the hassle to manually submit your site to all of them. This is were we come in. We’ll submit your site, completely free of charge, to 50+ search ...

February, 2012

  • 27 February

    First 5 SEO Reports Free!

    I have recently launched my SEO Reporting service – providing in-depth and quality SEO reports of your website. Our SEO reports take your site, along with the keyword you wish to rank for, and your top 10 competing websites – and provides a full in-depth analysis of your page, your competitors pages, and who outranks whom. Here is a breakdown ...

  • 24 February

    Why You Should Start Using Facebook Ads

    The internet is the hottest place today to earn cash. If you are planning to start an online business, then you first need to know that although the internet will potentially generate a lot of cash for you, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to achieve success overnight. You still need to work hard even if it is ...

  • 23 February

    Email Marketing Software You Can Depend On Is Essential

    Dependable, permission-based email marketing software is a must for those who desire a successful and profitable online business. While there are many providers to choose from, making the final decision can be tough. You want a solution that offers all of the tools and features you need, but is user-friendly so that you can quickly set up campaigns and track ...

  • 22 February

    Google+ Button Updates

    2 new updates are coming to the Google+ buttons you’ve all been using on your sites. Take note that for anyone within the Google+ Preview Group – all of these updates go live right NOW! First, Google is updating the +1 button sharing flow.  Your users have been able to share from the +1 button for about six months.  However, the sharing flow ...

October, 2011

  • 21 October

    MyHosting Offers Free Google Adwords Credits

    myhosting.com has partnered with Google to offer all shared Web hosting and virtual private server (VPS) clients free Google AdWords credits when they register a new account with Google. myhosting.com clients can receive up to $75 in free AdWords advertising with their shared Web hosting or VPS hosting account. This promotional offer for free AdWords advertising is available to all new and existing ...

July, 2011

  • 30 July

    Click-to-Call Enhancements Announced for Google Adwords

    On July 29th Google sent out an email to most Adwords advertisers announcing enhancements to their click-to-call functionality in AdWords ad text. This is important information to read and understand as an Adwords advertiser. Many businesses currently list their phone numbers in their ad copy – which isn’t a bad thing – however a few changes to how you are ...

  • 27 July

    Facebook Launches ‘Facebook for Business’ Website

    It’s obvious that social networking is a key part to marketing a business, and Facebook hopes their new Facebook for Business site will help business owners understand the various benefits of Facebook; and teach them how they can use it for their businesses. I have previously talked about how to create a social media plan, and how to profit from ...

  • 25 July

    Google Launches Adwords Express

    Today Google announced the launch of Adwords Express. AdWords Express is designed to help local businesses that aren’t already AdWords advertisers create effective campaigns easily, and within 5 minutes. Product Manager Kiley McEvoy uploaded a short video on Youtube to help explain what Adwords Express really is. To start simply visit http://www.google.com/awexpress, fill out some basic information and create your ad. After ...

  • 20 July

    Getting Traffic from Social Sites

    Social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon have become hot and are getting hotter all the time. Both online and offline businesses are jumping into social marketing – and for a good reason. It works! Many small online businesses are flocking to social media. In fact, one report states that utilization of social media by small businesses has doubled since 2009. According to ...

June, 2011

  • 29 June

    How To Profit With Facebook Advertising

    Facebook is in millions of homes around the world. In fact, it has more than 500 million active users. (An active user is someone who has been on the site in the past 30 days.) On November 6, 2006, Facebook launched their advertising program. “For the last hundred years media has been pushed out to people, but now marketers are ...

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