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September, 2014

  • 6 September

    Bing Introduces Bulk Editing To Bing Ads Web UI

    In the past managing PPC campaigns for large accounts with lots of keywords and hundreds of ads was well … pretty much a pain in the ass. You’re ideal environment would require two screens, one running the Bing Ads Editor and one running the Bing Ads web UI. Thankfully that has all changed as Bing announced the ability to review and manage accounts ...

  • 5 September

    Bing Launches NFL Predictions While Google Builds GIF Generators

    The first NFL game of the season was last night, and Bing and Google took no time in getting in ready for the season. Bing kickstarted the season by launching Bing Predicts, a service that ...

  • 2 September

    Bing Explains Their Stance on Web Spam

    Bing has published a new blog post that I believe is a must-read for any webmaster or SEO’r. Titled Web Spam Filtering the post goes into detail about what web spam is, how it works, and what Bing is doing about it. Bing actually takes a very interesting methodology to understanding and fighting web spam by starting their battle with ...

August, 2014

  • 22 August

    Introducing The Bing Image Widget

    Bing has launched another widget for webmasters allowing you to easily incorporate image galleries and slideshows onto your website using the images within the Bing image search. You simply choose what keyword you want to pull images for, set your dimensions and style settings, choose whether you want a collage or a slideshow – and you’re done. Here is an ...

  • 13 August

    Knowledge Widget Now Integrated Into Bing Webmaster Tools

    Back in April I had talked about the new Bing Knowledge Widget which allows any webmaster to bring the power of the Bing Knowledge repository directly to their website. Bing didn't stop ...

  • 12 August

    Bing Makes Technical Searches Easier

    As a webmaster chances are pretty high that you’ve ran some technical searches in the past. Maybe you were reading through our tutorial series on Programming in C and wanted to dig deeper into a specific function; or maybe you were browsing through some of the software in our Free Webmasters Resource Directory and wanted to do some research on ...

  • 4 August

    Bing Launches Site Safety Page – Explains Why Some Sites Are Bad

    In a recent post on the Bing Webmaster Blog they announced a new feature named the Bing Site Safety Page. The Bing Site Safety Page shows up within search results when a certain website displayed in the result set has been flagged by Bing for a potential safety issue. Bing will then show the searcher what the issue is with the site, hoping ...

July, 2014

  • 24 July

    3 New Bing Ads Geotargeting Features Now Available

    Bing has announced some great new targeting features which have been implemented into Bing Ads. These new features allow you much more control over your visibility and target radius for your Bing Ads. First, new map features give advertisers a way to visualize where they are targeting on the map. “You can also add/remove targets from the map control.“ Improved ...

June, 2014

  • 19 June

    Bing Announces Plans To Make Things Faster

    Microsoft researchers and colleagues from Bing have been collaborating with others from industry and academia to examine datacenter hardware alternatives, and their work, a project known as Catapult, was presented in Minneapolis on June 16 during the 41st International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA). Confused yet? Hold on. Their paper, titled A Reconfigurable Fabric for Accelerating Large-Scale Datacenter Services, describes an effort to combine programmable hardware ...

  • 13 June

    Bing Supports Up To 125 Trillion URLs In Sitemaps

    Fabrice Canel, the Principal Program Manager of the Bing Index Generation team, posted their Sitemaps best practices guide for large web sites which shows off some pretty awesome numbers. For starters Bing can support up to 125 trillion links through multiple XML sitemap files. If you’re really curious with one sitemap file, Bing allows you to list 50,000 x 50,000 links, which brings you ...

  • 5 June

    Bing Drops IE8; Google Drops IE9

    There’s always been a push to get people to utilize the latest browser versions – and usually the biggest push comes when one of the big guys drops support for an older browser. Today older versions of Internet Explorer seem to be getting kicked to the curb by Bing & Google. In a post on G+ Google announced that they will no ...

  • 3 June

    Happy 5th Birthday Bing

    Today marks Bing’s 5th birthday – and boy how far they have come. So without any further hesitation I wanted to wish a huge Happy Birthday to the entire team behind Bing. Bing did a great job at outlining their own set of changes here on their blog release; however I wanted to showcase some of the other timeline moments you might ...

April, 2014

February, 2014

  • 27 February

    Matt Cutts Discusses Content Clarity, Almost Mentions Grammar

    A couple of days ago I had written a post titled Grammar Matters, Atleast to Bing; a post discussing Duane Forrester's own post on the Bing Webmaster Blog that having poorly written content ...

  • 25 February

    Grammar Matters, Atleast to Bing

    I don’t want it to sound like I am picking on Bing with the post title of Grammar Matters, Atleast to Bing – fact is it should matter to all of us webmasters. After-all our jobs is to create and display online content in the best way possible for our visitors and grammar should play a large role in that. Regardless ...

October, 2013

  • 23 October

    Bing Collaborates with Klout Creating Personal Snapshots

    In an attempt to further help people manage their online presence, Bing has teamed up with Klout to allow for the creation of Bing Personal Snapshots. These act as an expansion to the People Snapshots that Bing had introduced this past March. Personal Snapshots are Klout verified, and pull in data from a person’s LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile, Facebook and ...

September, 2013

  • 20 September

    Bing Gets A Redesign

    I did say I will be mentioning Bing a-lot more often right? Right on time, and following close in the footsteps of the new Yahoo redesign Bing has went and ahead and launched a redesign of their own. The redesign brings about a brand new logo, dropping the curly blue Bing logo for a modern design that closely matches the ...

  • 9 September

    Bing Adds Deep Links to Search Box & Starts Redesigning

    Bing Deep Links Search Box

    I know it seems like I favor Google over Bing since I mention Google updates so much more on here; and to say the truth it’s possible that Bing get’s slightly overlooked with all the new things that Google frequently comes up with. With the start of this post, I hope to change that. There have been a few very ...

July, 2013

  • 27 July

    Bing Expands Categories Featured in Autosuggest

    Lately it seems all of the search engine related news has been revolving around Google. The new webmaster tools navigation, the display of favicons within text ads, etc. Even Yahoo jumped into the news with their new search engine ads testing; so it’s nice to finally hear something from the team over at Microsoft’s Bing search engine. Bing has announced ...

  • 5 July

    Usage Rights Now Available in Bing Image Search

    Bing Usage Rights on Images

    Looking for a cool image to add to your blog? Need that perfect picture for your new business presentation? It sounds simple enough, but in many cases you could be breaking the law, as many images on the internet are simply not free to use and their usage rights must be checked. Bing now wants to help you with that. The ...

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