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October, 2015

  • 1 October

    Skype Calls Will Seamlessly Work Inside Microsoft’s Edge Browser

    Skype is focused on making their users experience on Skype as simple and streamlined as possible – and as such they have announced an upcoming ability to utilize Skype calls within Microsoft’s new Edge browser without the need for any plugins. Starting later this year, Skype users will be able to make voice and video calls without needing to install ...

  • 1 October

    Instagram Is Up To 400 Million Active Monthly Users

    Just recently I uploaded a video specifically talking about the many benefits to Instagram and why business owners should be out there creating pages for their businesses and staying active on the Instagram community. In that video a few numbers got thrown around, such as “68% of Instagram users interact with brands while on Instagram“. Well earlier this week Instagram released ...

September, 2015

  • 29 September

    GoDaddy Small Business Survey Shows Majority Of Small Businesses Do Not Have A Website Yet

    GoDaddy commissioned a Small Business Survey recently intended to show how small businesses are using the Internet – and considering how much I focus on small businesses actually using the Internet I was extremely excited to look at the results. 4,000 small businesses, with less than 5 employees, across Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, Turkey, UK and the United States ...

  • 29 September

    360 Degree Video Comes to Facebook

    360 degree videos are definitely kicking off. Virtual tours on Google Maps, 360-Degree videos on YouTube, and now, 360-Degree videos are available on Facebook! As of Wednesday, September 23, users on PCs and smartphones can view 360-degree videos. Check out the following Star Wars clip, one which lets you look around the desolate, war-torn wasteland of a far-off planet, a Saturday Night ...

  • 28 September

    Farewell X3 – You’ve Served Us Well

    The X3 interface for cPanel has been with us webmasters for what feels like forever – and if you’re hosting provider has been using cPanel than you’re one of those webmasters too. Alas today the plans for its official deprecation have been laid out – and the interface that we have become exceptionally used to is slowly being retired. I ...

  • 27 September

    Facebook Notes Finally Gets An Overhaul

    Facebook notes originally came out back in 2006 – and I’m pretty sure it never really got an update since then. As such notes never really stood out and never gained any traction – however Facebook has always wanted to have some form of blogging network to call their own. Facebook has always been a place to share your thoughts ...

  • 27 September

    Staten Island Woman Gets Fined $1000 For Her Yelp Review – Does She Deserve It?

    Ever had a really bad experience somewhere and wrote an angry review on Yelp when you got home? It’s ok. Admit it. Most of us probably did. And you know what – that’s ok. It’s actually a good thing. If you had a bad experience – statistics say that so did a handful of other people – and you’re pointing ...

  • 25 September

    We’ve Run Out Of IPv4 Addresses in America

    Yesterday the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) issued it’s last free IPv4 address – exhausting the pool of available IPv4 IP addresses. So what does this mean for the average internet user? Apart from the fact that IPv4 addresses are going to be ridiculously hard to come by now – the exhaustion of their pool puts into effect a few ...

  • 24 September

    Kick Your Marketing Up A Notch With 360 Degree Video Ads

    What do you usually do when you see a YouTube ad? Do you wait for the “skip ad” button to pop up so you can get to your desired video as fast as possible? Frankly I don’t blame you. Alot of ads these days have gotten rather predictable and extremely boring. Well what if the ad you were watching required ...

  • 24 September

    Introducing Brotli – Google’s New Compression Algorithm

    Speed was always important to Google. Heck it’s important to mostly everyone who uses the Internet. Everyone wants their favorite website to load quickly – and compression plays a big role in this. We minify our CSS/JS files; we use GZIP compression, and we try to compress all of our image files to help ensure that our websites load as ...

  • 22 September

    Need Some Help With Your Internet Addiction?

    Let’s all admit something right now – we probably spend way too much time on social networking websites while we should be doing something more productive – like working. Unfortunately having self control sucks. Luckily the Internet doesn’t suck and as such there’s an awesome tool called KeepMeOut that helps you control your own Internet addiction. The way KeepMeOut works ...

  • 21 September

    Google Sues SEO Firm for False Impersonation

    Ever gotten a phone call from “Google” trying to help you rank your business website better? I’ve had three so far in the last two months alone – and you know what? It’s never actually Google. Usually the broken English gives it away, but if that doesn’t than consider this: do you really think Google has people out there trying ...

  • 20 September

    Google Confirms: Repeatedly Pissing Off Google Has It’s Consequences

    If you didn’t already know this, Google doesn’t like to be disobeyed. Their webmaster guidelines are there as a rule book and while they do let you un-punish yourself by submitted reconsideration requests, they do not take violation of their guidelines lightly. A blog post by the Google Search Quality Team this past Friday finally confirmed that webmasters who repeatedly violate ...

  • 18 September

    Do You Vivaldi?

    No, not the italian baroque composer from Venice, Italy; the new browser launched by Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner – one of the original developers behind Opera. See back in March 2014 the decision was made to shut down My Opera – the community that many would say helped build and establish Opera as the browser it is today. Jon had been gone ...

  • 9 September

    Search For Sound Files On The Interwebs

    As it sits right now you can’t use Google or Bing to search specifically for a sound – so what do you do if you absolutely need to find a cute kitty meow to include in your next YouTube video of cute cat videos? You can try Google and Bing but this might turn into quiet a lengthy process and ...

  • 2 September

    Infographic: 42% Of Us Check Our Emails In The Bathroom

    Since the concept of emails has been around for such a long time it’s common to think that it may be a dying piece of technology – especially with today’s smart watches, push notifications & all the various messengers available out there. Boy would you be wrong. Email is far from dead. In-fact a recent study from Adobe has shown ...

  • 1 September

    Did The Google Homepage Look A Bit Different To You Today?

      Did the Google homepage look strange to you this morning – but you couldn’t place what was different? Sure there was a new animation for the logo – but we’ve all come to expect the Google Doodles. And yet something just felt different? That’s because Google has, quietly, made their search box larger. Take a look at the below screenshots. ...

  • 1 September

    Google Chrome No Longer Displays Flash Ads

    Starting right meow, Google Chrome will no longer happily support Flash based AdWords advertisements – and as such will no longer show them. Like at all. To help designers along Google made a post on Google+ yesterday showcasing some methods to migrate their Flash based ads over to HTML5. If you’re big on using Flash for your PPC campaigns – ...

August, 2015

  • 31 August

    Add As Many Dots As You Want To Your Gmail Email Address

    Encrypting or hiding your email address when posting it online has always been a highly recommended way to protect your email address from excess spam – and a little known trick lets you make use of that feature with your Google gMail account. See gMail doesn’t actually recognize periods – and as such you can add as many periods as you ...

  • 31 August

    Facebook Is Working On M – Their Own Personal Digital Assistant

    Personal digital assistants clearly work and people use them more and more. Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana, and Google has Google Now. Well Facebook didn’t want to be left out – so they’ve announced their own digital assistant: M. M will reside within Facebook Messenger – and should offer you the same functionality that the previously-mentioned digital assistants currently do. ...

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