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February, 2019

  • 28 February

    Installing Gnome Software Center on a Chromebook

    Linux is pretty much all the rage these days when it comes to Chromebooks – and for good reason. Support for Linux applications has introduced thousands of brand new apps to the Chromebook environment. However not everyone is totally comfortable utilizing terminal prompts to install these apps. Luckily – the Gnome Software Center exists – which introduces a graphical interface ...

June, 2018

  • 30 June

    How To Check Which Linux Shell You’re Using

    The majority of Linux based hosting servers generally use the BASH shell, or Bourne Again Shell. As such this is what we base most of our Linux server tutorials on. However other Linux shell’s exist, and it’s a good idea to make sure you know what Linux shell you’re using when you first login to a server. Luckily – getting ...

  • 30 June

    The BASH Shell: Copy, Move & Delete Files on Linux Servers

    Any webmaster will inevitably find themself staring at a terminal screen, tasked with a job of performing some management/maintenance work on a Linux based server. Most of the time you’ll find yourself doing basic tasks – like moving files, removing unnecessary directories, and renaming other ones. All of these things can be accomplished using a few simple commands – which ...

February, 2018

  • 27 February

    How To Setup Linux on Amazon EC2 with Apache, PHP & MySQL

    AWS is quickly turning into an extremely common solution – offering significantly more features than most VPS hosting providers, while also keeping the costs down. As such plenty of people aare turning to AWS for their online projects, starting from basic WordPress blogs – through to complex online applications. Through this tutorial we are going to cover how to use ...

March, 2015

  • 6 March

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.1 Released

    Red Hat is probably one of the most well known and successful Linux-focused companies, and for good reason; their enterprise-class distro, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), is rock solid, and more importantly, its support is truly legendary. In-fact the original server that I used for the free hosting services I offered back during the times of Next Designs ran Red ...

January, 2014

  • 30 January

    Linux Server Tutorials

    As a webmaster chances are you will wind up managing a Linux box or two in your time – and when you do you’ll be happy you learned these tricks. How To Copy, Move, and Delete Files on Linux Servers A straightforward tutorial that should get you through most of the basic webmaster work you’ll have to do. Pipelines Discover ...

April, 2012

  • 3 April

    Server Security: Processes and How to Terminate Them

    Since Linux is a multi-tasking system, in which many different programs or program threads may be running simultaneously, Linux keeps track of all individual tasks and processes – much like the Task Manager within Windows. Although these processes are usually well-behaved and well-managed by Linux itself – it’s always helpful to be able to know how to view all the ...

March, 2012

  • 26 March

    Server Security: Turn Off rwhod

    The rwhod daemon is a process that allows a remote user to see who is logged into your system. The client program is rwho. It has many of the same security problems as the finger daemon. For a crack,er use of rwho could allow him to watch for times on your system when nobody is logged in and begin his ...

  • 26 March

    The BASH Shell: Pipelines

    Pipelines are a great way to string together a series of commands. This means that the output from the first command in the pipeline is used as the input for the second command in the pipeline. The output from the second command in the pipeline is used as the input to the third command in the pipeline, and so on, ...

  • 26 March

    The BASH Shell: Command History & Aliases

    Command History Bash keeps track of a certain number of previous commands that you have entered into the shell. The number of commands is given by a shell variable called HISTSIZE (which we will discuss later on). Bash stores the text of your previous commands in a history list. When you logon to to your account, the history list is ...

  • 20 March

    The BASH Shell: Wildcards & Command Line Completion

    The GNU Bourne-Again SHell (BASH), as the name implies, is an extension of the Bourne shell. It provides a Command Line Interface (CLI) for working on *nix systems and is the most common shell used on Linux systems. Chances are that if you’re managing your own virtual or dedicated server – you’ll end up using the bash shell fairly often. ...

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