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July, 2011

  • 8 July

    Free Mortgage Calculators for Websites

    Every now and then a real estate business asks to have an on-site calculator developed for their website – usually because they saw it on another site and thought it to be a good idea. I can’t argue here – it lets you provide a resource center your clients can bookmark and come back to again and again during their ...

  • 7 July

    Use AHREFS.com To Discover All Your Backlinks

    Backlinks (incoming links to a website or page) show the real situation: who is paying attention to the page you are interested in. The quantity and quality of backlinks are significant indicators of site popularity. AHREFS.com shows all the backlinks that exist for your website, without any exceptions, so you can see just where links to your website exist. AHREFS provides several ...

June, 2011

  • 29 June

    Google Launches Free Mobile Site Builder

    Google has just launched an extension to their Google Sites service called Mobile Templates – a free mobile website building tool featuring pre-built templates for restaurants, local businesses, lead generation, eCommerce and one called “Social,” which lets your customers engage with your business on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social services. Ofcourse there is a “custom” option allowing you to really get ...

  • 29 June

    13 Free Domain Name Services

    Yes I know what it sounds like – another scam about getting free domain names right? Wrong – see there are actually several companies out there who literally give out domain names – granted these are not .com’s – but they are better than http://angelfire.com/users/~johnswebsite. This post aims to outline the various services out there for free domain names and ...

  • 29 June

    Free Sitemap Generator

    Sitemaps can be time consuming to create from scratch as you may know. Luckily, there are many tools online to help you with this task! One great tool from xml-sitemaps.com is Free Online Sitemap Generator. This online tool will help you create an XML sitemap that you can submit to search engines, text sitemaps, ROR sitemaps and html sitemaps as well. Why do you need ...

  • 14 June

    Bravenet Redesign

    Spring cleaning is the period in spring time set aside for cleaning a house, normally applied in climates with a cold winter. The most common usage of spring cleaning refers to the yearly act of cleaning a house from top to bottom which would take place in the first warm days of the year typically in spring, hence the name. ...

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