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August, 2018

  • 4 August

    Looking to Fortify Your WordPress Website’s Security? Try MalCare Security Plugin!

    30% of sites on the internet are being powered by WordPress today – making it the most popular website-building tool. With its vast popularity, it is not surprising that WordPress is an alluring target for hackers. A hacked website can be misused to steal user data, and financial information and even spread misinformation along with a host of other malicious ...

May, 2017

  • 2 May

    A MailChimp Review After 36 Months of Daily Use

    Email marketing is a huge part of most marketing campaigns that I overlook – and as such I tend to find myself working in MailChimp every single day. In-fact it’s safe to say that I have logged into a MailChimp account 5 days a week – for the last 36 months. During this time MailChimp has become my favorite newsletter ...

September, 2014

  • 3 September

    A Year With Rackspace

    Rackspace was founded in 1998 and since then they have skyrocketed in growth – currently offering an impressive portfolio of dedicated and cloud hosting solutions. By 2008 Rackspace became a publicly traded company (RAX:NYSE) and currently guarantees a 100% network uptime along with an impressive lineup of awards and certifications. Now all of this sounds pretty impressive – however what ...

January, 2013

  • 7 January

    Hawk Host Review

    Well it’s time for another review again, this time for Hawk Host shared hosting. I have been giving their standard hosting plan a try for about 7 months – which offers 6GB of diskspace, and 90GB of storage – far plenty resources to run a WordPress website, or a CMS based website. There is no limit set on any other resources ...

August, 2012

  • 3 August

    Service Reviews Updated

    All service reviews have been updated to include ratings – just in case you didn’t want to read through the whole entire review and wanted just a quick summary. The ratings are broken down into 5 main categories: Features, Credibility, Security, Ease of Use, and Support; and then given an Overall score – which is an average of the aforementioned ...

February, 2012

  • 27 February

    SpeedySparrow Hosting Review

    I have been with SpeedySparrow for about 6-7 months now and figured it was about time to write up a service review about them.  I first discovered SpeedySparrow through Sean’s and Eric’s posts over on the WebHostingTalk forums. What really caught my eye was that Sean and Eric would often help out and provide solutions for users of other hosting companies ...

June, 2011

  • 14 June

    Just Host Review

    I have been with Just Host for a little bit over 9 months now and it seemed about time to write up a decent review of their services. My hosting experience originally started on a 2.8ghz Pentium 3 server many many years back with Server Matrix (now simply The Planet). Yes, unlike most people I jumped online and started off with ...

May, 2011

  • 16 May

    GoDaddy Hosting Review

    GoDaddy is a company that we have all probably heard of by now. Whether it be from their numerous TV commercials and internet advertisements – or via word of mouth. Fact is everyone has probably heard of them by now – and I am sure most people thought GoDaddy when they first needed hosting, or a domain name. Weirdly enough I ...

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