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August, 2015

  • 18 August

    Google Confirms User Actions Are NOT A Ranking Factor

    Continuing with the Google confirmations we now have Google’s John Mueller stating that there are no Google algorithms that target user actions on your website. He further said, “I don’t think we even see what people are doing on your web site.” So comments, form submissions, and general user interactions don’t help your websites ranking. So in general, I don’t think ...

  • 12 August

    Google Confirms You Can Use Pipes & Commas In Title Tags

    I always say that I get pretty excited at anything that gets confirmed by Google. Well Google’s Gary Illyes confirmed on Twitter that it makes no difference if you decide to use pipes ( | ) or simple commas within your title tags. @osandacooray doesn't matter @Buddhini5 — Gary Illyes (@methode) August 10, 2015 Personally I have always liked using ...

  • 10 August

    Google Now Displays Only 3 Local Results

    I have some rather unfortunate news to report guys. Google has changed their search layout once more – getting rid of the seven local results they used to show for appropriate queries and displaying only 3 local listings now. I first noticed this around August 6th/7th, and Barry Schwartz over at SearchEngine Roundtable reported on it around August 7th – ...

July, 2015

  • 28 July

    Google Sending Out Warning To Webmasters Blocking CSS/JS Files On Their Websites

    Did you suddenly get an email from Google Search Console Team today stating that Googlebot cannot access CSS and/or JS files on your website? Don’t panic too much – although you should DEFINITELY feel a bit bad. Google has been asking people to stop blocking their CSS and JS resources from Googlebot for quiet a while now; and they’ve tried their ...

  • 28 July

    Google Explains How They Handle New Top Level Domain Names

    While we’re still on the topic of Google letting us know how they handle different aspects that the SEO community is constantly discussing. Now that we know how Google handles dynamically generated tabbed content, let’s see how Google handles all of the new top-level domain names that have came out. In a post on the Google Webmaster Central blog John ...

  • 28 July

    Google Doesn’t Index Dynamically Generated Tabbed Content

    How Google handles dynamic content has always been a huge topic of discussion among the SEO community – and it’s a huge help when Google steps up and gives us official answers. Gary Illyes stepped in to a Stack Overflow discussion to help us understand whether or not Google will see dynamically generated content within hidden tabs – and the answer ...

  • 24 July

    Do I Really Need SSL?

    Ever since Google mentioned the words “ranking signal” and “SSL” together people have been twisting this meaning and falsely believing they need to convert their website to SSL for SEO benefits – and fact of the matter is that this isn’t entirely true. There is ALOT more things you can, and should, be doing which will provide a much larger ...

  • 23 July

    Google Panda 4.2 Begins A Very Slow Roll Out Process

    Back during SMX Advanced an update to Google’s Panda was announced – and since then we’ve been patiently waiting for it to finally roll out. A couple of weeks turned into a couple of months but now Panda 4.2 has finally rolled out. Panda 4.2 will be an extremely slow roll out – taking months to be fully rolled out. ...

  • 13 July

    Google Confirms A Penguin Refresh Is Still Months Away

    While we wait on the Google Panda refresh, which still hasn’t rolled out, Google’s Gary Illyes confirmed on Twitter over the weekend that we will be waiting even longer for a Penguin refresh. @mrjamiedodd No. Penguin refresh is months away — Gary Illyes (@methode) July 11, 2015 The last Penguin update was Penguin 3.0 which started rolling out back in ...

  • 1 July

    Webmasters: Do You Want The Ability To Compare Sites Within Google’s Search Console?

    Google has launched a survey asking webmasters, online marketers, and SEOs to offer their feedback on a side-by-side comparison feature within the Google Search Console. The survey isn’t overly complicated and digs into how you would utilize this comparison feature, your role, and an option field where you can list the various websites that you manage and would utilize this ...

June, 2015

  • 26 June

    Google’s Panda Refresh Is Still Coming & Still In A Couple Weeks

    Back in the beginning of this month I had written about an upcoming refresh to the Google Panda algorithm – as announced by Gary Illyes during SMX Advanced. Originally he expected the refresh to start rolling out within two to four weeks of that post – however here we are at the end of June with no refresh still. Well ...

  • 26 June

    Google Incorporates Pinterest, Vines, and Food Network into News Carousel

    Earlier on this year Google incorporated carousel search results for mobile users browsing for specific news events and topics. Originally the carousel worked solely off of rich snippets from a websites articles – showcasing various articles related to your search term. Well yesterday Google announced, with no real fan-fare, that the carousel will now also feature Pinterest pins, Vines, Houzz ...

  • 15 June

    Bing Search Goes HTTPS

    Bing has announced today the decision to encrypt users searches by default over the course of this summer. Essentially for users that means that you get a more secure browsing experience, and your BING url will essentially be https://www.bing.com. For webmasters this means that traffic will start originating from https://www.bing.com. Bing however promises to pass along a referrer string so ...

  • 4 June

    Is Twitter Now The Easiest Way To Rank #1 on Google?

    So Twitter tweets are now showing in real-time on Google mobile searches – and this got me to thinking. Is this now the easiest way to rank #1 on Google? I mean just think about it – let’s say that you make a post about Windows 10 – and you tweet about this post when Windows 10 is trending. Then ...

  • 3 June

    Google’s Panda Refresh Coming Within A Couple of Weeks

    During the SMX Advanced conference last night Google’s Gary Illyes announced that there will be a Panda data refresh coming within the next few weeks. Expectantly within two to four weeks. Now it’s important to take note that this is not an algorithmic change, however merely a data refresh. Now this means that the data about your website could be refreshed and ...

May, 2015

  • 22 May

    Twitter Tweets Now Appearing In Google Mobile Search Results

    Back in February I announced that Twitter & Google have closed on a deal allowing Twitter tweets to show up, in real-time, in Google search results. Back then however we didn’t know anything else. Where the ads will display, how will they act, etc. Well as of this week U.S. users searching in English on their iOS or Android device ...

  • 20 May

    Google Webmaster Tools Renamed to Google Search Console

    Google announced a name change today to their almost decade old Google Webmaster Tools platform, renaming it to Google Search Console in an attempt to broaden the target audience. Google doesn’t want to limit the audience behind Webmaster Tools/Search Console to solely webmasters – they want small business owners, bloggers, designers, and essentially everyone to make use of the tools ...

  • 15 May

    Bing Launches Their Own Mobilegeddon

    Following in the footsteps of Google who recently implemented their own mobile-friendly algorithm, Bing announced that they too will add mobile friendliness as a ranking signal. If you remember Bing started showcasing mobile friendly badges in their search results a little while back – and according to yesterday’s post that was the start. Now Bing makes it very clear that ...

  • 15 May

    Stop Wasting Your Time Setting Priority & Change Frequency Inside Your Sitemaps

    Webmasters have always wondered the true importance of the priority and change frequency settings when generating XML sitemaps for their website – however we never really had any definite answer.   Various members of the SEO community & various webmasters have made their assumptions – however none of the big search engines have ever stood up and said anything … until now. ...

  • 11 May

    Google Testing A New Value Alert Tag in Google Shopping Search Results

    Google has been testing a new “Value Alert” tag to Google Shopping search engine results. The alert shows below the store name on the Google Shopping results page similar to the Special Offer tag or a star rating and seems to showcase items that are on sale. This was first spotted by Elizabeth Marsten at CommerceHub on Thursday; and since then SearchEngineLand, myself, ...

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