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May, 2015

  • 8 May

    Order Your Food from Your Google Search

    Google has decided that ordering food is way too complicated these days – and as such figured they would follow along in the footsteps of Bing and let you order food directly from your search results. Well so long as your in the U.S. and the restaurant you want works with either Seamless, Grubhub, Eat24, Delivery.com, BeyondMenu or MyPizza.com. So ...

  • 7 May

    Applebot Is Live & Crawling Around

    Apple posted a help document on May 5th this week confirming the existence of Applebot – Apple’s own web crawler. According to the help article Applebot is used by various Apple products such as Siri and Spotlight Suggestions; and it follows all robots.txt and robots meta tags rules. Considering that a TON of people search the web on a daily ...

  • 6 May

    Google Makes Search Analytics Report Available to All Webmasters

    Just a week ago I wrote on here about the new Search Analytics report that Google let me try out – showcasing an overview of website clicks, impressions, and position metrics. Well as of this morning you can try out the Search Analytics report yourself since Google officially rolled out that report to all webmasters. Go ahead and check it ...

  • 6 May

    Take Advantage Of These Resources from Google During Small Business Week

    First off I have to apologize as this post is a couple days late. Small Business Week technically started on Monday, May 4th – which is also when the attached video was uploaded – however I got caught up with the small businesses I work with and didn’t get a chance to make this post. Anyway – Happy Small Business ...

  • 2 May

    Scored Poorly in Google’s Mobile Test? Should You Be Worried?

    Google rolled out the newest search engine algorithm change this week and we’ve been bombarded with sky-is-falling cries that only mobile-targeted responsive sites will survive and the rest of the web will be lost to the tenth page of search results. Google reps even claimed that PPC advertising costs would rise for non mobile-friendly sites. Don’t worry, the algorithm has been unleashed ...

  • 1 May

    Google Mobile Algorithm Now Fully Rolled Out

    Google’s mobile friendly algorithm officially began it’s roll out on April 22nd, and according to Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) that algorithm is now fully rolled out. @methode is the Google Mobile algorithm fully rolled out? Not everyone is seeing the impact yet… — Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) May 1, 2015 However this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be seeing much change yet. See, ...

April, 2015

  • 30 April

    Google Will Start Showing Real Time Tweets In May

    Way back in February we learned that Google & Twitter struck a deal to start showing tweets in real-time within Google search results – however we had no real idea as to when this would start rolling out. Well during the earnings conference call for Q1 2015 Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo finally revealed a more concrete timeline. Additionally as it relates ...

  • 29 April

    Let Google Recommend Related Posts For Your Readers

    When it comes to showing related posts on your blog there are plenty of services out there that currently do the job – however Google thinks there’s room for one more. As such Google announced on their Inside Adsense blog Matched Content – Google’s own content recommendation tool developed specifically for Adsense publishers. Matched content generates contextually relevant and personalized article ...

  • 28 April

    Playing With Google’s New Search Analytics Report Inside Webmaster Tools

    Earlier this week Zineb Ait Bahajji of Google announced the launch of a new report titled Search Analytics which has been made available to a random sample of users. Luckily I was within that random sample, so I’ve been playing around with the new report these past couple of days. So, what is it exactly? The Search Analytics report gives a ...

  • 22 April

    France Wants Google To Reveal Their Search Algorithm

    According to a recent article by french news website, Le Figaro, the House of Parliament has voted in favor of an amendment to a bill which states that search engines should not only show three more rival companies on their homepage, but also reveal their search algorithms to their users in order to ensure the fairness of the searches. This was ...

  • 13 April

    Can We Stop Hating On Google Please?

    The webmaster community has quiet the love/hate relationship going on with Google. Unfortunately I think alot of the blame we throw on Google is quiet undeserved. I can understand, to a point, why so many webmasters can get upset with Google – however I also can see how many of the times everyone is putting the blame on Google they ...

  • 13 April

    Bing Starts Showing Mobile Friendly Badge On Mobile Search Results

    It seems Bing has decided to follow along with Google and introduce mobile-friendly badges on mobile search results to help users identify whether or not the link they’re about to click is optimized for their device. The news was first spotted by nomis5 in the WebmasterWorld forums – and since then numerous people have reported seeing the same badging, including myself: Bing themselves ...

  • 13 April

    Google Going After Angieslist?

    According to BuzzFeed  Google is working on a new product which will help connect Google users to local home-service professionals such as electricians, roofers and plumbers. I suppose Google has recognized that as it sits right now easily targeting your local market and designing the perfect Adwords advertisement to provide your contact info and the perfect description isn’t exactly the ...

March, 2015

  • 26 March

    Google Pushes Local Results Below The Fold

    In a rather surprising move Google seems to have pushed down the placement of local results in local intent search queries below the fold – causing you to have to scroll through a series of ads before you can view the local listings or local map. Normally you would have the map appear on the top right side and it would stay ...

  • 25 March

    Bing May Show Only 1 Page Of Results For Long Tail Searches

    Bing has always aimed at showing the most relevant search results to their users, and in a rather bold move Bing has decided that if it’s confident enough in the first page of search results there’s really no need to show anymore pages. So if you go run a search right now for “specifications for black iphone 6 64gb” you’ll get ...

  • 17 March

    Google Cracking Down on Doorway Pages

    Google has announced an update to their algorithm & quality guidelines – specifically cracking down on doorway pages. For those of you wondering – a doorway page is a page designed specifically to rank for certain search queries. The search user lands on one of these pages and then either clicks through or gets rather sneakingly redirected to a different ...

  • 16 March

    Webmasters: Google Wants To Help You Unblock Resources

    Google has been mentioning over and over the importance of not blocking resources and various content from Google crawlers in order to get the best SEO ranking. See Googlebot now has the ability to render your webpage in much the same way a modern browser would – and as such it uses your CSS structure, reads your JS scripts, and uses ...

  • 4 March

    Web Designers: No-Follow Your Footer Credit Links

    These days most website’s out there have a little link at the very bottom with a credit to the agency or designer who created the website. It’s a practice that has been around forever among website designers – and it’s something that has been quiet the topic of debate among the SEO community. The question finally reached Google’s very own ...

  • 2 March

    Google To Make Mobile Friendliness A Ranking Signal

    Having a mobile friendly website has always been a good idea. You want your mobile visitors to be able to comfortably view your website and browse through your data. That said Google also wants to make sure you don’t forget about your mobile viewers – so as of April 21st Google plans to make mobile-friendliness a ranking signal – much ...

February, 2015

  • 26 February

    Order Your Food from Bing

    Bing has launched yet another new feature to their search results – this time making ordering your lunch online that much easier. Simply run a search for your favorite restaurant and if they support online ordering Bing will link directly to their order page.

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