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May, 2015

  • 22 May

    Twitter Tweets Now Appearing In Google Mobile Search Results


    Back in February I announced that Twitter & Google have closed on a deal allowing Twitter tweets to show up, in real-time, in Google search results. Back then however we didn’t know anything else. Where the ads will display, how will they act, etc. Well as of this week U.S. users searching in English on their iOS or Android device ...

  • 19 May

    Twitter Has Quite The Decision To Make – Do They Do A Porn Purge Or Not?


    Advertisers have caused quiet the stir regarding all the adult material on the Twitter network and the worry about their marketing content appearing next to or near porn-related posts. In-fact many companies have stopped their Twitter advertising campaigns due to this, such as global TV & data company Nielsen. What’s the solution? One solution proposed by analyst Robert Peck is to ...

  • 16 May

    Twitter Won’t Show Me The New Search Screen on iOS


    So first off this isn’t really news, so if you wanted news – read something else. That being said this is kind of interesting – and I doubt I’m the only person out there experiencing this. So back in April of this year Twitter announced an update to trends on mobile platforms. Trending topics are now located on the search ...

  • 14 May

    Facebook Offers It’s Own Search Engine to Find Links to Share


    Sharing links on Facebook for mobile users was always rather annoying. You had to either copy paste the link from your browser; or utilize the Copy Link function when you’re browsing something within the Facebook browser window. Then you write a new post; paste the link in, and finally share it. Facebook is looking to change all of that as ...

  • 4 May

    Facebook Working On Letting Publishers Post Entire Articles


    Facebook’s recent focus on balancing their newsfeed algorithm suddenly makes sense as the Wall Street Journal breaks the news regarding Instant Articles – making news publishers content available in its entirety right on Facebook. Instant Articles could potentially launch as early as this month, and according to the Wall Street Journal report, Facebook has offered to change its customary revenue-sharing ...

April, 2015

  • 30 April

    Search Twitter Hashtags Using Apple Spotlight Search


    Twitter is pretty focused on expanding their reach and bringing the power of real-time news to as broad of an audience as possible, as evident by their latest deal with Google to showcase real-time tweets in search results. During this weeks Twitter Q1 2015 earnings conference Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed news of yet another new partner: Apple. And finally, we ...

  • 30 April

    Google Will Start Showing Real Time Tweets In May


    Way back in February we learned that Google & Twitter struck a deal to start showing tweets in real-time within Google search results – however we had no real idea as to when this would start rolling out. Well during the earnings conference call for Q1 2015 Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo finally revealed a more concrete timeline. Additionally as it relates ...

  • 29 April

    Facebook Announces Tour Dates for Boost Your Business 2015


    Back in the summer of 2014 Facebook hosted 5 boot camp sessions for small business owners – and since then the count of Facebook small business pages is up to 40 million from last years 10 million. Facebook isn’t satisfied though so starting in June Facebook will kick-off another multi-city Boost Your Business tour. These half-day sessions will focus on ...

  • 24 April

    Facebook Updates Their Newsfeed Algorithm


    Earlier this week on April 21st, 2015 Facebook announced a new Newsfeed algorithm that is rolling out right now. The new algorithm brings out 3 main changes which effect business owners (aka page owners) and personal users. To make life easier for everyone I threw together a quick 4-minute video (see above) discussing just how the new algorithm will effect everyone. ...

  • 22 April Gets A Redesign


    In the past Twitter was basically pointless if you weren’t a member. There wasn’t really much you could see from the homepage and as such you were missing out on all of the real-time news that Twitter has become known for. This all changed this weekend as Twitter announced a redesign of the homepage which now showcases interesting topics ...

  • 7 April

    Twitter Rolls Out New Quote Tweet Functionality


    Twitter has just began the roll out of their new Quote Tweet functionality – available currently for iPhone and Web users only. The new update allows you to say more within each quoted tweet you send out. Twitter users now have the ability add 116 characters worth of their thoughts on top of the 140-character limit of the quoted tweet. Say more ...

  • 2 April

    Twitter Introduces Curator Tool to Help Find & Display Content


    When it comes to using Twitter for business or marketing purposes – sharing just the right content at just the right moment is absolutely key. A hot Twitter topic can gain tremendous popularity within mere minutes and be forgotten about an hour later. Keeping up with all of that content at such a fast pace used to be quiet the ...

  • 2 April

    Facebook Is Tracking Everyone


    Facebook has been at the center of many privacy debates over the years – and it seems now they’re the focus of yet another. According to a report conducted by the Belgian Privacy Commission Facebook installs digital tracking cookies whenever a user visits any page on the domain – such as fan pages, public photos and videos, and public user ...

March, 2015

  • 20 March

    Save Some Time, Connect Your Facebook & Twitter Pages!


    This is post #5 of 16 in the series “Tips & Tricks for Creating & Managing a Businesses Online Presence” This series features a collection of articles and guides geared towards helping business owners establish and maintain an online presence for their business. This includes various topics starting with how to create Facebook & Instagram pages to more complex concepts ...

  • 18 March

    Use Facebook To Send Money To Your Friends


    It seems Facebook is tapping into the electronic payments market by introducing the ability to send money to anyone on your Facebook friends list via the Facebook Messenger app. Once you have your debit card added to your Facebook account you literally just start a chat, click a button and send/receive money. There’s another awesome thing about this. There’s absolutely no ...

  • 6 March

    The Google Plus Rumors Are True!


    The last week has been littered with rumors about the future of Google+ – and to be honest people always questioned the future of Google’s social network. It was designed to take on Facebook however it never really took off; so will it join the likes of Google’s other social network flops like Orkut, Wave & Buzz? Bradley Horowitz,VP of Photos ...

  • 6 March

    Facebook Page Owners Your Like Count Is Going to Change


    Facebook announced last night an upcoming change to Facebook Page’s like counts as they work on removing memorialized and voluntarily deactivated accounts. Over the next few weeks don’t be alarmed if you see a decrease in the number of Page likes you have – since any of the likes that have been removed were already inactive members who weren’t interacting ...

February, 2015

  • 26 February

    Facebook Launches Dedicated App For Advertisers


    Facebook always let you manage ads in some way via their existing applications – however with two million active advertisers now Facebook has decided to go ahead and launch a brand new app dedicated to advertisers which should make it easier to manage ads on the go. Using the app, marketers can: Track ad performance Edit existing ads Edit ad budgets ...

  • 19 February

    Find The Best iPhone Apps on Pinterest!


    Getting an App noticed is pretty difficult if you’re just relying on the App Store. Luckily Pinterest has not introduced app pins – so that when your browsing on your iPhone or iPad you’ll be able to download the app without ever leaving the Pinterest app.

  • 17 February

    Facebook Launches Product Advertising


    Facebook today announced the launch of product advertisements allowing advertisers to showcase specific products and/or their entire product catalog. Marketers can upload their product catalog and create campaigns targeting certain products to specific audiences, or let Facebook automatically deliver the most relevant products to people. Products can be shown in single- or multi-product ad units. Facebook product advertisements allow the use ...

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