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October, 2014

  • 24 October

    Google Rolls Out A Quick-Post Button In It’s Navbar


    While doing my daily rounds of email checking I had noticed a new icon in the top of my Google navigation bar. The new icon, a square with a plus in it, can be clicked to open a pop-up that will allow you to quickly post or share something onto Google+.   You have the same full capability as you ...

  • 23 October

    There’s A New Share Button Around Called Yammer


    There’s a new share button in town and this time around it’s from a social network you’ve probably never actually used. Chances are unless you’re working in a truly enterprise environment in a company with thousands of employees – you’re probably not using Yammer – Microsoft’s Enterprise Social Network. However various organizations are using Yammer – and as such Microsoft ...

  • 17 October

    Twitter Introduces Audio Cards To The Twitter Stream


    Late last night Twitter announced Audio Cards – a new addition to your Twitter stream which allows you to listen to music and podcasts directly from your stream on iOS and Android devices. Furthermore when you so happen to find something that you like you can dock it and continue browsing Twitter while it plays in the background. Apart from ...

  • 16 October

    Alas Twitpic Is Shutting Down; Go Download Your Data!


    It’s been a rather confusing time for those of you following the Twitpic heartline awaiting news of its new acquisition or closure. Unfortunately it turn out the acquisition didn’t happen – and as such Twitpic is in-fact closing. And it’s closing fast. In-fact the final day for Twitpic is October 25th, 2014 – 9 days away. Company founder Noah Everett ...

September, 2014

  • 9 September

    Facebook Adds A Counter To Facebook Videos


    I’ve always said it. People like counters. The ability to see how many times somebody has viewed their website, photo, or video has always been interesting to everyone. That was the concept that fueled the creation of the free counter service here, and some part of what caused Facebook to introduce counters to shared videos. A significantly larger part was the ...

  • 2 September

    Twitter Analytics is Here for Everyone!


    Its been a quiet weekend here at the Rapid Purple blog as we all celebrated Labor Day – however with that said these past few days have also been extremely busy in the tech world. For starters Twitter announced the launch of Twitter analytics for all Twitter users. Something that was previously reserved for advertisers or verified accounts only. Access to ...

February, 2014

  • 18 February

    Social Signals Checker Tool Launched


    Social signals as we know them have been all the rage in the SEO sphere in the past couple of years. In fact ever since Danny Sullivan first wrote a thought-provoking article on social signals and their impact on SEO way back in December of 2010 social signals have been at the tip of every webmasters tongue. Since then, social ...

November, 2013

  • 6 November

    Digg Goes Viral With Videos


    Digg once was one of the top ranked sites when it came to finding the latest and greatest stories and news. Over the past few years things have been a bit quiet at Digg, however the company has recently started working hard on resurrecting themselves – starting with the launch of the Digg Reader, an RSS reader aimed at replacing ...

August, 2013

  • 26 August

    Free Stock Photos for Facebook Advertisers


    Facebook is always hard at work at making sure their advertisers are making the best use of their platform – and their recent announcement let us know about some great new features that small business owners are sure to fall in love with. I have long been a fan of Facebook advertising. In-fact I had written about the benefits of ...

July, 2013

  • 18 July

    Use a Tell-A-Friend Script to Drive Traffic To Your Site


    More and more webmasters have the recurring dilemma on how to increase the flow of traffic in the websites. During the past few years many methods have been developed to solve this predicament. Over the years marketing has meant so many different things; and there have been so many different ways to do it. One of the methods that has ...

  • 3 July

    HootSuite Extends Their 50% Off Coupon


    HootSuite has just emailed me letting me know that their awesome 50% off HootSuite Pro and Hootsuite University coupon code which was originally set to expire on June 30th, was extended through to August 1st, 2013! If you have not yet taken advantage of this coupon code, now is a great time to do so. You have plenty of time ...

May, 2013

  • 2 May

    New HootSuite Pro Coupon Offers 50% Off


    HootSuite has just emailed me to let me know about their latest coupon code good for an awesome 50% off HootSuite Pro and Hootsuite University for 60-days. Combine that with the free 30-day trial – and you get an unbeatable price on Hootsuite Pro for the first 90 days! Keep in mind that Hootsuite offers you over $60 of value, ...

April, 2013

March, 2013

  • 8 March

    Alternative Social Media Marketing Tactics


    “Social Media Marketing”, a very important, yet very broad phrase. Social Media Marketing (SMM) gets a blog more targeted traffic, in fact if handled properly it generates more traffic than all other tactics combined. However in recent times, some webmasters have overused and abused social network websites. As a result, white-hat webmasters have a hard time driving quality traffic from ...

January, 2013

  • 10 January

    LinkedIn Announces 200 Million Users Worldwide


    The social network for professionals announced yesterday that they recently crossed an important milestone. LinkedIn now counts over 200 million members. LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and soon became a popular network for professionals, where they connect with peers and discuss more than what to wear to a party, or post pictures of lolcats. In the beginning of 2011, LinkedIn announced it has reached 100 million ...