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November, 2015

  • 19 November

    Facebook Makes It Easier For Non-Profits To Raise Funds

    Facebook has just rolled out a brand new tool designed to allow not-for-profits to raise funds for a campaign without pushing users off to their own landing pages or donation forms. The new tool, called Fundraisers, adds a dedicated page where a non-profit can share their campaign mission statement, rally support, and collect donations. People raise money for disaster relief, ...

  • 18 November

    UK2 Group Launches New Website SEO Guru Tool

    UK2 Group, which runs various hosting brands such as Midphase, WestHost, and VPS.net, have recently launched a new SEO tool called the Website SEO Guru. The Website SEO Guru is an automated tool which analyses ones website performance and suggests content tweaks that would make the website more discoverable online. Website SEO Guru is the simple online marketing tool that will help ...

  • 17 November

    Bing Launches Their Own Mobile Friendliness Test Tool

    Bing has launched their very own Mobile Friendliness Test Tool – much like the Google Mobile Friendly Test tool located here. The tools functions in much the same way as the Google counter-part, providing a clean and straight forward report for you to see exactly what you need to change – if anything. Here is a sample report I did for ...

  • 3 November

    Time To Move Your Files – No More Unlimited Storage For Microsoft OneDrive

    Microsoft OneDrive has offered tons of free-space promotions over the past few years – and many of us have taken full advantage of that – racking up 300, 400, 500GB of completely free backup space courtesy of Microsoft. Then Microsoft took it one step further and began offering unlimited storage for Office 365 users. Guess what happened then. A “small ...

October, 2015

  • 21 October

    Pingdom Upgrades Their Starter Plan

    Pingdom has long been a staple in the web hosting community – offering webmasters the ability to track their websites and/or servers downtime, uptime, and performance. A large portion of these you could do for free, however Pingdom does offer some extremely valuable premium plans. In the past you would have to upgrade to the Standard level to get any ...

  • 15 October

    Get Instant SEO & Social Media Stats Via Our New, Free, Online Tool!

    Back in 2012 I started offering free SEO analysis reports here on Rapid Purple in an effort to help small business owners and other webmasters have a way to get some basic SEO details and statistics regarding their website without ever paying a dime for it. When this first launched I would manually run these reports, compile the data, and email ...

  • 14 October

    Bonanza Background Burner Lets You Easily Change Backgrounds On Any Image

    Let’s say you want to create a new product gallery on you’re website – unfortunately all of the images you have of your products have some sort of background on them. You find yourself facing several options. You make do with what you have. You pay a graphic designer to remove the backgrounds from the images. You figure out how ...

  • 14 October

    Adobe & Dropbox Join Forces For Better PDF Management

    Adobe & Dropbox have announced a new partnership this week allowing Dropbox & Adobe Acrobat to integrate together. In turn you get the ability to manage, edit, and share your PDF files anywhere and at anytime. Here’s a breakdown of what the Adobe & Dropbox integration make possible: Highlight, annotate, and edit your PDF documents and all edits will be ...

  • 1 October

    Skype Calls Will Seamlessly Work Inside Microsoft’s Edge Browser

    Skype is focused on making their users experience on Skype as simple and streamlined as possible – and as such they have announced an upcoming ability to utilize Skype calls within Microsoft’s new Edge browser without the need for any plugins. Starting later this year, Skype users will be able to make voice and video calls without needing to install ...

September, 2015

  • 22 September

    Need Some Help With Your Internet Addiction?

    Let’s all admit something right now – we probably spend way too much time on social networking websites while we should be doing something more productive – like working. Unfortunately having self control sucks. Luckily the Internet doesn’t suck and as such there’s an awesome tool called KeepMeOut that helps you control your own Internet addiction. The way KeepMeOut works ...

  • 21 September

    Get Your Bing Link Explorer Results Exported While You Still Can

    Bing has announced the retirement of Link Explorer, a tool originally from Yahoo which let you see your own websites backlinks along with those of your competition. This was a great way to do some competitive link analysis to learn who was linking to websites such as your own. Bing states that the Bing search index had simply grown to ...

  • 19 September

    Edit Any PDF Online In Seconds with the Free FormSwift PDF Editor

    I have quiet a few PDF tools listed inside the Webmaster Resources Directory here at Rapid Purple that are all aimed at offering alternative ways to work with your PDF files without dishing out for a professional license for Adobe Acrobat. However there aren’t alot of options available for a powerful web-based PDF editor. In fact the only web based PDF editor ...

  • 13 September

    Magento & New Relic Partner Up To Improve Performance for eCommerce Websites

    Performance, performance, performance. We as a society are always focused on and rewarding performance – whether it be at the workplace or when you buy a bigger engine option for your new car. When we get online we must have the fastest speeds and when we get to a website we expect it to be quick loading and smooth functioning ...

  • 9 September

    Search For Sound Files On The Interwebs

    As it sits right now you can’t use Google or Bing to search specifically for a sound – so what do you do if you absolutely need to find a cute kitty meow to include in your next YouTube video of cute cat videos? You can try Google and Bing but this might turn into quiet a lengthy process and ...

  • 6 September

    Annoyed With Google Fonts UI? Make Your Life Easier With FontCDN

    As a webmaster you’ll inevitably find yourself having to work with Google Fonts once in a while. As a web designer and/or web developer you’ll find yourself working with Google Fonts several times a day – and unfortunately the Google Fonts interface just wasn’t designed for such extensive use. Really it wasn’t designed very well at all – and at ...

August, 2015

  • 13 August

    Create A Fake Profile In Seconds

    These days almost every place you visit asks you to register and create a profile to get access to something, and these days with online security the way it is – not everyone is comfortable using their own name or email address to create these profiles. This is where fakena.me comes into play. Fakena.me generates a random fake name, street ...

July, 2015

  • 29 July

    What Are The Most Popular eCommerce Platforms of 2015?

    eCommerce has always been a huge industry, and the larger it has become over the years the more tools and resources have been released to try to simplify the entire eCommerce process. eCommerce platforms have come a LONG way, and to date there is dozens of different platforms out there which you can choose from to build your eCommerce website. ...

  • 29 July

    Facebook Is The Most Popular Social Login Option

    Social logins have always been immensely popular – however with so many different networks to choose from have you ever wondered what the most popular ones are? Back in December of 2014 Facebook and Google made up 80% of all social logins, but the Internet changes very quickly – so now that we’re half way through 2015 what do the ...

  • 22 July

    Microsoft Releases PhotoDNA To All Website Owners

    Child pornography and sexual abuse images have always plagued the Internet and Microsoft has been working hard to help fix that. 6 years ago Microsoft started working on PhotoDNA – a cloud-based tool that utilizes a hash reference system to compare attributes of any given image with those of illegal ones. Law enforcement agencies have been using PhotoDNA for quiet ...

  • 3 July

    The W3C Mobile Checker Is Live in Alpha Mode

    The W3C has brought us a slew of awesome webmaster tools which many of us have used forever now. There was the HTML Validator, RSS Validator, CSS Validator, a Broken Link Checker, and now the W3C have added a new tool to their suite: the Mobile Checker.   The W3C Mobile Checker scans your website and checks for the usage ...

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