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May, 2015

  • 6 May

    Take Advantage Of These Resources from Google During Small Business Week

    First off I have to apologize as this post is a couple days late. Small Business Week technically started on Monday, May 4th – which is also when the attached video was uploaded – however I got caught up with the small businesses I work with and didn’t get a chance to make this post. Anyway – Happy Small Business ...

  • 2 May

    Scored Poorly in Google’s Mobile Test? Should You Be Worried?

    Google rolled out the newest search engine algorithm change this week and we’ve been bombarded with sky-is-falling cries that only mobile-targeted responsive sites will survive and the rest of the web will be lost to the tenth page of search results. Google reps even claimed that PPC advertising costs would rise for non mobile-friendly sites. Don’t worry, the algorithm has been unleashed ...

March, 2015

  • 26 March

    Google Pushes Local Results Below The Fold

    In a rather surprising move Google seems to have pushed down the placement of local results in local intent search queries below the fold – causing you to have to scroll through a series of ads before you can view the local listings or local map. Normally you would have the map appear on the top right side and it would stay ...

  • 17 March

    Google Cracking Down on Doorway Pages

    Google has announced an update to their algorithm & quality guidelines – specifically cracking down on doorway pages. For those of you wondering – a doorway page is a page designed specifically to rank for certain search queries. The search user lands on one of these pages and then either clicks through or gets rather sneakingly redirected to a different ...

  • 4 March

    Web Designers: No-Follow Your Footer Credit Links

    These days most website’s out there have a little link at the very bottom with a credit to the agency or designer who created the website. It’s a practice that has been around forever among website designers – and it’s something that has been quiet the topic of debate among the SEO community. The question finally reached Google’s very own ...

January, 2015

  • 14 January

    Facebook Reports Video Content On The Rise

    Facebook recently made a post reflecting on some of the statistics of videos posted and played on Facebook. There’s some great information here for all marketers so I wanted to quickly summarize their post and bring attention to a few key things. Firstly – there are significantly more videos being created and shared now than ever. Facebook states “In just ...

  • 5 January

    Yahoo Directory Redirects to Yahoo Small Business Directory

    Back in the fall of 2014 I had written to let you know about Yahoo’s decision to shut down the classic Yahoo directory. Well December 31st was the last day for the Yahoo Directory as we know it – and today the old URL now redirects to the Yahoo Small Business Directory. Some of the relevant category links from the ...

December, 2014

  • 21 December

    New Call to Action Buttons on Facebook Pages

    Facebook has, quietly, started rolling out a new Call-to-Action feature for Facebook Pages last week. The new feature allows for business owners to place a call-to-action button onto their page which links to any destination, on or off Facebook. Facebook gives you the following options for your buttons: Book Now Contact Us Use App Play Game Shop Now Sign Up Watch ...

November, 2014

  • 20 November

    Google Launches New Features to Improve Online Shopping Campaigns

    With Thanksgiving right around the corner, and Christmas and New Years coming up soon after Google wants to make sure their eCommerce advertisers can make the most of the holiday season through their shopping campaigns. As such they have introduced a slew of new features specifically designed to help users boost their marketing campaigns. First up is a brand new auction ...

  • 14 November

    Google Removes Carousel From Local Listings

    Back in June last year I had first mentioned the introduction of the carousel display for Google local listings which was loved by many business owners allowing alot more businesses to be on the first page for a search result. Sadly Google has officially dropped the black carousel user interface from their local listings. So now if you run a search ...

  • 5 November

    Google PPC Ads Are Getting Cheaper

    Statistica has released quiet an interesting report showing that the average cost of Google pay-per-click ads is steadily decreasing – all while Google’s revenue steadily increases showing a 20% increase in revenue for the 3rd quarter of 2014. So if you’ve been on the fence about making the jump into PPC marketing for your business – now looks like a ...

October, 2014

  • 30 October

    Lysol Buys The Top Ad Spot For Ebola Searches

    As spotted on Tuesday, October 28th, Lysol seems to have spent some serious cash and bought themselves the top ad spot on Google for ebola searches. I’m not seeing the ad appear much as of today already (October 30th) – however this was interesting while it lasted. Google searches for ebola have sky rocketed, understandably – and Lysol is aiming to capitalize ...

  • 29 October

    Stop Blocking Your CSS/JS from Googlebot

    In the past Google has always crawled your site in much the same fashion as the Lynx browser would display it – no CSS, no Javascript – just text and links. Over the years this has caused many webmasters to specifically block the crawling of CSS and JS files by Googlebot in an attempt to make sure that Google picks ...

  • 23 October

    Apple Spotlight Search Data Shared With Bing

    If you’re an avid Apple fan chances are you’ve already heard about the new and improved Spotlight Search within the new Yosemite Apple operating system for Mac. Spotlight Search gives the company access to people’s search queries, but also to the location of their computers by tracking your IP address to a geographic region. You’re only way to avoid that ...

  • 23 October

    There’s A New Share Button Around Called Yammer

    There’s a new share button in town and this time around it’s from a social network you’ve probably never actually used. Chances are unless you’re working in a truly enterprise environment in a company with thousands of employees – you’re probably not using Yammer – Microsoft’s Enterprise Social Network. However various organizations are using Yammer – and as such Microsoft ...

  • 17 October

    Twitter Introduces Audio Cards To The Twitter Stream

    Late last night Twitter announced Audio Cards – a new addition to your Twitter stream which allows you to listen to music and podcasts directly from your stream on iOS and Android devices. Furthermore when you so happen to find something that you like you can dock it and continue browsing Twitter while it plays in the background. Apart from ...

  • 13 October

    Yelp & TripAdvisor Attempts to Rework Google Local Search Results

    There's always been a lot of people arguing against the Google algorithm - however for the first time a group of them got together and created a brand new Google Chrome app called "Focus on the User" ...

September, 2014

  • 30 September

    Introducing Atlas, by Facebook

    Atlas is a relaunched ad network, originally purchased by Facebook from Microsoft last year and released last night, allowing marketers to track Facebook users that have seen, interacted with or acted upon ads on the social network, as well as third party sites and applications. The company claims that the tool will help marketers track effectiveness of their ads around ...

  • 26 September

    Google Begins Slowly Rolling Out New Panda Update

    Google had first released Panda 4.0 back in May of this year, and yesterday Google has announced that the latest version of its Panda Update has began rolling out. Through a post on Google+ Google said that a slow rollout has began this week and will continue through to next week. Depending on location the new Panda update should affect about ...

  • 25 September

    Google Introduces Structured Snippets

    This week, the Google Research team introduced a new addition to Google Web Search called structured snippets, which provide an additional way for Google to pull data from your website and display it among their search results. From the blog post: “Google Web Search has evolved in recent years with a host of features powered by the Knowledge Graph and other data sources ...

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