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June, 2014

  • 13 June

    Bing Supports Up To 125 Trillion URLs In Sitemaps

    Fabrice Canel, the Principal Program Manager of the Bing Index Generation team, posted their Sitemaps best practices guide for large web sites which shows off some pretty awesome numbers. For starters Bing can support up to 125 trillion links through multiple XML sitemap files. If you’re really curious with one sitemap file, Bing allows you to list 50,000 x 50,000 links, which brings you ...

  • 13 June

    Google Launched Yet Another Spam Algorithm Yesterday

    A couple weeks ago we saw the launch of version 2.0 of the Google Spam Algorithm, also known as the PayDay Loan algorithm; and surprisingly yesterday Google launched version 3.0. Matt Cutts previously explained that 2.0 was targeting specifically spammy sites, and so 3.0 moves the target over to spammy queries specifically. Looks like the new algorithm started rolling out ...

  • 4 June

    Google: How Do I Rank Content Without Links

    This week we have another great question in the Google webmaster forums where Ashish from India asks “How does Google determine quality content if there aren’t alot of links to a post?“. Matt Cutts explains that at that point what the search engine has to go by is the actual text that is on the page. So this is where ...

  • 3 June

    $25 Off on June PR from eReleases

    As summer finally graces us with her presence chances are you’re going to up your marketing game a bit and start promoting new specials and events for your business – and eRelease’s new coupon code for the month of June 2014 is here to help out. This month, you can get $25 Off on a Buzz Builder or greater press release distribution plan with coupon ...

May, 2014

  • 28 May

    2 Links, 1 Page

    As I recently mentioned the Google Webmaster forums have been filling up lately with some great SEO related questions; and the Google team has done a good job at stepping in and answering some of these for us. A recent question by a London based webmaster brought up the concept of having two links on one page that both point ...

  • 28 May

    Google Adds New Fetch & Render to Webmaster Tools

    I was pleasantly surprised today as I logged into my Google Webmaster Tools and noticed a new button called Fetch & Render within the Fetch as Google option. Then I noticed the new drop down which allows you to choose what device you want to emulate the fetch & render with. To see what Googlebot sees, select Web. To see what the ...

  • 28 May

    Google Says Forum Links Are Spam

    With all of the changes with Google’s various algorithms there’s been some great questions being posted within the Google Webmaster forums and as of late a discussion has risen around whether or not placing a link to your website within a forum profile/signature of yours would cause any negative SEO effects. For those of us who have been around forums ...

  • 21 May

    Big Week For Google SEO – Panda 4.0 & Spam Algorithm 2.0 Launched

    This is turning out to be a pretty big week in the SEO community as Google announces the release of version 2.0 of the Google Spam Algorithm, and a brand new Google Panda Algorithm (version 4.0). The Spam Algorithm was released over the weekend and confirmed by Matt Cutt’s yesterday via Twitter; while the new Panda 4.0 algorithm only went ...

  • 19 May

    Shocker – Content Length Doesn’t Actually Matter for SEO

    There have always been plenty of myths in the world of SEO about what Google and various other search engines look for when crawling your website – and for years copy writers, bloggers, and webmasters were told to write content that is a minimum of 250 or 300 words long or else Google won’t index it, it wont rank well, ...

April, 2014

  • 21 April

    99% Of Guest Bloggers Today Can’t Write

    There’s been quiet alot of talk going on lately about guest blogging and what’s to come of it. Google made a clear stance against the current state of guest blogging; and the recent hits on both MyBlogGuest, and more recently PostJoint are evidence of that. All this has created quiet the stir amongst the SEO community with plenty of people ...

  • 17 April

    20% Off on Yola Gold During April 2014

    If you build it, they will come! Right? Well not really. Luckily the Yola Gold package gives plenty of awesome SEO and marketing tools which you can utilize to build up the traffic to your website and start growing your business. With Yola’s latest offer you also 20% off 1 year Yola Gold using the promo code . Take note this offer ...

February, 2014

  • 25 February

    Grammar Matters, Atleast to Bing

    I don’t want it to sound like I am picking on Bing with the post title of Grammar Matters, Atleast to Bing – fact is it should matter to all of us webmasters. After-all our jobs is to create and display online content in the best way possible for our visitors and grammar should play a large role in that. Regardless ...

  • 18 February

    Social Signals Checker Tool Launched

    Social signals as we know them have been all the rage in the SEO sphere in the past couple of years. In fact ever since Danny Sullivan first wrote a thought-provoking article on social signals and their impact on SEO way back in December of 2010 social signals have been at the tip of every webmasters tongue. Since then, social ...

  • 17 February

    SEO Challenges And Tips For Small Businesses Today

    Most small businesses require an expert SEO company to help create and implement marketing strategies that work. A lot has changed since the days of keyword-based SEO and websites now need rich and useful content in order to positively affect their brand. Generating SEO ideas can be challenging even for experienced marketers and the components required to formulate an SEO ...

  • 11 February

    Outside The Box Marketing: Big Signs

    I had once read a story online about a brick and mortar business that I had thought would be a perfect example of outside the box marketing. Something I often mention within this blog. The story goes as follows: There was once a brick and mortar business that had been around for a very long time. Due to the law ...

  • 10 February

    Revisitors Valentines Day 2014 Special

    Valentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity to show someone how you feel about them, and Revisitors wants to take this chance to show you how they feel. That’s why they’ve decided to put together this special package to show you how much they care. The Revisitors Valentines Day package includes 30,000 targeted visitors, 3 permanent lifetime links at the top of their Top Links page, ...

  • 5 February

    $25 Off Any Service from eReleases in February 2014

    The new February coupon code from eReleases is out! From NOW through FEBRUARY 28th, you can get $25 off on any service from eReleases! Simply use coupon code  during your checkout process. eReleases delivers personal service and exceptional value to every customer, every time a release is submitted, and at every price point. Their newswire partner is PR Newswire and all of their press ...

January, 2014

  • 22 January

    RIP Guest Blogging

    So 2 days ago Matt Cutts called it – the death of guest blogging – at noon on 1/20/2014. Or at least the death of guest blogging for SEO purposes. A method that many SEO agencies have absolutely adored over the past few years. Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, ...

  • 3 January

    Making Use of The Free Yext Powerlistings Report

     Every day, millions of potential customers search for businesses on hundreds of different online sites – from Google and Yahoo Maps, to Yelp, JJList, MerchantCircle and LinkedIn. At least one of these sites displays the wrong business name, phone number, or address for approximately 68% of established businesses. Obviously if a business’s information is missing or wrong, potential customers will ...

  • 2 January

    Basic Marketing We Often Overlook II – Someone Listened!

    It looks like someone has taken my idea and ran with it – starting up an affiliate program for their locksmith business and letting their affiliates handle their marketing for them. Driving over the very same Williamsburg bridge, and standing once again in trafffic – I spotted the following sticker: If you look closely, you’ll see the affiliate message: This ...

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