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December, 2013

  • 16 December

    Understanding the Importance of Referrer Logs

    Referrer logging may not be a term you hear very often – however it is absolutely crucial to the success of your website and your marketing campaigns. See referrer logs are used to allow web servers and websites to identify where people are visiting them from – either for promotional or security purposes. They allow you to find out which ...

  • 12 December

    Basic Marketing We Often Overlook

    Guerilla Marketing on Williamsburg Bridge

    I was standing in traffic on the Williamsburg Bridge this past weekend and noticed a flurry of stickers along side the railing. Perfectly eye level. To me it was the ideal form of entertainment. During the next half hour that I spent crawling over the bridge in what was usual New York City traffic I had found some pretty amazing ...

November, 2013

  • 12 November

    New Google Manual Action for Image Mismatch

    There is a new Google manual action that has came out recently, and one every webmaster should be fully aware of. This is Google’s new “image mismatch” manual action, which comes up when the images on your site don’t match up with what Google has indexed. Google has published a new help document on this over here where it reads: ...

  • 7 November

    SiteGround Partners with CrazyEgg

    Through a recent partnership with CrazyEgg, SiteGround has decided to assist clients in determining what’s working with their websites’ visitors and what’s not. They’re accomplishing this by offering a 90-day FREE Trial of CrazyEgg’s Original Heat-Mapping Technology, the best-selling website user behavior tool. A heatmap is an easy way to understand what users want, care about and do on your site by ...

October, 2013

  • 21 October

    Google Bringing Back Favicons to Adsense

    Back in July Google had introduced fav icons to their text ads – thus helping to increase click-thru rates. Unfortunately when Google announced their new Adsense formats back in September – these favicons were now removed. On October 15th, Google quietly mentioned on Google+ that they are working on bringing back the favicons. They said the favicons will be added to ...

  • 4 October

    Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Blog

    Unless you offer something stimulating or unique, you cannot market your blog effectively. Only this can enable you to catch the attention of a large audience. You can make use of the varied tools and resources available online for marketing your blog online. You can have a firm grasp of the needs of your readers through research. You can tap ...

September, 2013

  • 10 September

    Get $25 Off Any eReleases Service Through September 2013

    eReleases has once again announced a new $25 off coupon code, valid through the month of September 2013. In-case you’re noticing a pattern here, trust me, so am I. In-fact, I have written about this offer several times here on the Rapid Purple blog. So without further ado simply use coupon code  to get $25 off any service from eReleases.

August, 2013

  • 26 August

    Free Stock Photos for Facebook Advertisers

    Facebook is always hard at work at making sure their advertisers are making the best use of their platform – and their recent announcement let us know about some great new features that small business owners are sure to fall in love with. I have long been a fan of Facebook advertising. In-fact I had written about the benefits of ...

  • 6 August

    Matt Cutt’s Gives Warning About Using ‘Creative’ ccTLDs

    Matt Cutt’s had answered a great question earlier this week about using ccTLD’s to create a unique domain name such as www.google.it for “Google It”. “Should I use ccTLDs for sites not targeted to those countries?” In-fact there is an awesome tool out there created by @case, @ceedub, @connor, and @rr called Domainr which quickly finds you some creative domain names that can be registered via various ...

July, 2013

  • 29 July

    Google Adsense Use Limited on Google Sites

    Google Sites is Google’s way of letting everyone and anyone create a free website utilizing a pre-built template, and an online WYSIWYG editor; and of-course Google makes it easy to monetize your Google Sites website with Google Adsense (seeing a pattern here?). In the past you’ve always had full control over your Google Adsense ad types, placement, and appearance – ...

  • 26 July

    Google Now Displaying Favicons for Text Ads

    Google is always adding something new to their huge portfolio of features, and recently I have started noticing that their Google Adwords text ads have began displaying the website favicons next to the title. Here is an example from this very website:

  • 23 July

    Prepare Your Site for Rolling Google Panda Updates

    The online community was abuzz over the past few weeks in speculation that the first rolling Panda update is now live. Search Engine Roundtable founder and Search Engine Land news editor Barry Schwartz released a study showing increased Google volatility before July 4, which only declined and stabilized on July 7. MozCast bar graph showing turbulence in Google algorithms SERPS.com showing ...

  • 19 July

    Google Makes a Stand Against Faked User Histories

    Google has made a new post earlier this week, titled a A reminder about manipulative or deceptive behavior; and if you read it closely you’ll see that this isn’t so much a reminder, but a statement as to the next spam target for Google. Google states that “Recently, we’ve seen some user complaints about a deceptive technique which inserts new pages into ...

  • 18 July

    Free Google Adwords $100 Credit Giveaway 2013

    Free Adwords Giveaway

    All of my clients have always received a $100 Google Adwords credit to help them jump-start their online marketing. September of last year I ran a Google Adwords Credits giveaway to help give something back to the community. These were issued out at random to any new subscribers to our mailing list. For those of you that missed out last ...

  • 18 July

    Use a Tell-A-Friend Script to Drive Traffic To Your Site

    More and more webmasters have the recurring dilemma on how to increase the flow of traffic in the websites. During the past few years many methods have been developed to solve this predicament. Over the years marketing has meant so many different things; and there have been so many different ways to do it. One of the methods that has ...

  • 3 July

    HootSuite Extends Their 50% Off Coupon

    HootSuite has just emailed me letting me know that their awesome 50% off HootSuite Pro and Hootsuite University coupon code which was originally set to expire on June 30th, was extended through to August 1st, 2013! If you have not yet taken advantage of this coupon code, now is a great time to do so. You have plenty of time ...

  • 3 July

    Independence Day Sale on Targeted Traffic From Revisitors

    Revisitors Sale

    I’ve been partnered with Revisitors for a while now, and over the years there have been many of you who have taken advantage of the 100 free visitors that I have been lucky to offer through them. To those of you who are unfamiliar with Revisitors – Revisitors is an online advertising network built to help businesses get geographically targeted traffic to their websites at very reasonable prices. With ...

June, 2013

  • 28 June

    Getting More Return Visits to Your Mobile Website

    Right now having a mobile friendly version of your business website is key in many markets. The thing is that a mobile app can get extremely costly, and as such many smaller businesses simply cannot justify the cost of one. However there is an alternative that I recently came across. While working on the mobile version of the ONEighty website, ...

  • 20 June

    Google Introduces New Carousel View for Local Search Results

    Google is the search leader for a reason -- it has the best results. That said, its presentation can be somewhat bland, especially when compared with its closest rival Bing. Google

  • 19 June

    WIX Introduces 4 New Website Apps

    WIX makes building a simple business website extremely easy for the average Joe, and the various apps that WIX has available within the WIX App Market help make your WIX website even more interactive. This morning WIX has announced the addition of 4 brand new apps to the WIX App Market. The new apps let you have some fun by counting ...

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