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October, 2016

  • 27 October

    Infographic: Top CMS Platform Usage in 2016

    When it comes to CMS platforms WordPress is king, and most of us have known this for a while now. However where does everyone else stack up? And is WordPress really the most popular? BuiltWith, HostingFacts, and Trellis recently put together an infographic answering all of these questions – and more. I’ll let you guys make your own conclusions, but the ...

  • 12 October

    Hidden Features Inside Your WordPress Config File

    The wp-config.php file is one of the most important files related to your WordPress installation, however there is so much more to it than just the place your database settings are stored. Frankly most developers completely overlook many of the awesome features hidden within the wp-config.php file. This tutorial is designed to showcase some of the lesser-known functions and features ...

  • 12 October

    Save 20% Off Any WordPress Hosting Plan from WHUK

    Score 20% off on a WordPress hosting plan from WebHostingUK thanks to a brand new coupon code which just got activated this morning! This WebHostingUK coupon code is valid on any one of the three available WordPress hosting plans – all of which are powered by Varnish Cache and running on Nginx to help optimize performance. To get your 20% ...

  • 3 October

    How Do I Set My Posts/Pages To Expire?

    Over my years of working with WordPress I have often seen some rather extreme measures being taken by webmasters to accomplish specific tasks/functions with their WordPress-powered websites. A perfect example was a client who was manually deleting her “limited time offer” sales Pages whenever her sale time would expire. This might not sound that bad, but this was one heck ...

September, 2016

  • 14 September

    Add Any Shortcode To A WordPress Page Template

    Wordpress offers thousands of different plugins that let you add alot of different functions and features to your website. Furthermore most of these can easily be integrated across your website with a few simple short-codes which you simply copy paste into the WordPress editor. However what do you do when you want to integrate that shortcode into your custom template ...

May, 2016

  • 16 May

    WordPress Buys the New gTLD .BLOG for $19M

    Automattic, the very same company behind the WordPress blogging software, and WordPress.com – the remotely hosted blogging service – has recently acquired the new gTLD .blog for $19 million! Granted that’s quite a staggering number, and Automattic did beat out Google in the auction, the more interesting news is what Automattic will do with it in the coming years. Will WordPress.org ...

  • 13 May

    My WordPress Menu Won’t Save!

    Wordpress is a dynamic content management system, and as such it can be used to handle websites with just a few pages, and also websites with thousands of pages such as the New York Times. However as WordPress themes progress, and menus start to handle more and more options – I am seeing more and more people run into an ...

March, 2016

  • 30 March

    12 Free WordPress Templates April 2016

    If you’ve ever spoken to me, at any length, regarding the Internet, or even read the about page, you probably know that I’m a big believer of free when it comes down to webmaster resources. Free scripts, templates, and resources have been a huge driving force behind creating the Internet we know and love today.  Free templates are a great ...

  • 17 March

    10 Premium Responsive WordPress Themes for March 2016

    You may agree that one of the main characteristics for a modern website is its responsiveness. You’d hardly find somebody in a big city who doesn’t have a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop. Sometimes they have all of the above. Together with a much faster Internet connection, responsiveness is becoming an integral part of web design. Furthermore Google ...

December, 2015

  • 24 December

    Beginner’s Guide for Choosing The Perfect WP Theme

    Trying to pick the perfect WordPress theme is a tedious task. It is fairly common to see new users struggling with WordPress themes, changing them countless number of times. One would spend time and effort in customizing and editing the theme as per their requirement, and eventually will move on to another theme. This is not only a tiring and ...

November, 2015

  • 11 November

    WordPress Is Powering 25% Of The Entire Internet

    When it comes to the world of content management systems – WordPress has always stood out as the most well-known platform. A recent report by W3Techs however shows that WordPress isn’t just well-known – it’s powering 25% of the entire Internet – and that is quiet the numbers for a program that was intended to focus on blogging. The original WordPress first ...

October, 2015

  • 14 October

    Alert: Stored XSS Vulnerability Found Within Akismet WP Plugin

    Sucuri just released notice of a Stored XSS vulnerability within Akismet 3.1.4. Unfortunately for this scenario Akismet is installed by default across millions of WordPress websites – and not every webmaster keeps their website scripts updated (even though you all should!). The current vulnerability affects only those websites who are running Akismet v3.1.4 or lower, and also have the Convert ...

  • 1 October

    Score 3 Months of Free WordPress Hosting from Easyspace

    Easyspace offers some great quality, SSD powered, UK-based WordPress hosting. They’re environments are NGINX based, run SSD caching, Varnish memory cache, and Google’s mod_pagespeed. They servers are constantly monitored for performance and security concerns. All in all it’s a great platform for those who prefer a UK based host. They’ve just launched a brand new sale which gives you 3 free months ...

September, 2015

  • 20 September

    Alert: New Malware Campaign Running Targeting WordPress Websites

    A new report from Sucuri has come out mentioning a new malware campaign going on that is targeting WordPress websites. The original report went up on Friday, September 18th and it already showed thousands of websites being exploited. We detected thousands of sites compromised with this malware just today and 95% of them are using WordPress. We do not have ...

August, 2015

  • 20 August

    DreamHost Websites Using HTTPS and DreamPress Aren’t Loading

    As of late last night DreamHost clients who are on the DreamPress platform – DreamHost’s own managed WordPress hosting platform – are experiencing issues trying to view their SSL secure websites. Take note that this issue only affects DreamPress customers who are using HTTPS. All other DreamHost clients who are utilizing their shared hosting, VPS, or dedicated solutions are not affected. ...

July, 2015

  • 15 July

    WordPress Security: Password Protect Your WordPress WP-Admin Directory

    I had just mentioned how popular WordPress has gotten – coming close to a 50% market share among all CMS platforms – and I figured this would be a great time to write a quick tutorial on password protecting your WordPress admin login page. Now I want to mention that this will not prevent hacker attacks, nor prevent someone from ...

  • 15 July

    WordPress Market Share Is Almost 50%

    When it comes to CMS platforms WordPress is by far the most popular – not only across my own client base but overall. A recent statistic by BuiltWith shows us just how popular. WordPress currently holds a 48% market share among all other CMS platforms. When it came to what version of WordPress webmasters used, the recent 4.2 and 4.1 ...

  • 13 July

    HostGator Launches Managed WordPress Hosting

    It seems that almost all the major brands these days offer dedicated, managed WordPress hosting these days, and HostGator wasn’t about to be left out so today they have announced the launch of their own managed WordPress hosting called Optimized WP. Much like all other managed WordPress hosting services Optimized WP is intended to simplify the installation, configuration, and ongoing ...

June, 2015

  • 6 June

    WordPress.com Revamps Analytics – Shows You Ideal Time For New Post

    When it comes down to running a blog you’re audience is everything. Determining your target market, their favorite content, when their reading – these are all crucial in the success of your blog or news site; however for the average beginner blogger gathering and analyzing this data is generally out of their realm. This has always been where WordPress.com – ...

  • 2 June

    Media Temple’s WordPress Personal Is Just $5 This June 2015

    Media Temple has kicked off a brand new coupon code valid for the month of June 2015. The new Media Temple coupon code hooks you up with you’re first month of WordPress Personal hosting for just $5!For that $5 you’re getting 30GB of SSD storage, support for 2 WP installs, and 24/7 WordPress certified support. Simply use coupon code  during ...

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