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Do More With Horizontal Lines

Chances are you probably already know about the <hr> tag available inside HTML – however did you know there are plenty of features and settings built into the default <hr> tag? Settings for width, height, and even color are all available within the base tag – and fully supported by modern browsers.

<HR ALIGN="left|right|center" COLOR="color" WIDTH="width" SIZE="height">

The ALIGN parameter lets you specify left, right, or center as your default alignment for the horizontal line. The COLOR parameter lets you specify either a color name or a hex format value as the fill color for your horizontal line. WIDTH can be in either Pixels, or percentage of screen (use “n%” for percentage). Likewise, SIZE (which actually sets the HEIGHT) can also be in Pixels, or percentage of screen (again using “n%”).

Playing With Horizonal Lines

The above was generated primarily using the default parameter options available within the <hr> tag. You can use this as a great starting point to further enhance with CSS – but now you don’t have to worry about specifying the horizontal line’s background color or size via CSS! Here is a look at the code used to generate the above display:

<HR ALIGN="left" COLOR="black" WIDTH="10px" SIZE="20px">
<HR ALIGN="left" COLOR="red" WIDTH="50px" SIZE="20px">
<HR ALIGN="left" COLOR="cyan" WIDTH="100px" SIZE="20px">
<HR ALIGN="left" COLOR="yellow" WIDTH="150px" SIZE="20px">
<HR ALIGN="left" COLOR="purple" WIDTH="200px" SIZE="20px">
<HR ALIGN="left" COLOR="orange" WIDTH="250px" SIZE="20px">
<HR ALIGN="left" COLOR="green" WIDTH="300px" SIZE="20px">
<HR ALIGN="left" COLOR="blue" WIDTH="350px" SIZE="20px">
<div style="height: 50px"><h1>Playing With Horizonal Lines</h1></div>
<HR ALIGN="left" COLOR="purple" WIDTH="500px" SIZE="40px">
<HR ALIGN="left" COLOR="orange" WIDTH="500px" SIZE="40px">

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