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Running Ads Using The New Instagram Business Tools

Now that the new Instagram Business profiles have started rolling out more people have direct access to Instagram ads – something that in the past was limited to users of Facebook Ad Manager. Let’s take a look at how easy it is to setup a new Instagram ad once you have converted your profile to a business profile. Start off ...

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How Do I Make My Embedded YouTube Video Autoplay?

Making an embedded video automatically start playing when a client loads your web page is a surprisingly popular request, especially for landing pages that are meant to capture the visitors attention in as short of a time period as possible. Unfortunately YouTube doesn’t offer an autoplay option within their embed generator – however there is a parameter you can add ...

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Add As Many Dots As You Want To Your Gmail Email Address

Encrypting or hiding your email address when posting it online has always been a highly recommended way to protect your email address from excess spam – and a little known trick lets you make use of that feature with your Google gMail account. See gMail doesn’t actually recognize periods – and as such you can add as many periods as you ...

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Infographic: Getting More From Your Google Searches

Way back in 2011 HackCollege put together a phenomenal infographic with Google tips & tricks that everyone should know to get the most out of every single search. The original post about this was targeted towards students – however these days everyone does some sort of online research. Business owners, content creators, etc. I haven’t seen this infographic shared in a ...

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Create a PDF of a Website

Earlier today I had sent out a new email campaign for one of my clients, an invitation for one of their latest training sessions, and had immediately gotten a request from one of the meeting’s coaches about the possibility of turning that invite email into a PDF so that they could easily attach it via email and send it out ...

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