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GoDaddy Integration With Google Tools Broken

A post by mcarter88 on the Google Webmaster Forums has brought to light an issue with the integration of Google Webmaster Tools and GoDaddy Hosting. Back in 2007 Google and GoDaddy formed an integration deal where Go Daddy users will see the Google Webmaster Tools link right in their hosting control center, and can launch Google Webmaster Tools directly from their hosting account. And Go Daddy makes the Google Webmaster Tools account creation process faster by adding the site, verifying the site, and submitting Sitemaps all on your behalf.

Lately it seems this process no longer works. As mcarter88 describes it:

“I’ve been using Google Webmaster Tools with Godaddy hosting since 2007.  I simply clicked “Launch Google Webmaster Tools,” and Godaddy automatically logged me in.  It seemed Godaddy automatically created a username for me, or some kind of credentials were autopopulated and auto-logged me in.  I never created a username, and when I looked at the username field in the Webmaster Tools control center, it showed a rather complicated username (p3.secureserver or something) that appeared unique to my hosting and auto-generated.

As of today, when I click that same “Launch Google Wembaster Tools” icon, it prompts me to login.  It seems Google has changed the way they accept parameters from Godaddy (or stopped accepting parameters from Godaddy).  Now I can’t access the nearly 10 domain webmaster tool dialogues, which are crucial to the maintenance of my sites.

The Godaddy customer service representative encouraged me to try and remember my Google Webmaster Tools username or to go through the lost username process.  I never created a Webmaster Tools username.  Godaddy did.  And I cannot in any way log in now.”

As of this post no solution has been offered, however Google employee Susan Moskowa has mentioned that they are working with GoDaddy regarding this issue, and we hope a solution comes soon. It wouldn’t be the first time though that something didn’t work quiet as planned with GoDaddy. In the meantime Susan mentions that you could verify your site in another Webmaster Tools account ( such as your own personal Google account); sites can be verified in multiple accounts, and you’d have access to all the same data.

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