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Media Temple Relaunches Managed VPS Hosting Product

Media Temple announced on Wednesday of this week that it has relaunched its Managed VPS Hosting product and CloudTech managed support offering. According to Media Temple VP of product Brian Kuhn, the company relaunched its Managed VPS Hosting product (formerly Managed Hosting) to meet the industry definition of managed.

One of the things that I’ve been trying to see if I can get down to the bottom of is what the definition of managed is,” Kuhn says. “As we’ve consulted with folks it sounds like managed has a definition…managed is OS and app installation updates, security monitoring, performance monitoring and backups.

In the previous iteration of Media Temple’s managed product, backups were not included in the offering and were instead offered as an add-on. Now backups are baked into the product, a must for managed offerings, Kuhn says.

Along with the updates to Managed VPS Hosting, Media Temple has also revamped its CloudTech support offering. Launched last year, CloudTech offers a premium level of service, but now costs $100 less than its previous iteration. CloudTech is now included with Managed VPS from Media Temple.

When CloudTech was launched as an offer about a year ago, and when we launched the managed product in March with CloudTech, we had already seen that really stellar service is what’s expected and is something that customers are seeking and searching,” Kuhn says.

CloudTech now includes site setup and a site migration, which were services that “customers pretty much always needed in month one,” he says. CloudTech also now includes 3 credits per month, rather than 5 credits per month. He says this is based on customer feedback.

That’s basically taking direct customer feedback, looking at what they were telling us and how they were using it and right sizing that service to their needs,” Kuhn says.

We’ll manage your servers so you can go manage your business and we’ll save you that time and effort; we do hope that that is something that appeals to customers,” Kuhn says.

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