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The Internet changes constantly. One day Google is the search engine for AOL; another day it’s Bing. Here we offer a curated collection of Internet News for webmasters and business owners.

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Shellshock Exploit: What It Is, What It Means, & What To Do

Surely you’ve heard the term Shellshock exploit be mentioned everyone across the internet these last couple of days, however what is it exactly and what does it really mean for you? Well, Shellshock is the name for a brand new exploit which targets a vulnerability in Bash. Bash, an acronym for Bourne Again Shell, is a command-line shell used by ...

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Media Temple Relaunches Managed VPS Hosting Product

Media Temple announced on Wednesday of this week that it has relaunched its Managed VPS Hosting product and CloudTech managed support offering. According to Media Temple VP of product Brian Kuhn, the company relaunched its Managed VPS Hosting product (formerly Managed Hosting) to meet the industry definition of managed. “One of the things that I’ve been trying to see if ...

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Bing Launches Bing Ads Campaign Planner

Bing is putting a pretty heavy focus on their advertising network this quarter as Bing introduces more and more new additions to the Bing Ads service. Recently Bing has launched another new feature named Campaign Planner. The Bing Campaign Planner enables advertisers to see marketplace insights by vertical, product, and keyword. Specifically, it helps advertisers get research for: Search traffic ...

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Amazon Bought The .BUY Domain

In a bidding that ended last week ICANN awarded Amazon the .buy domain after the company successfully outbid three other competitors in an auction with a winning bid of $4.6 million. Google came in second place through its registry service, Charleston Road Registry. Amazon has yet to say what it will do with the .buy domain; however there’s plenty they ...

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HostDime Partners With BitPay to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin continues to make quiet the splash in the hosting and technology community as yet another hosting company, HostDime, announces their acceptance of Bitcoins as payment for their cloud hosting and datacenter services. HostDime is kicking things off with their USA and Brazil branches, and eventually plans to expand the acceptance of Bitcoins as a payment method to their other ...

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123-Reg & Minds + Machines Join Forces to Promote .LONDON

UK domain registrars 123-reg.co.uk and Minds + Machines announced a collaborative effort to increase awareness and adoption of the new .london TLD late last week. The collaboration will include a range of on and offline marketing initiatives. According to 123-reg.co-uk, registrations of .london surged on the first day of general availability for the extension, which was Sept. 9.  Early adopters include Fortnum & Mason, ...

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Yelp Wins Court Ruling To Move Up Negative Reviews

There’s always been talk among business owners of the “grey-area” around Yelp purposely placing negative reviews on non-paying merchant profiles. Unfortunately this did actually happen, and some business owners did actually sue Yelp – and in the end the court ruled that Yelp is completely in the clear in doing this. The ruling supported a lower court decision that dismissed ...

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Microsoft Aims To Revive MSN

MSN was one of the original all-in-one portals created by Microsoft over 2 decades ago. It’s your default Internet Explorer homepage, and as of late something you probably have almost forgotten about. In-fact with almost no real updates to the MSN portal Microsoft may have very well almost forgotten about it as-well. This is all about to change however as ...

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Yahoo Buys An Ad Company

With all the different things happening with Bing and Google it gets a bit hard to keep up with Yahoo as-well. However the gentle giant is far from sleeping. Yahoo seems to be putting some serious focus behind driving their advertising revenues up, as evident following a recent acquisition of Luminate – an advertising company which places ads within images. ...

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Bing Image Widget Goes Offline

I had JUST introduced everyone here to the Bing Image Widget which is now, unfortunately, temporarily offline. Following a lawsuit filed by Getty Images, Microsoft has taken the beta version of its Bing Image Widget offline. Getty had complained that Microsoft’s widget infringed on copyright by enabling people to embed protected images in websites without attribution or authorization. Attempting to visit the Bing ...

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ROOT Becomes Canada’s First Datacenter To Accept Bitcoins

As I said earlier, Bitcoin is really making moves in the technology field – as it should considering the tech behind it. Doing my own developments with Bitcoin and the BitPay API I get pretty excited as more and more technology companies become accepting of Bitcoin – as evidence by my post regarding my joy in Apache Foundation accepting Bitcoin ...

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Apache Begins To Accept Bitcoin Donations

I haven’t really mentioned Bitcoin or any crypto currency on here yet however I am actively working on several developments featuring the BitPay API, and there are plans to write up a few tutorials regarding it aswell. With that said I myself am extremely interested in Bitcoin and the possibilities it has – so it’s pretty exciting for me to ...

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Google Rules The StatCounter Charts

September brings about the last few weeks of summer, the start of the new school year, and the coming of the end of the year. As such it’s a good time to take a look at the StatCounter charts and graphs and see what’s happening with browser and search engine trends. Back in May 2014 when I first wrote about ...

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