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The Internet changes constantly. One day Google is the search engine for AOL; another day it’s Bing. Here we offer a curated collection of Internet News for webmasters and business owners.

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New Google Images Layout

Google Updates Layout for Google Images

Remember how the old Google Images would work? You would click on a picture, a new page would load with the picture in it, and barely any information – along with a link to view the original image. Google has decided to streamline this whole process a little bit – changing their Google Images layout to now display the a ...

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Volusion Announces Product Roadmap for 2013

I just got word from Volusion regarding their product roadmap for the 2013 year, and it’s full of some amazing features that I can’t wait to work with. Throughout 2012 Volusion store owners sold over 3 times the industry average, making more than $2.8 billion in online sales for the year. I can’t wait to see what kind of results the ...

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WiredTree Adds CloudLinux on Dedicated Servers

WiredTree has announced today the addition of CloudLinux as a choice of operating system (OS). CloudLinux is an innovative OS developed with the requirements of shared web hosting providers in mind and can help reduce churn and improve server stability. “With our range of managed hosting services, many customers choose us to host their shared hosting services, our virtual private servers, ...

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Pingdom Announces New Tool, The Transaction Monitor

Pingdom has announced a brand new tool, the Transaction Monitor. It lets you define a series of interactions to be performed on your website. Pingdom then performs these at a regular interval using a real web browser, just as if a person was visiting the site. Lets say, for example, that you want to make sure your customers can log in, perform ...

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Namecheap Onepager

Namecheap Partners with Onepager

Namecheap, Inc. and Onepager, Inc. are pleased to announce that Namecheap, one of the world’s largest domain name registrars, has chosen Onepager as its exclusive website builder for customers. The partnership will bring simple and intuitive web design to Namecheap’s growing list of nearly 1 million customer accounts and over 3 million domains under management. Namecheap customers now have the ...

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Firefox 18.0 Released

While I don’t normally post browser updates here, I would like to make sure that my visitors try their best to keep their browser versions up to date. Luckily, based on my Google Analytics, only about 2-3% of you are still using an out-dated browser – which I can understand as some places still force you to work on extremely ...

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Web Hosting Buzz

New Website & Hosting Coupons at WebHostingBuzz

2013 is sure to introduce plenty of new changes amongst the companies we’ve come to get familiar with, such as WebHostingBuzz who have launched a completely new website for 2013. The site represents a huge improvement over their old site, with much more content and feature explanation. The order form is simplified, and the look of the website over-all just presents ...

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GoDaddy .ME Scholarship Launched for 2013

Top domain registrar Go Daddy on Monday rolled out plans to provide scholarships to what it called “tech-savvy” college students – asking them to compose 500-word essays on how the internet or technology has helped them excel. These GoDaddy .ME Scholarships will provide $10 thousand per student and will be awarded to just ten. Eligible students can submit their application online at http://www.godaddy.com/mescholarship. To ...

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Want To Play With PHP 5.5? Meet CloudLinux.

PHP 5.5 is still in the Alpha stages of it’s release, and as such the majority of hosting companies out there don’t have it available yet across their networks. CloudLinux however doesn’t believe in that. Not when they have the PHP Selector tool in their arsenal. With the CloudLinux PHP Selector you can set a different version of PHP for ...

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GoDaddy Announces .CO Super Bowl 2013 Ad

I just got wind that GoDaddy will once again be taking center stage at the Super Bowl. Race driver Danica Patrick will star in a 30 second spot, something that will likely include the web host’s edgy feel, and will focus, once again, on .CO domain names. Earlier this year, questions were abound regarding Patrick’s continuation as Go Daddy’s top girl ...

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IX Web Hosting Holiday Sale

Leaks And Discounts at IX Web Hosting

There was talk of a leak the past couple of weeks regarding IX Web Hosting and and some new secret developments. I didn’t want to make a big deal about it until the company shed some light on the talks themselves, and on Wednesday of last week IX Web Hosting announced that a top secret document pertaining to its company had ...

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Softaculous Releases 4.1.7, Introduces Admin Auto Update

For all those of you with a Linux/cPanel based hosting plan with Softaculous installed – take note that Softaculous has announced the launch of Softaculous 4.1.7 on 18th December. This version has several new features and a few bug fixes: 1) Added a feature for the admin to upgrade multiple applications from the admin panel. (Note : At the moment ...

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Easyspace Newstart Launched to Help New UK Businesses

Easyspace is one of the UK’s leading providers of domain names, and web hosting; and as of late they have launched a new package for all new businesses that register with Companies House. This new package, called Easyspace NewStart, includes web hosting, a professional email service plus a .eu domain name. More than 400,000 new companies in England, Wales, Scotland and ...

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Dot Registry

Dotregistry.org Launched

Dot Registry™ is a leader in online innovation dedicated to protecting the US Business Community. Recently, Dot Registry has applied for four new community based gTLD’s through the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers ( ICANN). DOT Registry’s extensions; .INC, .LLC, .LLP, and .CORP, will mark an unprecedented change in the online marketplace as being the first domain extensions ...

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90 Percent of People Don’t Know How CTRL+F Works

Dan Russel, a search anthropologist at Google recently uncovered a rather ridiculous statistic: As many as 90 per cent of people actually don’t know how to properly use the CTRL/Command+F search option on a website or word document. “I do these field studies and I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve sat in somebody’s house as they’ve read through a ...

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