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The Internet changes constantly. One day Google is the search engine for AOL; another day it’s Bing. Here we offer a curated collection of Internet News for webmasters and business owners.

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An Inside Look at Google’s Datacenters

Never before has the general public been given an open look at the inside of Google’s datacenters – until now. True Google has shared many of their designs and best practices, and they have been publishing their efficiency data since 2008, however only a small handful of employees have access to the server floor itself. Yesterday Google announced the launch of a new site ...

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PayPal Opens Up BillMeLater for Small Businesses

PayPal is opening up its Bill Me Later service to small and medium online businesses, enabling them to offer free no-interest financing for six months for all purchases of $99 or more. Bill Me Later will give small business owners a way to increase sales conversions and boost order sizes going into the holiday season. And it expands the utility of Bill ...

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mod_pagespeed Graduates from Beta Version

Google first introduced mod_pagespeed back in 2010 – and since then they’ve been hard at work to improve the functionality, quality and performance of this open-source Apache module that automatically optimizes web pages and their resources. Now, after almost two years and eighteen releases, they are announcing that they are taking off the Beta label. To learn more about mod_pagespeed and how ...

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DiscountASP.NET Introduces Windows Server 2012 Hosting

DiscountASP.NET has announced earlier last week the introduction of Microsoft Windows 2012 Hosting in their US-based data center, with plans to offer the same service in their Europe data-center in the near future. For those hearing about Windows Server 2012, the new Windows 2012 hosting platform includes several key enhancements, such as: Internet Information Services 8.0 (IIS8) Support for ASP.NET ...

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WebHostForASP Announces Windows Server 2012 Hosting

The newest release of Microsoft’s Server 2012 is seen as something highly innovative, full of improved features and applications. These improvements offer application flexibility to answer the critical needs of many businesses and organizations; and as such more and more companies are starting to offer it. WebHostForASP.net recently proudly announced the aviability of Windows Server 2012 on their hosting services ...

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Yola Changes Terms for Free Google Adwords Credits

As of October 1st, the Yola Bronze, Silver packages no longer include their respective $50 and $75 worth of free Google AdWords credit. Instead, users that spend $25 in Google AdWords credits will get an additional $100 worth of credits for free. Furthermore keep in mind that since Yola Gold includes all the features of Yola Silver – this means ...

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DataChambers Announces New Datacenter

DataChambers, a North Carolina-based technology firm, announced earlier this week that they are expanding with the purchase of a 50,000-square-foot facility on Garner Station Boulevard in Raleigh, N.C. The building and eight-acre property, formerly home of Qwest Communications, will house a new high-availability data center. A variety of outsourced information technology services will be offered at the site – from hosted ...

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Google Webmaster Guidelines Have Been Updated

The official Google Webmaster Guidelines have long needed an overhaul in various areas. For starters the introduction of rich-snippets has brought with it a handful of new questions – which some clear documentation and guidelines would help. Luckily yesterday Google announced their new, updated guidelines – with a set of quality and technical guidelines for rich snippets, along with specific ...

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Webmaster Tools Adds Critical Notification Emails

As of October 1st Google’s Webmaster Tools will send out an email notifying you of any critical changes/issues that may impact your search listings, and your websites overall health – oh, as long as Google knows how to fix that said issue. So, malware will be picked up, and a notification issued – but what else exactly will cause an ...

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Nominet Proposes Shorter .UK Domain Names

Nominet, the non-profit body for overseeing all net addresses ending in .uk (ie .co.uk, .org.uk), have proposed a plan to offer UK-based companies a shorter, simpler, yourwebsite.uk domain name. This would run right along side the .co.uk service – and would require a company to prove they have an existing presence in the UK, and pay a higher fee. The slightly ...

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Sanebox Restructures Pricing

SaneBox is probably the only company out there right now that can benefit from making their prices higher, and lower – at the same time. Confused? I was too at first – but hopefully this will break it down. See when SaneBox first launched it didn’t have all of the fancy features it does now – such as SaneNews, SaneTop, ...

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Intuit Websites, Now Powered by Homestead

Inuit Websites and Homestead Technologies have always shared an integrated backend. Intuit Websites, which includes Homestead Technologies, was recently acquired by Endurance International Group, and we will be working to capitalize on the strength of both brands to increase sales and improve conversions over the next few months. So, instead of referring to their services as “Intuit Websites,” their banners and ...

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New Focus on Google Adwords Sitelinks Policy

Sitelinks give users a choice of destinations on your website that they can visit directly from your text ads. Hopefully you’ve already been using sitelinks to improve your Adwords campaign performance; and if so – make sure to pay close attention to Google’s Adwords Sitelinks policy so you do not run the risk of being penalized. If you aren’t advertising with ...

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Hostpapa Now Offers Softaculous Auto Installer

HostPapa has announced a partnership with Softaculous Ltd., developer of the Softaculous Auto Installer, which offers one-click installation for PHP, PERL and JavaScript applications. HostPapa’s partnership with Softaculous will allow their hosting clients to use the Auto Installer on their hosting accounts, and enjoy easy and quick installation of any of the 275+ scripts in the Softaculous scripts library. “The ...

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New Styles Available for Yola Users

Yola is pleased to announce the release of 19 brand new styles: 11 premium styles and 8 free styles, all to help you create even more striking websites! The new styles are more flexible and allow for much more customization than those in the past. The new collection includes more navigation styles, including the much requested vertical navigation option, and ...

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