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The Internet changes constantly. One day Google is the search engine for AOL; another day it’s Bing. Here we offer a curated collection of Internet News for webmasters and business owners.

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Crappy Wi-Fi This Holiday Season? Blame Those Christmas Lights!

I understand this sounds like one of those ridiculous spam hoax messages that get sent out telling you that solar flares are going to disrupt you’re Windows 10 boot sequence – and yet this is 100% true. Over the years various telecom and broadband providers have compiled reports to show the effect that Christmas-related electronics have on Wi-Fi performance. The most ...

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PHP 7 Is Officially Out!

PHP 7 is officially out – and just in time also. Facebook’s HHVM project has been taking off, and luckily all current benchmarks for PHP 7 show it to be on-par with the speed of HHVM – something PHP developers have yearned for. If you still haven’t updated you’re code to support PHP 7, now would be the time fellas. Luckily ...

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Infographic: How Much Shoppers Around The World Are Spending Online

With the holiday season here eCommerce is booming – and if you have ever wondered if people actually buy anything online, Expert Market put together a beautiful Infographic showcasing just who is spending what online. The results are pretty fascinating honestly – considering neither the US nor the UK took any of the top 3 positions. Instead the top online ...

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Yahoo Fights Back Against Ad-Blockers

Ad-blocking is killing your favorite websites – and Yahoo is fighting back. The last few days on the Interwebs have been full of people complaining that they suddenly cannot access their Yahoo Mail due to their ad-blocking software. A rather bold move by Yahoo, which is sure to loose some users because of this, however someone needs to stand up ...

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WordPress Is Powering 25% Of The Entire Internet

When it comes to the world of content management systems – WordPress has always stood out as the most well-known platform. A recent report by W3Techs however shows that WordPress isn’t just well-known – it’s powering 25% of the entire Internet – and that is quiet the numbers for a program that was intended to focus on blogging. The original WordPress first ...

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EIG Buys Constant Contact for $1.1B

Something potentially horrible has happened today. Endurance International Group (EIG) has announced a deal to acquire Constant Contact for $1.1 billion. Now this may sound like great news to you – and you’re probably thinking that this surely means that Constant Contact have developed a great platform and Endurance International Group is excited to continue to grow it and expand ...

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Alert: Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability Within Joomla 3.4.4

Trustwave SpiderLabs have announced a critical SQL injection vulnerability that affects all Joomla website installations running versions 3.2 through 3.4.4. The vulnerability allows an attacker to gain full administrative access of an affected Joomla website. Joomla has patched this in last weeks release of Joomla 3.4.5 however far from everyone has updated their websites and I wanted to take a moment ...

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Amazon Files Lawsuit Against 1,114 Fiverr Sellers

Amazon has always been at war with fake reviewers, and back in April of this year Amazon filed it’s first actual lawsuit against a review creator who posted a fake review. Little did we know that was just the tip of the iceberg. This past week Amazon filed a lawsuit in Seattle, Washington against 1,114 defendants who offered false review ...

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Alert: Stored XSS Vulnerability Found Within Akismet WP Plugin

Sucuri just released notice of a Stored XSS vulnerability within Akismet 3.1.4. Unfortunately for this scenario Akismet is installed by default across millions of WordPress websites – and not every webmaster keeps their website scripts updated (even though you all should!). The current vulnerability affects only those websites who are running Akismet v3.1.4 or lower, and also have the Convert ...

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Yahoo Donates 200 Servers to Howard & UTEP Universities

A couple of weeks ago Yahoo decided that they must do their part to encourage more diverse populations to pursue careers within the computer science and technology fields – so they donated 200 servers to Howard University and The University of Texas at El Paso – two universities known for their diverse student makeup. This isn’t a completely surprising move ...

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The USDS Publishes An Official Style Guide for US Government Websites

Earlier this weekend a team of developers and designers that makeup the U.S. Digital Service along with web design company 18F got together and published the U.S. Web Design Standards – a set of webdesign guides, style groups, and assets that serve as a guide for creating official U.S. federal government websites. The U.S. Web Design Standards is a library ...

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GoDaddy Small Business Survey Shows Majority Of Small Businesses Do Not Have A Website Yet

GoDaddy commissioned a Small Business Survey recently intended to show how small businesses are using the Internet – and considering how much I focus on small businesses actually using the Internet I was extremely excited to look at the results. 4,000 small businesses, with less than 5 employees, across Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Mexico, Turkey, UK and the United States ...

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360 Degree Video Comes to Facebook

360 degree videos are definitely kicking off. Virtual tours on Google Maps, 360-Degree videos on YouTube, and now, 360-Degree videos are available on Facebook! As of Wednesday, September 23, users on PCs and smartphones can view 360-degree videos. Check out the following Star Wars clip, one which lets you look around the desolate, war-torn wasteland of a far-off planet, a Saturday Night ...

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Farewell X3 – You’ve Served Us Well

The X3 interface for cPanel has been with us webmasters for what feels like forever – and if you’re hosting provider has been using cPanel than you’re one of those webmasters too. Alas today the plans for its official deprecation have been laid out – and the interface that we have become exceptionally used to is slowly being retired. I ...

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We’ve Run Out Of IPv4 Addresses in America

Yesterday the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) issued it’s last free IPv4 address – exhausting the pool of available IPv4 IP addresses. So what does this mean for the average internet user? Apart from the fact that IPv4 addresses are going to be ridiculously hard to come by now – the exhaustion of their pool puts into effect a few ...

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Introducing Brotli – Google’s New Compression Algorithm

Speed was always important to Google. Heck it’s important to mostly everyone who uses the Internet. Everyone wants their favorite website to load quickly – and compression plays a big role in this. We minify our CSS/JS files; we use GZIP compression, and we try to compress all of our image files to help ensure that our websites load as ...

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Google Sues SEO Firm for False Impersonation

Ever gotten a phone call from “Google” trying to help you rank your business website better? I’ve had three so far in the last two months alone – and you know what? It’s never actually Google. Usually the broken English gives it away, but if that doesn’t than consider this: do you really think Google has people out there trying ...

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