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SiteGround.com Redesign Live!

SiteGround.com has long been working on a new website design and over this weekend they have finally launched it. The main challenge with the new website was to really portray all of the technological work done behind the scenes over at SiteGround to maintain and upgrade their hosting infrastructure. In an effort to make of this technological terminology as human friendly as possible – SiteGround went ahead and launched a series of stop-motion movies to help explain their methodology behind their hosting security, server speed, and support. To quote Lilyana Yakimova, SiteGround Marketing Director, :

Our new website design is based on the true story of how we rebelled against the way things are done in the shared hosting industry. In a world where the principles of mass production dominate and every provider is limited by the inherent restrictions of the ready-made solutions, we chose to apply the philosophy of the old-school craftsmen and started creating unique solutions with our own hands. That is how we came up with a unique security environment, that other web hosting companies did not even consider possible, unique speed optimizations, currently available only on our servers, and a unique support team who help faster and better than any other.

The new website features a completely new logo, and new color scheme. Something a-lot easier on the eyes, and significantly more professional. The website makes extensive use of mouseOver overlays, and beautiful CSS3 styled buttons to generate great call-to-actions. The majority of the informational pages great you with an interactive display of sorts, whether it be a video, or an interactive map showcasing their server infrastructure. Either way it easily gets across all the same information as a technical spec sheet would – however it makes it significantly more interesting.

Probably the first big change that should be noted about the SiteGround hosting offers is the move away from unlimited space. The new SiteGround base hosting plan, called StartUp, comes with 10GB of diskspace at $3.95/mo (normally $9.95/mo however the SiteGround 60% Off Hosting Sale is still running strong). Space goes up in 10GB increments across the entire line of shared hosting offers.

Dedicated servers didn’t get left out either. SiteGround have added some fancy new features, such as Drush 6.0 being preinstalled on their servers! Drush is a command line interface that allows you to manage your Drupal website directly from a SSH console. You can use Drush to accomplish almost every task you usually perform from your Drupal admin panel and even more. For example, you can update your Drupal application, install & uninstall plugins, clear your cache and more. SiteGround took on the work for you and installed Drush on a serverwide level – so there is minimal work left for you to do in-order to utilize it.

So go ahead and check out the new SiteGround redesign, watch the new videos, and maybe consider them for your next hosting company.

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