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In this digital age it’s important for any business owner to be aware of the various new technologies, formats, and advertising methods that are available to them. Unfortunately, much like everything else in this day and age, there is just way too much gossip and news in the marketing community to effectively keep up. Here we offer a curated collection of news directly related to small business marketing,

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Introducing Atlas, by Facebook

Atlas is a relaunched ad network, originally purchased by Facebook from Microsoft last year and released last night, allowing marketers to track Facebook users that have seen, interacted with or acted upon ads on the social network, as well as third party sites and applications. The company claims that the tool will help marketers track effectiveness of their ads around ...

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Bing Launches Bing Ads Campaign Planner

Bing is putting a pretty heavy focus on their advertising network this quarter as Bing introduces more and more new additions to the Bing Ads service. Recently Bing has launched another new feature named Campaign Planner. The Bing Campaign Planner enables advertisers to see marketplace insights by vertical, product, and keyword. Specifically, it helps advertisers get research for: Search traffic ...

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Google Updates Products Feed Attributes

If you run an eCommerce website than chances are you’ve had some experience with getting a feed generated to add your products to Google Shopping. Depending on the platform you have this may or may not have been a huge pain in the ass. I’m looking at you ONEighty & SMY Performance. Anyway Google has announced that they’ve updated the Google Shopping ...

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Basic Marketing We Often Overlook II – Someone Listened!

It looks like someone has taken my idea and ran with it – starting up an affiliate program for their locksmith business and letting their affiliates handle their marketing for them. Driving over the very same Williamsburg bridge, and standing once again in trafffic – I spotted the following sticker: If you look closely, you’ll see the affiliate message: This ...

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Guerilla Marketing on Williamsburg Bridge

Basic Marketing We Often Overlook

I was standing in traffic on the Williamsburg Bridge this past weekend and noticed a flurry of stickers along side the railing. Perfectly eye level. To me it was the ideal form of entertainment. During the next half hour that I spent crawling over the bridge in what was usual New York City traffic I had found some pretty amazing ...

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GoDaddy Announces Plans for 2014 Super Bowl Ads

As Super Bowl XLVIII comes around, GoDaddy is getting ready for their latest set of commercials. As has become tradition the last few years, GoDaddy runs 1 or more new commercials during the Super Bowl; last year focusing on the .co domain name. “The Super Bowl ad strategy allows us to have fun and be edgy, and demonstrate how we ...

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Google Bringing Back Favicons to Adsense

Back in July Google had introduced fav icons to their text ads – thus helping to increase click-thru rates. Unfortunately when Google announced their new Adsense formats back in September – these favicons were now removed. On October 15th, Google quietly mentioned on Google+ that they are working on bringing back the favicons. They said the favicons will be added to ...

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Free Stock Photos for Facebook Advertisers

Facebook is always hard at work at making sure their advertisers are making the best use of their platform – and their recent announcement let us know about some great new features that small business owners are sure to fall in love with. I have long been a fan of Facebook advertising. In-fact I had written about the benefits of ...

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Google Adsense Use Limited on Google Sites

Google Sites is Google’s way of letting everyone and anyone create a free website utilizing a pre-built template, and an online WYSIWYG editor; and of-course Google makes it easy to monetize your Google Sites website with Google Adsense (seeing a pattern here?). In the past you’ve always had full control over your Google Adsense ad types, placement, and appearance – ...

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Google Adwords Retiring Spreadsheet Edit Feature

Google first introduced the edit by spreadsheet feature for Google Adwords back in 2009 in an attempt to make performing bulk changes to your campaigns easier. Since then however Google has  released bulk editing to help you make large-scale changes across your AdWords account, and keyword bulk uploads to help you add, edit and remove keywords at scale. Bulk editing and keyword bulk uploads ...

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Yahoo Will Run Google Adsense Ads

Yahoo has confirmed a a global, non-exclusive agreement with Google to display ads on various Yahoo! properties and certain co-branded sites using Google’s AdSense for Content and Google’s AdMob services. Yahoo users wont actually notice much of a difference as far as how or where ads appear – the only difference will be that Google Adsense advertisements will now be mixed ...

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5000 Epic Free Email Marketing

Mailigen Launches 5000 Epic Free Email Marketing Account

Until now Mailigen did not offer any type of free account, short of their free 30-day trial anyway. A few days ago however Mailigen announced the launch of the 5000 Free Epic Free Email Marketing Account – with which you are able to send and track email marketing campaigns to contact lists that are built using Mailigen sign-up forms. You can ...

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