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The World Wide Web is constantly evolving and growing – and as a webmaster it’s up to you to stay on top of all the latest and most important updates that may possibly affect you’re online presence. Here we do our best to offer a curated collection of webmaster news – touching base on SEO, Social Media, Online Marketing, & so much more.

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Google Rejects Your Right To Be Forgotten About 60% Of The Time

Google’s Right to be Forgotten came into play over a year ago now thanks to a European court ruling forcing Google to comply with requests from individuals to remove their names from search results; and originally started off by by Spaniard Mario Costeja González who wanted Google to remove search results that pointed to online articles about his home being ...

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Windows 10 Will Launch With 7 Versions

Windows 10 is coming this summer – and plenty of us are patiently waiting for that to come out – especially since the upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 will be completely free. In a blog post today Microsoft announced some more information regarding the various versions that Windows 10 will be released with. These are: Home Mobile Pro Enterprise ...

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Google Testing A New Value Alert Tag in Google Shopping Search Results

Google has been testing a new “Value Alert” tag to Google Shopping search engine results. The alert shows below the store name on the Google Shopping results page similar to the Special Offer tag or a star rating and seems to showcase items that are on sale. This was first spotted by Elizabeth Marsten at CommerceHub on Thursday; and since then SearchEngineLand, myself, ...

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Order Your Food from Your Google Search

Google has decided that ordering food is way too complicated these days – and as such figured they would follow along in the footsteps of Bing and let you order food directly from your search results. Well so long as your in the U.S. and the restaurant you want works with either Seamless, Grubhub, Eat24, Delivery.com, BeyondMenu or MyPizza.com. So ...

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Applebot Is Live & Crawling Around

Apple posted a help document on May 5th this week confirming the existence of Applebot – Apple’s own web crawler. According to the help article Applebot is used by various Apple products such as Siri and Spotlight Suggestions; and it follows all robots.txt and robots meta tags rules. Considering that a TON of people search the web on a daily ...

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Google Makes Search Analytics Report Available to All Webmasters

Just a week ago I wrote on here about the new Search Analytics report that Google let me try out – showcasing an overview of website clicks, impressions, and position metrics. Well as of this morning you can try out the Search Analytics report yourself since Google officially rolled out that report to all webmasters. Go ahead and check it ...

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Facebook Working On Letting Publishers Post Entire Articles

Facebook’s recent focus on balancing their newsfeed algorithm suddenly makes sense as the Wall Street Journal breaks the news regarding Instant Articles – making news publishers content available in its entirety right on Facebook. Instant Articles could potentially launch as early as this month, and according to the Wall Street Journal report, Facebook has offered to change its customary revenue-sharing ...

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Scored Poorly in Google’s Mobile Test? Should You Be Worried?

Google rolled out the newest search engine algorithm change this week and we’ve been bombarded with sky-is-falling cries that only mobile-targeted responsive sites will survive and the rest of the web will be lost to the tenth page of search results. Google reps even claimed that PPC advertising costs would rise for non mobile-friendly sites. Don’t worry, the algorithm has been unleashed ...

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PayPal Buyer Protection Will Cover Digital Goods Soon

PayPal made a huge announcement yesterday, without really letting many people know. As probably the leading place to make and accept payments online – operating in 203 markets and with 152 million active accounts (as of 2014 anyway) – PayPal holds a part in alot of transactions for tangible and intangible goods on the interwebs that many of us webmasters ...

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Google Mobile Algorithm Now Fully Rolled Out

Google’s mobile friendly algorithm officially began it’s roll out on April 22nd, and according to Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) that algorithm is now fully rolled out. @methode is the Google Mobile algorithm fully rolled out? Not everyone is seeing the impact yet… — Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) May 1, 2015 However this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be seeing much change yet. See, ...

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Mozilla Wants You To Go HTTPS Or Else

Google kicked off the migration away from HTTP to HTTPS for most webmasters; and Mozilla aims to put the finishing fork into HTTP by announcing a new program which will essentially force webmasters onto HTTPS or else risk loosing various browser features. Removing features from the non-secure web will likely cause some sites to break. So we will have to monitor the ...

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Facebook To Launch Live Chat Support for Small Business Advertisers

Looking to dive into the world of Facebook advertising for your own small business but have no clue where to start? In the past you were left contacting outside ad-specialists like myself, or reading through various blogs and help articles to get the answers you needed – however Facebook is determined to change that by launching online chat support. Through ...

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YouTube Now Has A Filter To Search For 360 Degree Videos

Late month YouTube announced the launch of 360-degree videos for Android & desktop users – however finding 360-degree videos to watch on Youtube isn’t the easiest of tasks. Until now. YouTube has added a new search filter intended to help users find 360-degree videos to watch.   The new filter works both for the Android app and on desktop. On ...

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Adobe & Microsoft Team Up For An Integrated Marketing Solution

I feel like we’re talking about new partnerships here all day today. Google & Twitter, Google & Apple, and now Adobe & Microsoft who announced the integration of Adobe’s Marketing Cloud Solutions with Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM. The partnership will offer businesses an integrated CRM-marketing solution across a range of industry segments including financial services, travel and leisure. It’s aimed at helping ...

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Search Twitter Hashtags Using Apple Spotlight Search

Twitter is pretty focused on expanding their reach and bringing the power of real-time news to as broad of an audience as possible, as evident by their latest deal with Google to showcase real-time tweets in search results. During this weeks Twitter Q1 2015 earnings conference Twitter CEO Dick Costolo revealed news of yet another new partner: Apple. And finally, we ...

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Google Will Start Showing Real Time Tweets In May

Way back in February we learned that Google & Twitter struck a deal to start showing tweets in real-time within Google search results – however we had no real idea as to when this would start rolling out. Well during the earnings conference call for Q1 2015 Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo finally revealed a more concrete timeline. Additionally as it relates ...

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Introducing Visual Studio Code – A Free, Cross-Platform Code Editor from Microsoft

Continuing right along with Microsoft announcements from the Build 2015 conference we bring to you Microsoft Visual Studio Code – a new, free, cross-platform code editor. That’s right, cross-platform. This baby works on not only Windows systems, but Linux and Apple’s Mac OS X platforms. Visual Studio Code’s big brother, Visual Studio, is still Windows only – but this is ...

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Microsoft Finally Gives Their New Browser An Official Name

Earlier on this month Microsoft rolled out their Windows 10 preview which included Project Spartan – Microsoft’s replacement for Internet Explorer in Windows 10. Project Spartan however was never intended to be the official name for the browser – and so today at the Build 2015 conference Microsoft announced the new, official, name for their next generation browser. Everyone please ...

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Facebook Announces Tour Dates for Boost Your Business 2015

Back in the summer of 2014 Facebook hosted 5 boot camp sessions for small business owners – and since then the count of Facebook small business pages is up to 40 million from last years 10 million. Facebook isn’t satisfied though so starting in June Facebook will kick-off another multi-city Boost Your Business tour. These half-day sessions will focus on ...

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