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SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an ever-changing game. Keeping up with just Google’s algorithm changes is a full-time job – but add Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines into the mix and things get really hectic. Here we offer a curated collection of the most important, relevant, and confirmed news from the SEO community.

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Google Is Rolling Out Another Mobile Friendly Ranking Boost

Google has been strongly pushing all webmasters to have mobile-friendly websites. The first major push happened back in April of 2015 when Google officially made mobile friendliness an SEO ranking signal. Now Google has announced that starting May of 2016 they will start rolling out another mobile ranking signal in an effort to help mobile users find better, more relevant, ...

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Google Removing Public Access to PageRank

Google’s publically viewable PageRank hasn’t been updated in ages – and Google’s John Mueller stated back in 2014 that we probably shouldn’t expect to see it updated ever again. Frankly when Google dropped PageRank scores from Google Webmaster Tools (now Google Search Console) – alarm bells should’ve started going off. Alas there’s still plenty of places that you can still ...

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Google Begins Rolling Out Campaign Drafts and Experiments in AdWords

Google has began rolling out Google AdWords Campaign Drafts & Experiments – a new suite of features intended to let advertisers test and measure changes to their campaigns with ease. Things essentially break down into two main features: Drafts – which let you prepare and review multiple campaign changes without actually implementing any live changes. Experiments – which let you ...

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Google Confirms: No Need To NoFollow Related Posts

The majority of blog’s out there showcase “related” posts at the end of their blog post – and in most cases this content is automatically generated via a plugin – and a common concern is whether or not these auto-generated links need to be “nofollow“. And the final answer – no. Google’s John Mueller confirmed this in the following Google Hangout at ...

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Google Confirms: External Links Are Not A Ranking Factor

Yay! There’s more confirmations from Google! This time around Google’s John Mueller has stated that external links are not a ranking signal. The news came from a Google Hangout, and can be viewed here at 19:53 in the video. Our point of view, external links to other sites, so links from your site to other people’s sites isn’t specifically a ranking ...

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Bing Now Powers AOL Search Results

Bing and AOL announced a long term partnership back in July of 2015 and now, as of Jan 1st, 2016, Bing has taken over AOL search – successfully powering all of AOL’s search results. As of Jan. 1, Bing powers AOL’s web, mobile, and tablet search, providing paid search ads and algorithmic organic search results to AOL’s properties worldwide. All major ...

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Google Confirms: What It Really Thinks About Your Title Tag

During the last Google Webmaster Hangout session an interesting question came up. Just how important is the title tag for Google? Here’s what Google’s John Mueller had to say about the topic: We use that just as a part. I think it’s not like the primary ranking factor of a page, to put it that way. We do use it ...

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Google Confirms: Don’t Use Special Characters In Your URLs

This recent confirmation from Google is a bit common sense, but just in-case: don’t use commas, semicolons, spaces, quotes, and other special characters in your URLs. John Mueller from Google stated in a Google Webmaster Help thread: I generally recommend avoiding special characters like commas, semicolons, colons, spaces, quotes etc. in URLs, to help keep things simple. URLs like that are ...

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Google Will Favor HTTPS Content In Search Results

It’s probably safe to say that Google has started, and led, the battle for a safer and more secure browsing experience – ever since they mentioned the first SSL ranking boost back in 2014. Ever since I’ve seen countless websites transition to HTTPS, and have gotten tons of questions from webmasters – most of whom just wanted to understand if ...

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Google Confirms: Clicks On Your Business Impact Your Local Ranking

A recent post over in the Google My Business Help Forum confirmed something we’ve long believed: clicks on you’re listing help boost your listings ranking. Search history: The number of times it has been useful historically on the basis of relevance, prominence and distance. Which basically means how many times someone has searched for a specific keyword, seen your listing, ...

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Bing Launches Their Own Mobile Friendliness Test Tool

Bing has launched their very own Mobile Friendliness Test Tool – much like the Google Mobile Friendly Test tool located here. The tools functions in much the same way as the Google counter-part, providing a clean and straight forward report for you to see exactly what you need to change – if anything. Here is a sample report I did for ...

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Google Confirms: We Pick Up Text Links But Do Not Pass PageRank To Them

Ever wondered just how Google would treat a non-hyperlinked text link? Will Googlebot recognize it as a link or simply look over it? Google’s John Mueller finally confirmed on Twitter that Googlebot does in-fact recognize text links however no PageRank or link signals are passed to it. @AGr4ves @methode We can pick up links from text too, but they don't ...

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Bing Is No Longer Microsoft’s Money Pit – Finally Becomes Profitable

Bing has been looking like a money pit for Microsoft for years now with massive investments being made towards datacenter infrastructure. However something awesome has finally happened. This past week Microsoft held it’s first quarter earnings call for fiscal 2016 and announced that Bing is finally profitable! In all Bing contributed a cool $1 billion to Microsoft’s first quarter for fiscal 2016. This ...

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Yahoo Can Now Display Google Ads & Search Results

Yahoo has published their 2015 Q3 Results, which shows a 7% growth in GAAP revenue, a loss from operations, oh and a partnership with Google that lets Yahoo show Google search results and ads. I’ll quote directly: In October, the Company reached an agreement with Google that provides Yahoo with additional flexibility to choose among suppliers of search results and ...

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Google Battles Spam From Hacked Websites

Google recently rolled out a new set of algorithms designed to help clean out their search results from spam induced via hacked websites. As a webmaster, if you didn’t notice the hack yourself than Google’s Webmaster Tools will often times send you a notification when it locates something suspicious – and often times these are pages with paragraphs worth of ...

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Check Out Google’s Hour Long Discussion On Duplicate Content

Earlier this week Google’s John Mueller held a video hangout to discuss the SEO communities most popular topic: duplicate content. The hangout ended up lasting over an hour, featuring roughly 20 minutes worth of presentation and a 40 minute Q&A session. I won’t even attempt to summarize all the different questions and concepts that get covered – however I urge ...

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